Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Product: Miss Kat Soap

I have received an invite to get to know a new product which is Miss Kat Soap. Since you all know that i'm a soap fan, there's no way that i would be missing on this.

I prefer to really feature brands that are just starting or just simply isn't known that much all because i think they have a lot to offer that people are just not aware of. So, last Saturday, i went to the Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center to visit them & look at how cute their stall is!

Look at all the goodies they have in their bucket!

Everything smells so good!

Let's get to know everything one by one.
The AM & PM soap... i have to admit that i'm drawn to their packaging! How cute is that?!
2 soaps in one gorgeous packaging. I like the idea that this soap has different benefits that is perfect for a specific time.

The AM & PM Soaps...

Glycerin soap base, BHA, kojic, papaya, orange oil, lux fragrance oil, black beads

Whoa! It contains BHA, papaya & kojic!
3 known ingredients that are known for fighting acne.. BHA for those who are not aware is Beta Hydroxy Acid which is commonly known as salicylic acid. Did i get that right? I think that's what i rememer on my research when i made a post about aspirin mask.

Y'all know that i can't handle pure kojic acid on my skin. I tried this & i was actually half-expecting that i would experience that familiar but-oh-so-painful tingling that i always feel when i use kojic soaps, but wonder of wonders! i didn't feel any tingling at all!
Very promising!

I'll start using this tomorrow (start of December) so that i know when & what are the effects of it for a specific time. It smells sweet, btw.

Candy sweet actually for the AM Soap! Makes you think of a newly bathed & powdered baby who is chomping on a big,fat lollipop (haha!sorry, my mind is not working yet because i still have a nasty cold). It smells nice.

Sweet Powdery scent for the PM soap. If the AM soap would have a happy baby with a lolly, pm soap would just have a newly bathed & powdered baby who is already in his crib, with his baby bottle about to sleep (what a description!haha!). It smells nice too!

These soaps passed my scent test!

They have other variants as well...

The Moroccan Argan Oil & Egyptian 24k Gold Soaps!

Unfortunately, i haven't tried any of these 2 yet. I have a sample but i won't try all of them because i don't want my skin to go berserk just because of all the new things that i'm trying.hehe

As soon as im done with the AM & PM Soap i'll give these 2 a shot.
If you are a fan of Argan oil, then you shouldn't miss this. You know how expensive argan oil is,ne?
So this is definitely something worth checking out!

They also have the 3 in 1 soap....

A soap that
1. cleanses impurities
2. tones pores
3. moisturizes the skin

How awesome is this?!
I have just tried this & i like how soft it leaves my skin but i don't think i'll be trying this again because i'm scared of any soaps that moisturizes. I already have an oily skin to start with & i don't need any kind of unnecessary moisture anymore. I know all about the logic of using moisturizers for oily skin, but please spare me the sermon. I have suffered a lot on my skin & i know what works & doesn't work on me.

But i really like how soft my skin is afterward. If you have a normal or dry skin, then i would highly suggest that you try this one.

With that said, i'll be trying out the AM & PM Soap this december & i'll let you know if it works after a month or two,ok?

If you wanna know more about their soaps, you can just follow them on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Nelly for answering all my queries when i dropped by at their stall!
You're such a sweetie!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

giveaway winners

Sorry im a bit late in announcing the winners. I'm still not feeling well. This is the aftermath of having too much fun this weekend!

Anyway, these are the winners...

Winner 1: Mary Jay Javier

Here's my secret: First Expoliate with sugar. This will not only soften your lips, but it'll also clean them and leave a lingering sweetness behind.Second,Polish your lips. Apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly immediately after exfoliating.And most importantly Smile seductively. A big, genuine smile is attractive, but you don't smile like that all the time.Curling the corners of your lips upwards can capture the essence of a smile while still showing off your kissable lips.

I agree!
There is something about having that lilt in your lips when you smile. It makes the person not only look sexy but also feel sexy!
Way to go,sweetie!

Winner 2: Ricalyn Sicad

My secret to kissable lips is the Maybelline lipgloss ( Treat Me Sweet - Baby Pink with silver shimmer).It gives my lips the glossy shine that lasts through the day and it keeps my lips really soft.It has no color but i love the fact that it shows the natural color of my lips and it smells very good:)

Congrats to the winners!
Please wait for the confirmation email on how to claim your prizes.

My Week 4 giveaway is now on, please take a look HERE

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Monday, November 28, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 4: Make me blush~ (CLOSED)

Another quick post...

I'm not feeling well. I've too much on my plate this week & i guess it took a toll on me. Yesterday was one of the best day ever because i met up once again with my nail buddies. A day full of laughter (literally! because i am suffering the hangover of too much laughing, if there such a!) is definitely something worth reminiscing.

Anyway, this is for my week 4 giveaway.
Same rules apply: (numbers 5-8 are just for additional entry but it's not required)
  1. Just answer the question that is posted. (required)
  2. Follow my blog. (required)
  3. You have to LIKE HBC's facebook page . Make a post about this giveaway on your facebook. Make sure you tag HBC & On Beauty Stuff & What Else's so that we can see it. (required)
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Win the set of blush on the poster. One winner will be chosen as best answer & the other will be drawn randomly. 

Color me mine. Rosy blushes that define a natural looking flush. A week of beautiful smiles await you.
A few swirls of blusher livens up pale cheeks. It also helps shape your face. Your blusher shade should mimic the natural color of your cheeks. Smile and apply blush on the fleshy part that pops up and you’re good to go.
Not sure which blush to wear? Fair skin goes well with rose blushers while apricot or bronzers are a sure hit for dark skin. Powder blushers are usually best for oily and combination skin which makes San San Cheek Blushers handy with four great shades that are waiting to uncover the real beauty in you. All you have to do is answer this week’s question:
Who makes you blush? (Post a photo of this person and your short “blush” story). Happy Beautiful Christmas!
Will announce the winners of my week 3 giveaway tomorrow.
Hope y'all have a great week!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Updates + my radio guesting~!

