Thursday, March 29, 2012

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

Tired of forever trying to slough away the callouses on your feet?
There's a quick & affordable way to get rid of them! It's like getting yourself a brand new feet in just 2 weeks!

Then read on....

I have read reviews of foot peeling masks before. I have always wanted to try but i just can't seem to buy one because i find it quite expensive. One that i know is available at leading department store costs around Php 600. I know that it's totally worth your money because hey, you're getting baby soft feet afterward but then that's still a hefty price to pay.

I've been seeing this foot mask on Watsons before but i just haven't thought of purchasing it until one fine day when i impulsively added it on my basket... & i'm dang glad i did!

2 weeks,eh?

Please click on the pictures to read more about it

One pouch contains 2 sock-type mask.
I'll not go into the ingredients & stuff but i'll just go into the whole experience.

I have big feet... i'm fat!
What do you expect? hahaha!
I'm a size 11 & i was able to put the mask on...with much tugging & pulling... also a bit snipping..LOL!
But at least you know that i was able to put it on. So don't fret if you have big feet like mine.

It would have this chemical scent once you open it. It doesn't really smells bad but it's a bit like an alcohol or acetone scent. It feels really cool too! You have to wait for 60-90 mins before removing it so that your feet would be able to absorb it really well.

Once you remove it, your feet would just feel different. I don't know if it's right but i just felt that i already have a skin inside my skin. LOL!
It's like i can somehow feel that my skin is too dry, although it's hardly dry, & there would be a new skin that would emerge later on.

It would take days before you see any signs of peeling.
I know because i took note of it. First time that i used it, i saw signs of peeling after a week. The 2nd time (yes, i bought it again & used it) it was just in mere 5 days when i notice the sides of my feet already peeling.

Since i'm too shy to show you the ugly pads of my feet, i won't show you a picture.. hehe
Gomen nasai... Sorry...
You can just look for pictures of how foot peeling masks works.

I didn't experience any itchiness or irritation, that's a good thing!
Though there would be some time where the pads of my feet would feel an itch or two but nothing that would make you twinge with the need to scratch.

Now, this is when i'll make an exception.
Since on most foot peeling masks pictures that you read online you'll see pictures of the pads of the foot, this time i'll show you how the front part of the feet looks like. I still can't believe that i'm gonna show you a picture of my feet though, but for the sake of this review, i will!

There goes my feet!
Yes,i at least did my nail art prior to this. hahaha!

Anyway, my point is, you might be wondering if the only part that will peel would be the pads because that's the only thing that the pictures are showing. No worries though... it will peel the skin on your whole feet! The front part would just have a thin layer of skin being peeled off compare to the bottom, but it would peel nonetheless.

Now, the thing that i found "uncomfortable" with it is that as the skin peels, it would leave traces of dead skin cells. I can't wear my sandals for 2 weeks because my feet looks so dang weird & i'm scared of leaving away dead skin cells. It's just uncouth! So beware, you can only use closed shoes, preferably sneakers so you could wear socks, for the whole duration of using this. hahaha!

Oh, one more thing before i forgot, don't ever attempt to pull off the skin. Let them peel off naturally!
I know that the temptation to do so is so great, but mind you, you don't want to do any damage to the new skin,ne?


  • locally available
  • affordable - less than Php200
  • say hello to soft feet after the promised time!
  • no itchiness or irritation
  • your feet would look... uhhh... unappealing for the duration of use (hanging skin! ekkk!)

So, did it work? Of course,it did!
I have bought it again after buying my first pair,ne?
I never repurchase unless it's something good.

Will i buy it again?
I will, no questions about it!

My feet are looking all pink, soft & healthy now!
But still no pictures! hahaha!

I suggest that you try this.
It really works plus it's a lot cheaper going to salons to have the same kind of service,ne?
So again, once you passed by Watsons & saw this, make sure you go to the cashier with this in tow.

Hope you all are having a great thursday, hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

why i like strawberryNet~

I'll tell you another reason why you should definitely shop at StrawberryNet.
By the way, if you miss my post about it you should check it out HERE.

I went to the post office last thursday to pick up a parcel that i have been really waiting for~!

I told you that they gift-wrapped their products!
I like the special feeling that you get when you open something dainty like this. Don't you all like it when the moment you received a package you will see something so cute inside waiting to be unwrapped? I love the thrill of it!

