Monday, November 07, 2011

ONE Solid Shampoo Hair Biscuit Review

I haven't tried any solid shampoos yet so i am mighty curious about this. I know that Lush has solid shampoos but i have always been mighty curious about ONE that when i was strolling one time at SM i checked it out & since the SA said that it's on discount so i bought it.

I have to say that i am drawn to their packaging because it's made of carton with all those 'eco-friendly' vibe it is giving off. ONE Naturales is all about recapturing natural beauty with their line of organic, natural & eco-friendly skin & hair products... sounds promising,huh?

ONE has a couple of variants of solid shampoos, one is for oily hair & i think they have something for blondes, this one is for yummy-looking hair. I'm not really sure what yummy-looking hair means, but since my hair is dry i can't use the one for oily hair so i am left with no option at all. I checked the website & they have a lot of solid shampoo variants but i remember that they only have 3 variants available... maybe it's just me.

A bar of shampoo is equals to 3 8oz. bottles of shampoo. That would definitely be cheaper in the long run,ne? I think the regular price of this is Php 450 if im not mistaken. I bought mine for Php 250.

It's in a tin packaging like so. You can definitely use the carton for putting in trinkets or whatever. I think the packaging is really cute!

Now, how do you use it?
Just rub it on wet hair. It's that simple & let me tell you, this lathers really good!
I ran the bar over my hair 2x & i was able to work up a pretty good lather. Now i know that you can really save more with this!

I enjoyed massaging my scalp as i am shampooing. The smell could be quite powerful but not really that strong. I have a sensitive sense of smell as what i keep on saying & i was able to use this.. didn't give me a nausea (which i experience most often when one product smells too strongly) so i guess it's not that bad.

The scent is quite unique on it's own. It's kinda flowery & girly. If you like the scent, you can just leave it on your room!

Now the problem is, maybe i lathered it too much that i ended up with my hair drying. I didn't use conditioner at that time because i want to see & feel the difference. Unfortunately, i have a pretty un-manageable locks. My hair looks so frizzy, lifeless, dull & really dry upon using this alone. I guess i should have also bought the solid conditioner,huh?

Sodium Lauryl/eth Sulfate is the ingredient that makes our shampoos lather, too much could actually end up drying the hair & in some cases even hair loss.

I used the regular conditioner that i use the next day & i didn't have any problem at all. But as i continue using it everyday, i notice that my hair ended up getting drier, so is my scalp that it resulted to flaking. Tsk!

I had to stop using it. I don't really blame this in making my hair dry because i have a really hard-to-manage hair. One hair c are system could be my hair's best friend for a couple of days & it would just end up drying my hair after 4 days.. even if i used deep cleaning shampoo to get rid of residues.

Even my favorite Pure Beauty Camellia line stopped working on me even if i have switched to different line then went back to it (thinking of the usual "maybe my hair just got immune to it" reason - which is actually just crap). I will be going back to that line after a couple of months because that is really the only line that gave me what i wanted!

Going back, this shampoo will be really good for those that got normal, non-frizzy, straight hair because i think it will actually give the hair volume. In my case,my hair already has body so if ever i use a product that gives volume my hair just ends up getting all frizzy.

How big is this?
A little smaller than your average soap, but i'm sure that this will indeed lasts months just because you can really get a good lather going with just a couple of swipe!

I mentioned the price a little while ago. I think this is actually sold regularly for Php 450 (i still think it's expensive,mind you) but do check out ONE because they do give discounts some time. I got it for Php 250 at that time but since i saw the 1bar=3 bottles so i figured that it's worth it..haha!

  • great packaging - recyclable
  • eco-friendly
  • could last a long time
  • smells nice
  • great lather
  • space-saver
  • cruelty-free
  • too sudsy for me - ended up drying my hair
  • could be expensive at first
  • not for those that got sensitive sense of smell

Will i buy it again?
Nah, not really.
This could last a long time for me & since my hair is very unpredictable. i'm guessing that this could even last a year for me because i can't use it continuously. But i will definitely try out the Solid Conditioner the next time!