This week has been pretty hectic but fun for me.
Let's start first with the news that i said that i would be telling you all about.
Of course, best news first..hehe

Since i have received tons of comments & inquiries about the products that i have used & reviewed, i decided to let my readers tell their experience on their own. I think that it would be nice if people could also read other people's opinion aside from mine.

Each of us have different reactions to different products. I'm telling my experience but it doesn't mean that it would be the same with you. So i figured that this would be a great chance for a reader interaction.

This is also a chance for people who have thought about blogging but is still undecided. As a guest blogger, you will have the power to decide what you will be writing about. I would just want you to have pictures to support your post.

If you are interested feel free to email me.
Don't worry, i don't bite so you don't need to be shy,ok?

Then another news for you, i joined a nail art contest in our Facebook group.
Good news, i was able to submit an entry!
Bad news, it wasn't the one that i really spent time making

Don't ask me what happened because i'm still annoyed about it. I'm just thankful that i was able to at least finish an entry hours before the courier arrived at our house.

This is my entry...

If you want to take a look at the other entries you can hop over to Thrizsha's blog HERE. I highly suggest that you really visit her blog because the entries are amazing!!!

I'm in awe of these ladies!
To come up with an entry like those.
Feel like mine was just something that i picked up in a dump site..ahaha!
But i'm really proud that i was able to finish that with just merely hours before the deadline & a lot more proud that i'm a member of this amazing group of talented nail artists!
Great job,girls!

Then last but not the least...
I was invited to be a guest on a radio show yesterday at a local AM station. It was definitely a first & it was really fun! Ms. Lorie, HBC's marketing communications manager, asked me 2 weeks ago if i would be willing to do a radio guesting & i readily said YES!

I was thinking that i would be a nervous wreck but luckily, everyone was so friendly that my initial nervousness just went poof! The topic was about nail art.. one of my favorite topic ever! haha!

I thank all my readers who supported me & also my FAB group!
They were so giddy with it... Love you all, ladies!
Thank you for all the things that i have learned from the group!

l to r: Friendly Nicki, Maren Jenny, HBC comm. manager, Ms Lorie, Allue manager, Ms MJ & yours truly

Love this photo

Thanks for the chance, Ms Lorie! It was definitely a very memorable experience!
I also want to thank ms MJ & Ms Jenny who were really friendly. Thank you!

That pretty much took the first half of my week.
It's not yet over & this weekend im looking forward to other activities as well...

Again, feel free to email me if you want to be a guest blogger,ok?
Hope you all will have a great day/evening!
Jaa ne~!

Don't forget to join my Week 3 giveaway,ok?
click HERE

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 2 Giveaway Winners~

Just a quick not at my pc. It crashed... what the eff?!

Here are the winners...
Best Answer - winner 1: Charlene Bianes
I would dye my hair purple with gray and black layers and streaks all over. I think it'd really be cool hair color and hair style. It could even be a statement since purple is said to signify and induce peace of mind. And if it's true, I'll surely savor that peace of mind whenever I look in the mirror with that wonderful hair color. And oh, did I mention that it's one of my favorite colors? ;)

Purple with gray &!
you would really have a very unique hair then...definitely one of a kind!

Randomly drawn - winner 2: Gessa Marie Condino
I would dye my hair with slight dark brown because this can help me get attractive from my friends. :)

It's safe to stick with browns,right?

Just wait for the email of HBC on how to claim your prizes.
I personally love the Color Hair Spa, i hope that you would like it too.

If you didn't win,make sure that you join week 3.
Click HERE to join.

Jaa ne~!

Monday, November 21, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 3:Read my lips~ (CLOSED)

I adore lipsticks!
Why? I think a girl can go from drab to fab with just a simple swipe of bright lipstick. For those who have seen me, you will notice that i don't usually have a lot of make-up on. I mostly just play with my brows, lips & lashes. That's it! I also don't apply foundation...seriously!

Lipsticks transform my plain-looking face to something presentable. hehe... That's why you wouldn't catch me without any tube of lipstick on my bag.

With that said, this week's giveaway will be all about lips!

Flash a pout, day in and day out. Healthy colors for a week of kissable lips.
Create a full on pout or add just a sheer shine to your lips, through different lip colors that make you stand out from the crowd. But remember, hydration is key to beautiful lips that’s why every swipe of San San Hydrating Color Dew lipstick contains moisture retain ingredients such as Lanolin Oil that seals the lips and prevents it from chapping. Its waxy texture allows for easy application and even coverage.
Aside from moisture retain, San San Hydrating Color Dew lipsticks contain Vitamins A, C, E for healthy lips and SPF 15 for sun protection. Get a chance to grab three tubes when you answer this week’s question:
What’s your secret to kissable lips? Happy Beautiful Christmas!

If you will be asking me, what's mine?
I highlight the top of my lips!
Click HERE to check out my post about how i put my red lipstick on.

Same rules applies: (numbers 5-8 are just for additional entry but it's not required)
  1. Just answer the question that is posted. (required)
  2. Follow my blog. (required)
  3. You have to LIKE HBC's facebook page . Make a post about this giveaway on your facebook. Make sure you tag HBC & On Beauty Stuff & What Else's so that we can see it. (required)
  4. Leave your complete name, email address & the link of the post that you made on the comment box (required)
  5. Like my Facebook page (additional entry)
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Win the set of lipstick on the poster. One winner will be chosen as best answer & the other will be drawn randomly. 
That is also how i will be choosing the winner for week 2 contest.

Will announce the winner later on.

Tell us how you achieve a truly kissable lips
Good luck,ladies!

Have a great week!
Jaa ne~!

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring Review

I said before that i have jet-black hair & ordinary DIY hair colors just doesn't work on me. I find it really troublesome because now i have some white hairs already & of course i want to hide them. I'm not ashamed to say that i am already 27 but i don't want to be walking on the street with people knowing my age juset because of my hair.

