Friday, April 15, 2011

late haul post~top coats!

I've been rummaging through my files when i came across these forgotten pictures. I've been meaning to post this but then i guess the time just got the better part of me. I ordered 2 top coats & the soft stamps a month or two ago. I have tried stamping but not the soft stamps & i am mighty curious of the soft stamp because i have read some not-so-good reviews of it.

I bought 2 ENAS stamps, the infamous Seche Vite Top Coat & China Glaze Matte Top Coat. The seller is kind enough to include some freebies~! Yay!

I have tried it & it's not that bad... I will make a separate posts of everything i have. I like the soft stamp though it will just take a while in getting used to... Heck! Even the original nail stamps get a while in getting used to using it!

I like how this Matte top coat makes my favorite green polish mattified. It gave it an edge!

For those who are interested, i purchased it HERE.

By the way, who said that short nails can't have funky looking nail design?

I had these last week & i freakin' love it!
So are the people who kept on saying that i have gorgeous nail design!

This isn't a decal, it's a free hand design.
Want me to make a tutorial for this?

Hope you all have a great friday,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


ScatterbrainSince'83 said...


Shopcoholic said...

yes, please post a tut sis! super cute design!

Askmewhats said...

I agree short nails can still enjoy lovely nail arts! I'm actually going to cut it short over the weekend :)

Grabe yung mattifier! hahahah I am not used to having matte polish, I am just in love with glossy nails pa din :)

Aya said...

The matte magic one looks interesting! :D

MissKatv said...

I want that matte magic! looks cool @_@

Michelle said...

Check the store out! Might get a couple of things too! :)

Ar-Ar said...

OMG! I loove the Matte top coat from china glaze!

rosey said...

i got two stamps too and seche vite top coat. so you're the one who got the CG Matte Magic. When I was checking, there's one left and when I was about to order, it's gone! LOL. I'm loving the Seche Vite top coat! Yay! I like the soft stamp too, less mess!=)

merchamren said...

wow i really love the seche vite topcoat!!

love your funky nails too!!

Hollie said...

perfect for summer outing ang design! lurv it!

Anonymous said...

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