Have you tried out Solid Shampoos?

My journey to soft & healthy hair is still not done.

Have a great day/evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Galaxia said...

I've been interested in Lush's solid shampoos, but have to be careful not to get one with that ingredient that dries out my hair and scalp!

I hope you're doing well!

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Jennifer Huang said...

I've never seen those before O___O I just realised there's "dry shampoo" >.> im so behind the times~ Well, guess its time to look for it around here :D Thanks so much for the review.. hopefully I'll find that or something similar ^.^

Aya said...

Too bad it was drying on you. This looks interesting. I've never used a solid shampoo before. Hihi. :) But I have to be careful what I use because my hair and scalp are already dry as it is. I still haven't found the perfect shampoo for me :/

Nikki said...

Oh my gulay! kakaiba!!! AS IN!!! I would love my conventional shampoos though! sad it dries out on you!

Thiamere Brea said...

i've tried dry shampoos... basically it's just powder that would absorb the excess oil on your scalp.

I know Lush has a couple of solid shampoos...i'll look into it sometime

Thiamere Brea said...

it's hard,ne?
have you tried the pure beauty tsubaki line?
it's great!
i highly recommend it!

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah... i like the eco-friendly approach of the packaging!
i hope that there would be a solid shampoo that is moisturizing din

Thiamere Brea said...

it's hard to look for a shampoo that's SLS free

consider it done

MereMakeupManiac said...

i admit a solid soap sounds intriguing but i might be hesitant to use it, my hair being very brittle am afraid that when i rub it my hair will break even more. still, this is interesting concept. thanks for sharing sis!

Aya said...

Oooh not yet! Will check that out. Thank you :D

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah...i have to say that it's very intriguing!
now that i've tried this, the one that i am eyeing are the Lush ones.

shining_bell16 said...

Hi! I really like reading your blog because it's really informative about the products I'm curious about. You commented "My journey to soft & healthy hair is still not done" so I thought to share my hair routine because we have the same curly, frizzy, dry hair. And you don't seem afraid to try out new things :P

For the shampoo, i only use baby shampoo, J&J extra conditioning baby shampoo to be specific. I got this tip from an apple app that baby shampoo is good for frizzy hair and i think it is based on my own experience. For the conditioner, I only use GREEN Palmolive conditioner (I'm not sure about the name :P). I have to emphasize with the word "GREEN" because that's the only variant that works for me, really makes me wonder why the others don't even if they were under the same brand *shrugs*. And Palmolive is the only conditioner that works out for me. Then I use the MONEA Q as a leave on (I forgot the complete name but it's not the MONEA curling milk). I only use the shampoo to clean out my scalp and not the strands. When I wash out the shampoo off will be the only time that the bubbles/suds will go through my hair strands. For the conditioner, I only use it on the strands and not on the scalp.

At night, I put PANTENE Total Conditioner on my hair before I sleep as a leave-on (i wash it out in the morning), and just like Palmolive, this is the only variant that works for me :)) The Pantene Total Conditioner and Pantene Night leave on have the same effect for me, and with a huge difference between their price/volume, I don't advise the latter.

Then every Sunday I use Clarifying shampoo to cleanse out the oil build up on my scalp/hair in a week. Then I accompany this with any repair conditioner I had. I use V05 clarifying shampoo.