I know that i can easily just go to the salon to remedy that & have my hair colored... but as what you already know i am the type who prefers to do things on her own as much as possible. Remember my bout with acne? I can easily just go to the dermatologist but i chose not to... heck, you like my blog just because of my adventures & misadventures,right?

Let's categorize this recent hair coloring incident to my list of misadventure.

I had read raves after raves of this product so i became really curious. I was thinking that this would really work on me because it's like 90% of the blog reviews that i read is saying how awesome this is... but you know that everyone has different reaction to different products. This is not an exception... Kix Kikay said that it didn't work on her so that just added a little disappointment on my part.... just a little though because i still bought one...

Actually i didn't bought it... my 'pare' bought it for me when we dropped by at Etude House before. The shade that i got is Wine Red because i have been telling him over & over that i wanted to be a red head. I haven't tried bleaching my black hair yet so coloring it is pretty tricky. The color just doesn't show at all. So somehow i don't blame why this didn't work on me...

These are the contents upon opening...

1 is the coloring solution. There is already a solution inside the bottle.

Just pour the coloring solution to the bottle & tilt the bottle a couple of times to mix it.

This is how my hair looked like before...

Told you that i have jet black hair...

Now, before you start coloring your hair make sure you apply cold cream on the area around your hair so if ever you get the color on it, you can easily remove it & it won't stain. Sorry for the red cheeks.. ugghhhh... i hate it when my skin gets red like's so uneven. It's not the healthy kind of blush,mind you.. *sigh*

It also includes a plastic wrap, together with the plastic gloves, to protect you from any mishap...

This is how the it looks like when you pump it out of the bottle... a purple foam!

Apply it on your hair... starting from the roots to the tips. It was hard to apply it since my hair is long & i have to take pictures to start with but i suggest that you flip your hair downwards. With your bowed head, it would be easier for those that got long hair like mine to apply the foam.

Use all of it!
the solution would be useless after a couple of hours so apply it liberally!
Make sure you cover all the hair that doesn't have any foam at all... Then pile it on top of your head like so...

& wait for 20-45 minutes depending on your hair. I waited for 45 minutes.

Now, one thing why i don't like hair coloring is the scent. When i read reviews of this, it only mentioned how 'awesome' the after was & i can't remember if i remember reading something about it, but let me tell you, it has that odor of ammonia!

I can't handle strong odors & this one smells disgusting. What makes it worse was it was really hot the time that i colored my hair & it makes the odor unbearable!

Ugghhh!!! I shudder just remembering the scent!
I think i was pinching my my nose half the time that i had it on.. Can you imagine it?! 45 minutes of having an odor of ammonia on top of your head... not good!

I could bear it if the after result is amazing, but no!
I was so disappointed with the after result! Why?
Take a look...

The only difference from the before pic is that the after pic's hair is wet!

By the way, after rinsing the foam out of your hair, you have to use the silky perfume hair treatment. It would restore your hair. It smells good, but it wasn't able to get rid of the ammonia. Before you go telling me that maybe i didn't shampoo enough to completely remove it, I DID!

I even shampooed thrice!
I didn't care if my hair will dry out, the need to remove the ammonia scent is a matter of life & death for me because i can't really stand it. Unfortunately, 2 shampooing, 1 conditioning, another shampoo & finally the hair treatment after... i can still smell the ammonia!

God save me from the odor of ammonia!

When i said that my olfactory sense is sensitive it IS really sensitive! I can still smell the ammonia even after 2 days! For those who have tried this & wasn't bothered by the scent, my hats off to you! You can just imagine how sensitive i am, huh?

I wouldn't mind the scent at all if it would give me at least half of the color on the packaging, but of course it didn't.
Well, at least i see a hint of red on my hair when im under the piercing rays of the sun...

See the reddish hint?
Where?... uhhh...look closely!

Another thing... it didn't even cover my grays!
What the eff?!
See that single white strand of hair at the top? It didn't even turn that single white hair to orange-ish. This sucks! I can tolerate the scent if it could at least cover my white hair, but it didn't!

What a total waste of money!
Good thing i didn't bought it! haha!

Anyway, i said that i have a really dark hair to start with so i guess it's understandable why this one just didn't do a fig on me... but i'm still ticked off that it didn't even colored my white hair.

Is it just me?!
Why is it that i feel like im the only one that products doesn't seem to be working on?! Majority would be amazed by this product but i guess i just belong in the minority.

Anyway, i'm not saying that this is not good because in a way it is.
Let me enumerate the pros for you

  • a fun way to color your hair (hey,who doesn't love bubbles?)
  • locally available
  • not that expensive (Php 375, i think)
  • different shades available
  • complete kit


  • the scent is DISTURBING!
  • didn't color my hair
  • didn't cover my grays

I am seriously thinking of pros to make up for the cons in this review but for some reason i just can't! Just search other people's review...i'm sure you'll find lots of pros..haha

Sorry if this post seems like a disappointment from all the positive things that you read about it. Let's just say i'm evening the reviews. hehe!

Will i buy it?!
No freakin' way!
Again, I could put up with the scent if it could cover my white hairs but it didn't!

I guess this time, i'll go to the salon to have my hair professionally colored,huh?
But as a blogger, the need for finding a product that would work is overwhelming! hahaha!

I'll choose the HBC Color Hair Spa over this!
Speaking of which, have you joined that giveaway? You still got a couple of hours before the giveaway ends so make sure you get your entries in,ok? Click HERE to join.

I'll be making an update post once my schedule has gotten a bit lighter. I just have a very hectic schedule now so i don't the time to spare for blogging but i have news for everyone! Want a clue?
Just wait until my update post,ok?

Hope you all will have a great week,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 1 Giveaway Winners~

Thanks to everyone who joined the week 1 giveaway. If you missed week 1, you can still join the ongoing week 2 giveaway.

