Monday, April 11, 2011

China Glaze GR8 as my weekend nails~

 I got the chance to own China Glaze GR8 & i'm so happy that i was able to! It looks uh-may-zing!

I think the picture already speaks for itself, right? Look at that linear holo goodness!

What i notice is that this works better alone....without a top coat. I tried applying top coats on it but you don't get to appreciate the full holo-ness of it with a top coat on. It looks kinda dull without top coat (no shiny-ness) but once it's under a good light you get to see the holo.

This is a part of their OMG collection... though i would really love to own Sexagon from the Kaleidoscope collection ever since i saw it. But i'm still happy that i was able to try this one!

Oh, & yes,  i did clipped my nails. I am getting tired of seeing my long, yellow (bare) nails all because i got so lazy one time that i did not use a base coat on my water decal.

It looks horrendous that even though i love my nails (even Walter kinda miss seeing me with long nails) i just had to cut it. Anyway, it proved to be productive because i was able to clean our house from top to bottom! hahaha!

I was able to do much cleaning without worrying that too much work may chip my nails or something... plus the fact that i now get to massage my scalp as long as i want to using the pads of my fingers. Feels great!

We were able to buy PS3 yesterday!

Woot, woot!
Although my brothers are already playing Final Fantasy XIII & Dead Space, i just don't feeling like joining in the excitement yet. I'll let them have their fill for now because i start playing, there's no stopping or sleeping! LOL

I think i'll start with Resident Evil 5 first... or maybe Tomb about trying Final Fantasy XIII too? I saw a clip of it & the graphics are to-die-for! PS3 is awesome! I tried playing Resident Evil 5 for a few minutes & you can see everything! blood & mutilated body parts included...LOL!

Hope you all will have a great week,hunnies~!


-AnGiEpInK- said...

gorgeous nail polish color..

Michelle said...

LOOOOOVE the nail polish!! Where did you get? :D

Katrina said...

How I wish yellow/gold tones looks good on my nails too. It makes my skin a little dark. :(

PS3?!! ENVY! @_@

Catmare said...

beautiful color! I'd like to try Chinaglaze but IDK where I can get them here in the Phils. :(

Anyway, have fun with your PS3! :)

Aya said...

Really nice shade! :D

Hollie said...

yay for the new PS3!

Ar-Ar said...

MyGawd! that's awesome!

Hazel said...

i love this color! where did you get this? :) and yay for the ps3 :)

Pop Champagne said...

lol congrats on the PS3, I bought a WII over christmas and it was fun, but I would have bought a PS3 if it didn't cost so much, you're bling bling hehe

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