Friday, November 25, 2011

Updates + my radio guesting~!

This week has been pretty hectic but fun for me.
Let's start first with the news that i said that i would be telling you all about.
Of course, best news first..hehe

Since i have received tons of comments & inquiries about the products that i have used & reviewed, i decided to let my readers tell their experience on their own. I think that it would be nice if people could also read other people's opinion aside from mine.

Each of us have different reactions to different products. I'm telling my experience but it doesn't mean that it would be the same with you. So i figured that this would be a great chance for a reader interaction.

This is also a chance for people who have thought about blogging but is still undecided. As a guest blogger, you will have the power to decide what you will be writing about. I would just want you to have pictures to support your post.

If you are interested feel free to email me.
Don't worry, i don't bite so you don't need to be shy,ok?

Then another news for you, i joined a nail art contest in our Facebook group.
Good news, i was able to submit an entry!
Bad news, it wasn't the one that i really spent time making

Don't ask me what happened because i'm still annoyed about it. I'm just thankful that i was able to at least finish an entry hours before the courier arrived at our house.

This is my entry...

If you want to take a look at the other entries you can hop over to Thrizsha's blog HERE. I highly suggest that you really visit her blog because the entries are amazing!!!

I'm in awe of these ladies!
To come up with an entry like those.
Feel like mine was just something that i picked up in a dump site..ahaha!
But i'm really proud that i was able to finish that with just merely hours before the deadline & a lot more proud that i'm a member of this amazing group of talented nail artists!
Great job,girls!

Then last but not the least...
I was invited to be a guest on a radio show yesterday at a local AM station. It was definitely a first & it was really fun! Ms. Lorie, HBC's marketing communications manager, asked me 2 weeks ago if i would be willing to do a radio guesting & i readily said YES!

I was thinking that i would be a nervous wreck but luckily, everyone was so friendly that my initial nervousness just went poof! The topic was about nail art.. one of my favorite topic ever! haha!

I thank all my readers who supported me & also my FAB group!
They were so giddy with it... Love you all, ladies!
Thank you for all the things that i have learned from the group!

l to r: Friendly Nicki, Maren Jenny, HBC comm. manager, Ms Lorie, Allue manager, Ms MJ & yours truly

Love this photo

Thanks for the chance, Ms Lorie! It was definitely a very memorable experience!
I also want to thank ms MJ & Ms Jenny who were really friendly. Thank you!

That pretty much took the first half of my week.
It's not yet over & this weekend im looking forward to other activities as well...

Again, feel free to email me if you want to be a guest blogger,ok?
Hope you all will have a great day/evening!
Jaa ne~!

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MereMakeupManiac said...

i've seen all entries and they are all very creative including yours! what are you saying yours looked like came from a dump site hmn??? :P yours is very good, kudos! don't worry am sure with constant practice you'll be creating masterpieces you'll be proud of in the future. ;)

wow you got to be on radio, dang i missed it! but glad to hear it went on great and you had lots of fun doing it! (^_^)

saccharine0158 said...

looks like you had fun at the radio guesting! :D

i also think you did a great job on the nails although i know where you are coming from. goodluck on the competition! :)

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