Here are the winning answers:

Winner 1:
great looking hair for me is a frizz free and manageable hair, it must also be strong yet soft and shiny.
My most unforgettable hair nightmare was just a couple of year ago, when i had to attend a wedding of my bf's sister. My improvise overnight curler didn't work so well on my hair overnight leaving it with unruly curls all over, to add to my misfortune, i didn't have time to go to the nearest salon and have it styled. 
So, to make the best out of it, while we're on our way to the church, (good thing it was traffic) I spent the whole time fixing my hair by using only a facial moisturizer as an improvise hair cream, a rubber bands (praying it won't break) and bobby pins (good thing i always have these on my purse) viola! the result, a messy sexy updo hollywood style :) and ready to party.
My mom actually told me before that even body lotions can be used for hair. I haven't really tried it yet but clearly, our winner, Roan Danica Manuel, just put it into a testimony that even stuff that are addressed for our body could even be used to a different part, in this case, her hair.

That is just ingenious, don't you think so?

Winner 2:
 Great looking hair is one that is soft, bouncy and natural. Overworked hair, for me, doesn't do it. It does not matter what hair type you have as long as it is clean, soft and free of dry and split ends. 
My unforgettable hair nightmare: we've all had the misfortune of running late and not being able to completely dry our hair. I am no exception. When this happens, my hair looks frizzy and poofy.
How I made the best out of it: Aside from my mom telling me that leaving the house with wet hair is unacceptable, it also leaves my hair looking like a tousled mess. In situations like these, I like to loose-braid my hair sideways. This makes for a stylish do and saves you from having a horrible hair day.
I can never leave the house without my hair wet. I don't know but i sweat more when i leave the house with my hair all dry & nice. It's like i find it cooler when it's wet. Just like what Kate Vergara said, it would result to it being frizzy & unmanageable. I'm guilty! My hair is always frizzy! haha

I also put my hair in a fishtail braid just so my hair won't be flying all around especially if i am in a jeepney. Yes, ladies, i do ride jeepneys! In fact, i love commuting! Seriously! I don't know how to drive, i guess one reason why i'm not really interested in learning how to drive is the fact that i commuting is enjoyable for me even with the traffic jam & jam packed trains!hahaha

Anyway, i think braid is a classic do that will never go out of style! Sleeping with your hair braided will give you a sassy-looking curls once you've removed it the next day.

Congratulations to Roan Danica & Kate!
HBC will be contacting you most probably at the end of this week.

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Landbis Quick Eyeliner Review

Eyelining is step that most girls do not skip. It makes a big difference when you line your eyes. It could change your eye shape! That's why looking for a good eyeliner is quite tricky. I'll be reviewing the eyeliner that i got from

I've had this eyeliner for a few months already & i have fully tested it & i guess it's an ok product.

Let me give you a swatch first...

I lightly swatched this just once & you'll see how pigmented this is. It's great for dark smokey looks because this one is soft & you can easily smudge it unlike other liners that takes forever in smudging. This one is pliable & you can easily smoke it out by just running a q-tip or angled brush over it for a few times.

Now, i'll point out the things that i like about this....

First, it's an automatic liner which is quite handy because you won't need to sharpen it every other then especially when you're in a hurry.

Admit it, girls, how many times have you've promised yourself that you would sharpen your favorite liner after every use but haven't done so? I used to love my Lancome Crayon Kohl but i always tend to forget sharpening it up until i just lost it! hahaha! So this is a good thing that you would just have to twist it.

Though i have to say, one thing that i like about pencil liner is how hygienic it is. I mean you can easily disinfect pencil liners by dipping it in an alcohol,. let it dry then sharpen it & you got yourself a new, clean, eyeliner once more.

 Second, i said before that it's very easy to work with this because it is soft. You can achieve a beautiful smokey liner with just a few strokes. It's very "workable" that it's almost like a kohl.. minus the goopiness...hehe

Kohl liners are amazing but often times they are just too soft so it's hard to apply them. This liner is amazing in that sense. It's firm enough to let you draw a liner yet still soft to allow you to smudge them without rubbing on your lashline heavily.

I'm not a fan of smokey lining so i just applied it as it is here. I carefully worked with it making sure that i do not apply too much pressure just because i have this feeling that the more pressure i apply on my lashline, the more my lashes fall... not good because i have sparse lashes to start with!

One thing that i just don't like about this is that this is not waterproof.
My main requirement for eyeliner is that it ought to be waterproof. What with me being sweaty & oily, only waterproof stuff works! I tried tightlining with this & after an hour, raccoon-eyes alert! eeekkkk!!!!

I guess i can use this really as an eyeliner not something to tightline with but i prefer my liners to be of multi-use.  *sigh*
I guess it's hard to look for a liner that could keep up with my preferences,huh?

This could be liked by individuals who doesn't have oily lids to start with & has deep set eyes. Why only those with deep-set eyes? I have a semi-monolid eyes & everytime i blink, the pigment would transfer from my lashline to my lids... Can you just imagine how messy & awful that looks on me?

But i still use this when i would just have to do a quick errand & i don't have the luxury of time to wait for my liquid liner to dry.

As for the price, i'll leave it to you.
I think the price is not bad because this liner is really pigmented. It is sold for $9.51 at You can check it out HERE.


  • pigmented
  • soft & easy to work with
  • perfect for dark smokey eyelining
  • no need to sharpen
  • cute packaging (black with pink cute is that?)
  • not waterproof
  • not transfer-resistant
  • have to use an oil-based remover to get rid of the traces left
  • only available online
Will i buy it?
If they will have a waterproof version, i would gladly do so. 

What is your favorite eyeliner?
Please share!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 2:Color my World (CLOSED)

Today is the last day for my Week 1 giveaway so make sure you post it before the day ends,ok? I have already a couple of tags on my FB page, but not the comments. I would only be counting your entries in if you will be commenting on my post,ok?