This routine really works for me because it really made my hair looks soft & manageable and all of my friends thought I was styling my hair everyday :P I don't know if this will work for you but I hope it does when you try this out. And sorry for the very long comment m(_ _)m

Thiamere Brea said...

i love long comments,sis
siguro nga nagrereklamo na ang mga nageemail sakin kasi mega "daldal" ako..halos nobela na lagi ang reply ko..haha

green palmolive,ha?
ttry ko yan!
one reason why i don't like using pantene conditioner is because it is very heavy at pinagpapawisan ako everytime na ginagamit ko yun..haha!

i remember, i was in college before, naubos ung creamsilk ko (i have been a creamsilk user for like forever!) so takbo ko sa tindahan pero ang vailable lang yung pantene. e it was that day na hindi ako magsha-shampoo kasi inaalternate ko ung shampoo e. gamit ako pantene...

aba, mega shiny a!

sakto, pag labas ko sa gate namin namumuo na yung pawis sa ibaba ng lips ko...kala ko sobrang init lang ng araw na yun..nagmaganda ko at itinuloy ko ang paglakad. pagdating ko sa LRT, tagaktak talaga pawis ko! kahiya! hahaha!

sabi sakin ng friend ko para daw ako galing sa impyerno pagkakita nya sakin. sabi ko naman "feeling impyerno talaga!kasi basang basa panyo ko e.parang kakakuha sa washing machine" lol

first & last time ko gumamit ng pantene conditioner...haha

but of course, that was i have to try it ulit & using it as a leave on conditioner would be very interesting. ittry ko talaga yan!!!!

salamat sa tip,sis!

Shining_bell16 said...

Dati rin akong regular user ng Pantene pero I agree na mabigat sya sa buhok at madali akong mag kadandruff when i use it. Pag ilalagay mo sya as a leave on sa gabi, medyo iiwas mo na lang sa scalp to prevent dandruff na rin :D Also, try to use Clarifying shampoo because it really helps out in cleaning your scalp/hair from the residue of one week's worth of shampoo and conditioner. I use this every Sunday kasi yun ung day na nasa bahay lang ako. When I use this talagang dry-looking hair ko pagkaligo pero pag dating ng monday when i return to my daily hair regimen parang effective ulit lahat ng gngamit kong hair products :)) When I use Clarifying shampoo, pag ayaw ko masyadong dry ung hair afterwards, I use those hot oil treatments sa buhok kasi feel ko mas effective sya that way :D

Sa akin naman dry ang hair ko pa creamsilk ang gamit ko :)) Maswerte ako at nahiyang ako sa Palmolive Green Conditioner. Hiyangan lang sguro tlg :P

It took me years bago ako nakapagsettle sa ganitong hair routine. Hirap kasi makahanap ng prodcuts na makakapagayos kulot, frizzy, dry hair. Buti na lang sa mga budget friendly products nahiyang hair ko :))

"Swallow Monea Qr Coat Super Shine" pala ung full name ng leave on na I use as may leave on for the day. Althiugh it doesn't help my hair shine, nakakalambot sya ng hair na kahit mahangin sa labas carry lang :))

Long comment na naman ako ahahaha pero I really do hope mahanap mo na rin ung perfect hair routine for you :D

Thiamere Brea said...

in my case, ok yung pure derm tsubaki treatment oil. as in super lambot hair ko every after application. ang problema ko lang kasi madali akong dandruff-in. kahit na nagcclarifying shampoo ako. before, i use baking soda to clarify my scalp. ok naman sya. as in super gaan ng feeling. super nakakadry nga lang ng hair pero keri lang..lamig pa sa anit!

i used to love the palmolive aromatherapy na green conditioner. kaya lang phased out na e...argh! i tried the pink palmolive lang...super bango naman kasi, minamigraine na ko sa sobrang bango.haha... nagkasore throat nga ko kinabukasan dahil nakatulog ako na mega amoy sa buhok ko. anak ng patola na yan o! hirap pag sensitive ng pang-amoy!

i use Nizoral na ngayon as clarifying shampoo. yung green lang, wala namang epekto ung blue e.halos 5 sachet na ata nilagay ko sa buhko ko pero walang epekto..haha!

bumili na ko ng pantene na total care conditioner. sana magwork din sakin! i'll let you know pag ok sya. thanks for the tip,girl!

riann said...

Where did you buy it? What SM branch?

Thiamere Brea said...

i bought it at sm north edsa before

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