Weeks ago, i was contacted by StrawberryNet if i would be willing to feature them on my blog. I immediately said yes all because i am a fan. I already made posts about them before because i am a happy & satisfied customer. I don't feature anything on my blog that i haven't personally tried & tested, mind you. This site got my 100% approval & recommendation.

You can easily track your parcel too!

They would give you a tracking number so you'll know where your package is. I didn't include mine here though for safety reasons. hehe
I was checking where my package was & i'm glad that they are actually in time! The time that it was in transit jives with the time that the PHILPOST had received it. Yay!

I will definitely be getting more products!
I'm just waiting for an allowance period since you all know i hate customs. I'll be making another StrawberryNet haul sometime within next week.

They already have their Easter Specials... I'm not really sure what i'm gonna get the next time. I think i'll go for hair care products...hmmm... but i wanna try Lauren Luke's palette too... also perfumes! But you all know that i can't purchase something that is more than $50 because the customs officer will definitely give me a hard time..
Doshio?! What to do?!

But for now, this is what i got from them.

I have been looking for a primer for a long time now & it feels like this one is much more highly-rated compare to the Laura Mercier one. This one is silicone-based though. My skin reacts to silicone but who knows... maybe this time it won't. I am keeping my fingers crossed on it.

Clarins, please work on my skin!

Of course, i'll tell you more about it once i've full tested it.
Well then, i hope that you all will have a great weekend,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Buy at your own discretion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to: franken polish

Still on the franken polish subject, i have said before that i will be making a post on how to make your own franken polish. It's really very simple. The idea behind it is to just mix different polishes to come up with your own unique polish. This is a good way to put the polishes that you don't reach for anymore into good use. Who knows, you might be able to come up with something really unique (which most often happens!)?

I have several franken polish that i had shared with you. One of my favorite is my first franken called Midnight Fantasy & of course the last one, which i used to join a franken contest called Island Cocktail. Speaking of which, i am really grateful for all of those who had voted for me. As what i said on our nail art group, as long as i don't have a zero, i'm already happy. I'm so overwhelmed with the positive feedback that i have been getting because of my entry. So thank you again for the support, ladies!

Honto ni Arigato!

Now i'm going to share with you how i made this really cute franken polish using polishes that we have here in the Philippines.

This is one of my franken that i call Flakystein!

Kirei de sho?

I'll give you better pics later so that you'll be able to appreciate its awesomeness! hahahaha!!!

On we go to the tutorial...
I used polishes that i bought here in the Philippines.

The 3 flaky polishes are 24k polishes that i bought at SM Fairview & the glitter polish at the far left is the one from Beauty & Butter. You can substitute any glitter polish that you have, or you can entirely skip it & it would still be beautiful!

Here are some pictures for a closer look.

This is called Pacific Opal.

Then my favorite, Rose Quartz.
Love this one! It changes from orange to green then blue depending on the angle.

Then Teal Glass.
Sorry, i didn't realize that i don't have a separate swatch for this.
You can just refer to the swatch that i had on the cap. It changes from green to blue.

So, i just mixed all 3 of them in an empty bottle like so...

Another important thing when you franken is to use stainless balls so that you will be able to mix them nicely.

Then you shake it vigorously!

Et voila!
You have your own flakystein!

Time for more swatches!
Flakies show best underneath a black base, but you can use other colors as well.

Blurred swatch so you can see the play of colors from the flakes & the glitters.

See the different array of colors?
It changes depending on the angle of your nails! By the way, i do not have a top coat but look how glossy it is!

Flaky polishes are L-O-V-E, ne?
My Galaxy Glam was also made from the 24k flakies.
I just added Spectraflair 14 to have that extra oomph!

There are lots of blogs out there that has a few tips & techniques when it comes to frankening. You can research more to know what finishes would suit what you have in mind.

So, now that you know how to franken polishes, be creative & start making your own!
I would love to see your own franken polishes too!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, March 16, 2012

pls help me~

You might notice how lately i keep on posting nail related posts. I have even started frankening my own polishes & let me just tell you that it is really fun being able to come up with your very own polishes. You can make something really unique & out of this world!

I joined a franken contest & i am asking for your help to vote for me. You can click on this LINK to head on over to shattermeclaire to vote.

This is my franken polish called island Cocktail. I applied 2 coats.

Just like what i put on the description there. I have wanted something bright & bold hence i made this polish. I used local polish to make this (refer to the recipe on my entry) & i did not even have to put on a top coat. See how glossy it is?! Amazing,ne?