Have i mentioned that i colored my hair just recently?
Unfortunately, my hair is jet black & ordinary, ready-to-use hair color just doesn't work. I would have to bleach my hair just so the true color would show up. I won't mention the name of the one that i used but i sure wished that i just didn't bought it & used this color hair spa instead.

I'm not just saying this because HBC is sponsoring this giveaway but i seriously love this product line! I have bought a tub of this before & it really covered my gray without the smell of ammonia! I said countless of times that i have a sensitive sense of smell & one reason why i don't like coloring my hair is because i can't abide the smell of ammonia. It makes me nauseous & i mostly end up having a sore throat because of how bad it smells.

I'll make a post about this color hair spa some day but i am already telling you now that YOU have to join this giveaway because it is that good! If i can only join this giveaway i will because i love this line so much!

Same rules applies: (numbers 5-8 are just for additional entry but it's not required)
  1. Just answer the question that is posted. (required)
  2. Follow of my blog. (required)
  3. You have to LIKE HBC's facebook page . Make a post about this giveaway on your facebook. Make sure you tag HBC & On Beauty Stuff & What Else's so that we can see it. (required)
  4. Leave your complete name, email address & the link of the post that you made on the comment box (required)
  5. Like my Facebook page (additional entry)
  6. Tweeted the giveaway (additional entry)
  7. Blogged about it (additional entry)
  8. Added me on your blogroll (additional entry)
An example entry would be:
1. I would dye my hair... because...
2. I'm a follower of your blog - my GFC name is thiamere
3. I liked HBC's fb page - my name is thiamere
4. name: Thiamere
email address:
posted it here: (fb link)
5. I liked your Fb page - my name is thiamere
6. I tweeted it here: (tweet link)
7. I blogged it here: (blog link)
8. I added your blogroll here: (your blog page)

if you don't know how to get the fb link that you posted just click the time lapse that you see right next to the like/comment button.

On to our week 2 question...
Healthy, flowing locks with a subtle touch of color. A week of great hair starts right here.
Oprah Winfrey said, “the right hair color can transform your looks - enliven your skin tone, cover grays, and add sparkle to your eyes.” But for those who don’t have the luxury of time to visit the salon to have this done, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) treatment is a sure hit.
Not ready to take the full color plunge? Ease into the perfect hue with HP (Hair+ Perfection) Color HairSpa. Combining the benefits of cellophane and hairspa treatment in one, the HP Colour HairSpa leaves a reflect of color and helps repair dull and damaged hair, recharging it with new strength and elasticity. Take home these tubs by answering this week’s question:
If you were to dye your hair with an outrageous color (e.g. violet, blue, pink, etc.), what will it be and why? Happy Beautiful Christmas!
If you have always wanted to color your hair but is hesitant about the end result this is the perfect product. It washes off after tons of washing (tons...not just a couple!) but won't dry your hair unlike the usual hair color.

How awesome is that?!
Coloring your hair at the same time repairing your damaged hair...
It can't get any better than that,right!?

Since we are already talking about HBC, i would also like to share this news to you.

Shop-a-gift means you can get 3 featured products in the SALE boxes for only P250. 
Aside from this, you would also get a FREE Happy Beautiful Christmas bag when your purchase reaches P250. Items included in the SALE are galenicals, soaps, hair coloring and hair styling products, facial cleansers, scents and makeup.

I have to visit HBC na asap!

Can't wait to read about your contest entries,ladies!
By the way, i picked the hair color auburn but it doesn't even show! I'm seriously contemplating bleaching but i'm still hesitant...hmmmm....

Do yourself a favor & join this giveaway because i am telling you that this product line is amazing!

Hope you all will have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Monday, November 14, 2011

rants & ramblings: on blogging perks & what else's~

I'll just be shaking the dust for a bit around here. I'm not sure what would be the reaction of people who will read this post but i feel like this is something that has been considered as a taboo, so i would just like to make a post on it. This will be a long & boring rambling so feel free to skip if you don't want to read any dramatics.

A dear friend recently asked me if i get to attend product launches & event invites from different brands. I said "yes, i do receive invites". She then said, "do you attend every invites?"

A reader once asked me if i get to receive free products from different companies because im a blogger. I said "yes, i do receive products". He then asked, "is that why you mostly do positive reviews?"

A reader emailed me if companies sponsor me when i host some of my giveaways. I said "yes, they do sponsor some of it". She then asked me, "do they pay you when they ask you to do that?"

I answered "yes" to everything just because they are all true. Yes, there are perks in beauty blogging BUT, & that is one big but, you have to bear in mind that you have to be responsible with whatever you post on the internet.

Being a beauty blogger, is not just simply having an online diary where you can write everything no matter how bad it is & not expect it to get out. If your main goal is to just keep tabs on every product that you use without backfiring then just keep it private where no one can read it except you. Once you open your blog to the public, you have to also bear in mind that people will read it & there's no telling how they will react to what you stated.

Some people will say that i am a successful blogger. I am surprised that people will actually think that i am successful. I guess if i try to look at it in a bigger perspective, not the usual "post-then-comment" routine, then i will say that i have come a long way. I don't measure it by the number of followers on my GFC (google friend connect), or number of comments on my  post, or maybe the ranking of my page. I based it on the response of my readers.

I really really take pride in each of my posts, especially for product reviews. I make sure that i have tried & tested the products that i review. I feel somewhat responsible for everything that i write & i can't just say that one thing is crappy unless i have personally tried it & it just ended up making me bald or warty.

I have to admit that at first, i just write what i feel like writing, not even caring what people who are reading it will feel. My usual "this is my page, if you don't like what you read then just get the heck out!" attitude has long since disappear when i started receiving comments of how helpful they find my blog.

I seriously got a bit scared & hesitant because it means that somehow people consider my ramblings as something useful. The "what if i messed up & it backfired?" thinking has got me really pondering on every word that i write. It made me feel very responsible about the posts that i made so from then on i made a promise to not post something that i can't support with hard facts & proofs. But i really do love what i do, i just became a bit mature.

