Monday, April 18, 2011

blogger meet-up + my weekend nails!

I was so happy yesterday that i finally get to meet my fellow pinay beauty bloggers!

Travelling to the meeting place is not an easy task since i'm living in the boondocks (LOL!)... took me 1 1/2 hrs! So i was doubly glad when i made it to the meeting place all in one piece... make it triple when Sis Pammy called me up asking me where we can meet so that she can accompany me in getting to the dining place. Thanks, Sis Pammy! I would have gotten lost if i was left "unattended" (parang bagahe lang no?-just like a baggage,huh?)..hahaha!

Sis Argie arranged the place for us, which is in Va Pensiero, in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center Cubao. It's such a thrill meeting these lovely ladies! They're so pretty they don't even need any make-up at all! *jealous mode*

clockwise starting from the left: me, Sis Argie, Sis Pammy, Sis Gale & Sis Crystal

Look at these two Crystals!

...literally they are crystals...crystal perfect skin & their names are Crystal too!
im jealous!

Sis Argie, i won't post the pic of the 3 of us together with Sis Pammy. Ikaw lang ang maganda e! hehehe

Anyway, it was great meeting & talking with all these beauties about make-up & all kikay stuff. I don't get to talk about make-up & kikay things with people around me here so it's a bit boring. It's a breathe of fresh air when i can get to listen & talk about the passion that all of us share.

Va Pensiero is very homey. It has this welcoming ambiance that will make you feel like you are just dining casually. I like it! The waitresses are accommodating & polite too!

Amidst all the conversations, picture-taking & menu-choosing (is there even such a word?!LOL) we managed to take our pick of the food amongst all the wonderful names they have on their list.

I got so engrossed with the company that i have that i forgot to take the names of the foods that we ordered... meh!

We also got 2 complimentary bread basket with dip. I'm not a fan of any oil-based dip though but the bread is soft & fluffy!

As what i said, i can't remember the names of the food that we had but then it didn't really made an impact on me... I might be biased but i think my Penne Carbonara is better than this..LOL! XD

This pasta dish is better than the one with the white sauce. It's just ok...or maybe it's because i ate this a bit cold already.

I think this pizza is the most delicious among the 3. It's a thin crust pizza but it's not too crunchy that you would have a hard time biting into it worrying that the crumbs would fall on you. I like how simple & tasty it is!

The price is not bad considering that we are in a group of 5 & the bill only amounted to Php 900. I have to say that if you are looking for an affordable restaurant to satisfy your curiosity you might want to give this a shot. As for me, i will not say that it's bad but the ambiance & how accommodating the waitresses are makes this a place that i can frequent at.

I'm not a fan of Italian dishes to start with. I can cook some to satisfy my Italian dish cravings once in a while but i guess i can't say that i;m a professional when it comes to judging what is an authentic Italian cuisine to what's not. I just know what taste good & what's not.

We just went around the mall a bit after eating... went to Rustan's to just take a look & i just have to take a look at Essences what shades of polishes they have. I was actually praying that they won't have Orly Space Cadet because i will be forced to buy 5 of them...yes, 5!

Before we entered Rustan's i said in a loud voice that no one will buy anything.. if 1 of us will buy something we have to buy 5 so that each of us have something in return (penalty, as what sis Pammy said)! So i was glad that there is no Space Cadet..haha!

I was the one who had to bid goodbye first because i was worried that i might not be able to trains. I have take 2 trains just to get home. Luckily, i was able to get on to the last train before the last ride!

It was a great dinner!
I will be looking forward for more fun times,ladies!

By the way, this is my weekend nails.

I wasn't able to make a tutorial because my mum borrowed my camera the time that i made it but i will just be making a tutorial later on. It's sort of a blingy Argyle design if i may say so.

I had a great weekend... How about you?

It is already the start of the Holy Week as what we call it here in the Philippines.
For my fellow Filipinos, i wish that you would have a meaningful celebration of this holiday.

Have a great Monday!
jaa ne~!


DeBi said...

you guys are all pretty kaya!

AskMeWhats said...

Nice! sana I am just within Cubao area so I can just WAVE! pero ayun BOONDOCKS din me! I live at way way downtown Manila as in near the PIER na! All I can do is swim and scream na lang! hahahhaa :) JACCCCK SAVVVEEE MEEE! :)

Take care girls and both Crystals, I've met them 2 or 3 yrs ago and they are lovely nga!!!!

Unknown said...

Awww...this is so cool! It looks so much fun and everyone looks so pretty.

Michelle said...

You'r very pretty too! I love your nails and we did a meetup recently too! One of these days, we should just make a huge meetup for everybody! That would be awesome!!

eMs said...

sis thiamere,

nice post. i would have also loved to come if only i am not based in the visayas. i can only imagine how fun it is to talk with people with the same interests as you have.


Aya said...

Yey for blogger meet-ups :D

Elsa said...

kakainggit naman... sana me uulitin!!! I also want to meet you guys!

*KiM* said...

Looks fun! I miss Gateway..used to live near that place. :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

kakaiingit naman! sis DEBI is right, maganda kayong lahat! =)

Pammy said...

T'was nice meeting you! And you ESP'ed me when I called you. :P

See you soon! Trinoma naman, ako naman lalayo. :)

(mukha akong lasing. haha!)

Catmare said...

glad you all had fun! you all look lovely! :)

Hazel said...

great bloggers meetup :D and the food looks delish too (sayang nga lang you didn't like your pasta).

Jbreezybaby said...

awww that looks fun! wow the food...sarap :)))

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Glad you had fun but such a long way to get there! Pretty nails ;]

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

you all look pretty! and wow for the foods! I love the BLINGY nail polish! :)

MAGGIE said...

All of you are pretty! sana magkaroon pa ng bonggang bloggers meet up! It's fun to meet co-bloggers. Definitely a great experience. :)

Prolix1001 said...

Beautiful! Love the post.
Delicious! I am happy to be your newest follower!
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