If i will try to base it on this logic, i guess i could say that i am successful. I have realized that you have to be responsible with whatever you do & "graduating" from an irresponsible blogger to a responsible blogger is a success in my book.

I consider myself successful too because i receive lots of encouraging comments. Keeping a blog is not easy. It's time consuming, costs a lot of money, have to put in a lot of effort & be passionate about it. I treasure every comments that i get, they are like my fuel. I have thought countless of times about quitting but as long as there is a single person who thinks that my blog is something worth reading, then i will go on.

But if you will be basing it on numbers & statistics, im not a "successful blogger". I'm way way out of being successful. But i am already very happy with the current status of my blog. I started my blog as just a blog... my very own space in the cyber world where i could blab about stuff. That's it, short & simple.

Now, going back to the question that my friend had asked me... "do you attend every invites?"
The answer is "No, i don't". Surprise?
Nah, this is not really surprising. My close friends knew that im not the type of person who goes out a lot. In fact, im an introvert, what can i say? I prefer burying my nose in a book rather than go clubbing with friends. I prefer watching dramas than go on night-outs. I'm really boring like that, so it's no surprise why i don't attend invites as much as i can.

But that doesn't say that i snub invitations that i receive. I'm really happy every time i receive one. It makes me feel special! It makes me think that i am special enough to be thought of someone who is worthy to attend something like that. I do try to attend invites but unfortunately, i have different activities as well that i can't set aside just because of it like work, personal & social activities as well.

Actually, when i started blogging i was just really set on making an online journal. That's it! I didn't really expect that someone would actually read the blurbs that i have here, how much more to be given an invite to product launches?!

On to the next reader question... "is that why you mostly do positive reviews?"
The answer is "I prefer to post positive reviews because it makes it easier for me to really remember what products work best & why it is worth blogging about." That's it!

For purely selfish reason, i prefer to really blog about things that could benefit my readers. Something that will make them think "ah! this product is worth checking out.", not something that will make them think "ah! this product is crappy, what a waste of money.". Although i know that i can't help that i have an uber sensitive body which makes my standard a lot more strict than other people. It doesn't mean that if i make a "neutral" post that it is not good.

In fact, one of my 'neutral' post is the highest viewed page on my blog, the "kojie-san soap". I posted it because it is something that i think readers could benefit from even if it didn't work for me. I give out the pros & cons of each product so that you can decide for yourself. I am just one user, you just can't take my word.

I guess this is why i didn't really put any disclaimer on every post because i am different. What works for me, might not work for you & vice versa. Of course, i welcome suggestions! I love it when people suggest that i try something new. I'm quite adventurous, as im sure most of you already know.

So, going back, i really try to do positive reviews & mostly i lean on pointing out the positives because i want people to know the details about the product & not just what i think.

Then last but not the least... "do they pay you when they ask you to do that?"
The answer is "I sure wish! haha! But i don't receive any monetary consideration."
I said that beauty blogging is expensive because you will be tempted (believe me, the temptation is really great! so bad you can taste it!) to buy things just because you want to blog it.

I think this is something that every bloggers feel. So don't be surprised when you read haul posts here & there. It's not about bragging, it's about having something that you can blog about in the future. I said before that my haul posts had saved me countless of times about product expiration.

Do i earn from blogging?
Yes, from advertisements but it's really small.

Unless, you help me out & click every advertisements that you see on my blog..hehe. I try to keep the advertisements of my blog at minimum, something that will not bother my readers because i am a reader too. I hate it when i go to a blog & see tons of advertisements. It annoys the heck out of me that i mostly end up closing it. I understand why bloggers do it but i can't help being annoyed.

If you will ask me how much, i'll give you an estimation... for the whole 3 years of blogging, i have earned just a little more than Php 4,000 (less than $100). I know that if i really wanted to i can monetize my blog but i feel that if i do that the credibility that i built will just not be the same.

I can simply say that my blog will stay like how it was but since i myself have this idea that once a blog changed from a "personal" to "commercial" looking, the content is just not the same. So since i am my first reader, why would i do something that i won't even do. Makes sense,ne?

Going a little out of the way... one thing that i would like to add is about 'hate' comments.
I would be a hypocrite if i will say that i am not bothered by it.
Of course, i am! I human after all.

But at the end of the day, you'll just realize that one bad comment could not destroy the hundreds of great comments that you have received. You should not look at the dot in the middle of the paper. You ought to get a pencil, then start tracing an image on that dot & transform it into something beautiful.

Constructive criticism is something that will make your blog a lot better! As what my favorite saying goes "what doesn't kill you will just make you stronger". It is indeed true!

So, for those who keeps on asking me some tips on how to blog. You won't need any.
I think that you should just do what you feel like doing but just make sure that you exercise tact & be responsible with what you post. That's it! There's no right or wrong blog. It's all just in the person's perspective.

Just a little note for YOU, my dear reader.
Thank YOU for supporting my blog. My blog will cease to exist without YOU.
YOUR endless support is the thing that keeps my blog going.
I hope that YOU will continue supporting my blog & i promise to give my best & write out posts that YOU will find helpful & informative at the same time.

Sorry for this long & boring ramblings but i figured that it's best to just get this out & done with. I would love to know what you think about beauty blogging... whether as a reader or as a blogger.

Hope you are all having a great evening/day!
Have a happy week!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Press Release: Nivea Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Facial Foam

One of my favorite skin care brand has upped their product by releasing a facial foam targeted specifically for those who are acne-prone & oily-skinned individuals. 

I know that you can now see this in Watsons & the leading department stores & supermarkets but it's never too late to get to know what it does, ne?

Who is it for?
For beauty seekers and modern women of today, who would like to have fair and glowing skin but feels that plain white is not enough as they also experience other problems such as excessive oiliness, acne, spots and marks and large pores.

NEW NIVEA Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Foam is a 5-in-1 product that solves different problems of Filipina skin to give her not just fair skin but totally clear as well even up close.

What does it do?
NIVEA VISAGE Sparkling White Acne Oil Control contains 2x smaller molecule of:
-          Acne Reduction Technology that cleans deeper into pores by effectively lifting dirt and oil which is the cause of acne
-          Skin Nutrient Formula that helps lighten acne marks and dark spots. 

The 5 main actions of NIVEA VISAGE Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Foam on different impurities (oil, acne marks, dark spots, enlarged pores and dirt) are the following:
  1.     Cleans into pores to remove dirt &  90% of oil
  2.   . Reduction Technology helps prevent acne
  3.  .. Skin Nutrient Formula helps lighten dark spots & blemishes
  4.    .Minimizes appearance of pores
  5.   . Smoothens skin without dry feeling

I am currently using this & i haven't experienced any bad things so i'll keep on using this & let you know some day,ok?

Hope that you are enjoying the evening/day,girls!
Jaa ne~!

make sure you join my Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway,ok?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 1: Hair Affair (CLOSED)

It's no joke that our hair is our crowning glory.

Why is that when a lady is feeling down, she would go straight to the salon to get a make-over,ne? Most often than not it's got something to do with their hair. There are a lot of reasons, even psychological reasons, but to put it simply it's just because we want to look & feel different,ne?

You know, what,  I am really really curious as to how it feels to have a shaved head. I love having long hair, but i often wonder how convenient it could be if i won't have to tie my hair when i am inside a speeding vehicle with the wind blowing, how you could easily slip on a hat without worrying if your hair will go flat, how i could save money without having to buy shampoos & conditioners every week or so, how it would feel like lying on a fresh, crisp, newly laundered bed sheet....

Am i the only one who is curious about it? I guess i'm not really a traditional filipina when it comes to things like this because my curiosity knows no bounds! haha. But hey, it doesn't mean i would want to give my locks away. I love my curly hair!

Enough about the talk... let's talk about the giveaway!
Unfortunately, this is open only to Phillipine residents. My international readers don't have to wqorry though because i'll be having a giveaway for you some time.

As what i said before, HBC is kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for my lovely readers. Every week, until Christmas, we would have a series of questions for you. One lucky commenter will win the products featured on that post. The winner will be contacted by HBC & will then pick up the products in the nearest HBC store. Easy,huh?

Let's get to the rules:

  1. Just answer the question that is posted. (required)
  2. Follow of my blog. (required)
  3. You have to LIKE HBC's facebook page . Make a post about this giveaway on your facebook. Make sure you tag HBC & On Beauty Stuff & What Else's so that we can see it. (required)
  4. Leave your complete name, email address & the link of the post that you made on the comment box (required)
  5. Like my Facebook page (additional entry)
  6. Tweeted the giveaway (additional entry)
  7. Blogged about it (additional entry)
  8. Added me on your blogroll (additional entry)
I have an example entry below for reference...

Now, let's go to our week 1 question...
This week, I will make sure to pamper my hair.
The right products make a world of difference when it comes to taking care of your crowning glory. Beat frizz, tikwas, and all traces of a bad hair day with a few drops of serum, a mist of hairspray, or a dollop of gel.
Anti-frizz or shiny finish? HBC has got you covered with these products from Hortaleza Professional. Stylize everyday with these great finds. All you have to do is share with us what great looking hair is for you, your most unforgettable hair nightmare and what you did to turn it around. Happy Beautiful Christmas!
Please share your thoughts about great looking hair, your most unforgettable hair nightmare & how you were able to turn it around. Best answer would win the featured products above! How cool is that?!

I remember a friend of mine using the hair cuticle coat & she said it's the best one she has tried so far, that i coming from someone who can afford to buy Jonathan, Frederic Fekkai & other expensive hair products! That is definitely something!!!!

An example entry would be:
1. Great looking hair is... My unforgettable hair nightmare was during..... & to make the best out of it I...
2. I'm a follower of your blog - my GFC name is thiamere
3. I liked HBC's fb page - my name is thiamere
4. name: Thiamere
email address:
posted it here: (fb link)

5. I liked your Fb page - my name is thiamere
6. I tweeted it here: (tweet link)
7. I blogged it here: (blog link)
8. I added your blogroll here: (your blog page)

if you don't know how to get the fb link that you posted just click the time lapse that you see right next to the like/comment button.

I'll tell you about my hair nightmare maybe when i announced the winner.

So tell me, girls, how did you made yourself from drab to fab?
I'm dying to know!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Beautiful Christmas by HBC

The countdown to the Christmas season has begun & what's a better way to do it by doing giveaways,right?!

HBC is generous enough to give me an opportunity to do this series of weekly giveaways until the holidays! I'm so excited!

Starting this week, i'll be posting a series of questions that will feature HBC products. You just have to answer it & you will be given a chance to win those. How cool is that?!

If you haven't tried HBc products yet, now is the chance for you to get to know this amazing brand. I have a couple of products their products that i really like so much! I'll make a post about them later on,ok?

Make sure you check back every now & then for magical questions,ok?

Jaa ne~!

Monday, November 07, 2011

ONE Solid Shampoo Hair Biscuit Review

I haven't tried any solid shampoos yet so i am mighty curious about this. I know that Lush has solid shampoos but i have always been mighty curious about ONE that when i was strolling one time at SM i checked it out & since the SA said that it's on discount so i bought it.

I have to say that i am drawn to their packaging because it's made of carton with all those 'eco-friendly' vibe it is giving off. ONE Naturales is all about recapturing natural beauty with their line of organic, natural & eco-friendly skin & hair products... sounds promising,huh?

ONE has a couple of variants of solid shampoos, one is for oily hair & i think they have something for blondes, this one is for yummy-looking hair. I'm not really sure what yummy-looking hair means, but since my hair is dry i can't use the one for oily hair so i am left with no option at all. I checked the website & they have a lot of solid shampoo variants but i remember that they only have 3 variants available... maybe it's just me.

A bar of shampoo is equals to 3 8oz. bottles of shampoo. That would definitely be cheaper in the long run,ne? I think the regular price of this is Php 450 if im not mistaken. I bought mine for Php 250.

It's in a tin packaging like so. You can definitely use the carton for putting in trinkets or whatever. I think the packaging is really cute!

Now, how do you use it?
Just rub it on wet hair. It's that simple & let me tell you, this lathers really good!
I ran the bar over my hair 2x & i was able to work up a pretty good lather. Now i know that you can really save more with this!

I enjoyed massaging my scalp as i am shampooing. The smell could be quite powerful but not really that strong. I have a sensitive sense of smell as what i keep on saying & i was able to use this.. didn't give me a nausea (which i experience most often when one product smells too strongly) so i guess it's not that bad.

The scent is quite unique on it's own. It's kinda flowery & girly. If you like the scent, you can just leave it on your room!

Now the problem is, maybe i lathered it too much that i ended up with my hair drying. I didn't use conditioner at that time because i want to see & feel the difference. Unfortunately, i have a pretty un-manageable locks. My hair looks so frizzy, lifeless, dull & really dry upon using this alone. I guess i should have also bought the solid conditioner,huh?

Sodium Lauryl/eth Sulfate is the ingredient that makes our shampoos lather, too much could actually end up drying the hair & in some cases even hair loss.

I used the regular conditioner that i use the next day & i didn't have any problem at all. But as i continue using it everyday, i notice that my hair ended up getting drier, so is my scalp that it resulted to flaking. Tsk!

I had to stop using it. I don't really blame this in making my hair dry because i have a really hard-to-manage hair. One hair c are system could be my hair's best friend for a couple of days & it would just end up drying my hair after 4 days.. even if i used deep cleaning shampoo to get rid of residues.

Even my favorite Pure Beauty Camellia line stopped working on me even if i have switched to different line then went back to it (thinking of the usual "maybe my hair just got immune to it" reason - which is actually just crap). I will be going back to that line after a couple of months because that is really the only line that gave me what i wanted!

Going back, this shampoo will be really good for those that got normal, non-frizzy, straight hair because i think it will actually give the hair volume. In my case,my hair already has body so if ever i use a product that gives volume my hair just ends up getting all frizzy.

How big is this?
A little smaller than your average soap, but i'm sure that this will indeed lasts months just because you can really get a good lather going with just a couple of swipe!

I mentioned the price a little while ago. I think this is actually sold regularly for Php 450 (i still think it's expensive,mind you) but do check out ONE because they do give discounts some time. I got it for Php 250 at that time but since i saw the 1bar=3 bottles so i figured that it's worth it..haha!

  • great packaging - recyclable
  • eco-friendly
  • could last a long time
  • smells nice
  • great lather
  • space-saver
  • cruelty-free
  • too sudsy for me - ended up drying my hair
  • could be expensive at first
  • not for those that got sensitive sense of smell

Will i buy it again?
Nah, not really.
This could last a long time for me & since my hair is very unpredictable. i'm guessing that this could even last a year for me because i can't use it continuously. But i will definitely try out the Solid Conditioner the next time!

Have you tried out Solid Shampoos?

My journey to soft & healthy hair is still not done.

Have a great day/evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

finally~! i'm back in action!

I'm back! Tadaima~!
I wasn't able to blog because of pc problems... im just glad that i got everything back!
Yokatta na!
I panicked when my pc won't start at all & kept thinking of the worst scenario... which would be saying goodbye to all my books, pictures & notes. Good thing that everything is fine now & my memory is a lot bigger now. Double yay!

Last Saturday, i went to the Majolica Majorca Workshop together with one of my really dear friend, Kite. She said she hasn't attended a make-up workshop before & is looking forward to it.

Here are some of the products that they carry...

I am really intrigued on their Skin Lingerie Pore Cover because i am really looking for a good primer that doesn't have silicone on. I asked their MUA if it contains silicone & unfortunately it does.
so sad...

By the way, they have a new collection called "Glass Trick". See their wall?

MM mascara is one of the best!
I would really love to buy their mascara but the price is outrageous! They retail for Php 795. Im sorry for bursting any bubbles that you have over me that i prefer high-end brands because im a poor beauty blogger. haha! I am just an average woman with an average budget when it comes to cosmetics.

I refuse to spend more than Php 500 for a product that i can only use for 3 months. But if you have the money to burn, then try it. I'm sure that it's worth every peso!

Before the workshop started they introduced Majolica Majorca & what's behind the name...
I said before that i find the packaging of MM really cute & there is actually a story behind their logo.

Once upon a time there lived a bird.
She was small, and insignificant, and had no beautiful feathers or a shiny tail.
But her heart was innocent and true.

The bird loved beautiful things, and she always wished she could become beautiful too.
Each and every day she searched and searched for feathers that were beautiful or unusual, and adorned her body with them.
Before she knew it, the bird had become strangely attractive and unlike any other. 
Her beauty was totally unique, fascinating and captivating.

The Goddess of Beauty had watched all this, and she felt admiration for the bird’s courage and aesthetic creativity.
The Goddess chanted a spell: “MAJOLICA MAJORCA!”

Then a wonderful thing happened!
The feathers adorning the bird’s body all became real, and a tiny crown appeared on top of the bird’s head.

The bird had become the Goddess’ chosen princess, an evangelist of beauty.
“Now,” said the Goddess to the bird, “Go forward into the world and make all the girls beautiful.”

Isn't that story nice?
That's what Majolica Majorca has been doing ever since!

Anyway, the workshop is good for those who doesn't have a basic idea about make-up application. They covered the day to night make-up.

After the workshop, Aimee, said hello.
I'm glad that she actually approached me because i would have missed her if not. Aimee is really gorgeous!

I hope that we would get to see each other some other time in different events,sweetie!

I'll try to make-up for the time that i wasn't able to blog,hunnies.
I'll be posting a couple of reviews this week.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!
Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...