You can make your own island cocktail too!

I would highly appreciate if you can vote for me.
This is my first time joining a franken contest. Honestly, i can't even choose who i would be voting for since there are lots of beautiful entries!

Thanks in advanced!

Weekend Nails:Freehand lace design

Another nail art tutorial...
You know that i don't get to post much so i hope that this would be the start of my blogging streak again.

This is not a sticker so you can also don a lace design even if you can't find a lace sticker like the one that i have.

This is not really that difficult.
Though i have to say that making the half-circles are a bit of a challenge but with steady hands & a good liner brush you'll be able to make this design.

Let's start with the tutorial...

Materials needed:
  • black & white polish/acrylic
  • liner brush
  • dotting tools (you'll need the big & tiny one)
  1. Make 2 slanted lines to act as a guide on where you'll be filling it with the white color.
  2. Fill the top & bottom part with white, leave the middle part blank.
  3. Using a liner brush make tiny half-circles on the edge of the white polish. You can go for small or tiny ones.
  4. Let's finish the white part first. Ready your big dotting tool & dip it on black polish.
  5. Then make uniformed dots on the white part. Depending on your preference, you can put in more dots.
  6. Using the tiny dotting tool, you start putting dots on the outer part of the half circles like so.
  7. Make sure you also put dots on the other circle.
  8. Then to finish your lace, add 2 more tiny dots per circle on the inside (just at the edge of the white).
  9. Apply your top coat & make sure you clean the edge of your nail.
Isn't this really cute?
I love how it looks like! I can't wait until my 'pare' would be able to see my nails. He always looks forward to seeing my nails every weekend. hehe

I am trying out the Tony Moly base coat & i am liking it so far!
No nail stains! Finally!!!!!
A base coat that is able to protect my nails~
I have to continue using it before i give my final verdict.

I said before that nail art is my accessory & it is indeed!

I feel like i can take on the world even without make-up as long as my nails are looking posh! hahaha!
Do tell me if you were able to make this design too,ok?

Have a happy friday,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Nails: polka hearty

This was how my nails look like last weekend. I should made the tutorial for this but i have been quite busy recently so i don't get to visit my blog as much as i want to.

Anyway, making this is really easy.
The one thing that made this design such a breeze to do is because of the cute heart decals that sent me.

Here is the tutorial for this design. Please click the pic to see it better.

Materials needed:
  • white polish/acrylic
  • liner brush
  • dotting tool
  • your choice of 3 polish (for the decal base & dots)
  • heart water decals
I used a different color combination for my tutorial but the process is just the same.

  1. I applied a holographic base but you can use glitters if you want to or can just go bare.
  2. Using a white polish/acrylic & a liner brush, i then sweep a thin line at the side of the nail like in the pic.
  3. Then fill it in with white polish/acrylic.
  4. With your choice of polish as a base, apply it on the 1/3 side of the nail... depending on your decals, you can make it bigger or smaller.
  5. Pick your own decals & prepare them.
  6. Carefully apply your decals on the part where you applied the base color.
  7. Pick out 2 colors that you would want your dots to be.
  8. Then alternately apply them on the white part.
  9. Don't forget to finish it up with your favorite top coat!
I love this decal!
It's cute,ne?

If you want to get the same decals, you can head on over to They have lots of water decals to choose from!

You can use the code BLGA124TH10 for a 10% off your purchase.

I'll be doing another nail art tutorial this week.
Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summeriffic Treats from HBC


I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I have just been quite busy with my classes that i can't seem to find time for blogging. Though i have tons of pictures from future posts, i just haven't sorted them. I sure do wish i have the luxury of time like before..hehe

Anyway, i would just like to let you girls know about the latest promo that HBC is having....

HBC is offering great discounts on Beauty Exclusive products like San San, Hortaleza Professional, Allue My First, Body Recipe and Hortaleza,M.D. Aside from the mark down, a customer can get a chance to take home a FREE HBC Beach Bag for every P500 worth of purchase. The promo is available in all HBC mall-based stores only from March 15, 2012 to April 15, 2012.

If you can find their Hair Remover Cream, make sure you grab one or two,ok? I recommend it.

Lots of upcoming HBC product reviews from yours truly.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

nail polishes again?!

I am really so into nail polishes & nail art these days.
I guess it's good because i am not able to do much nail art posts last year,ne? I have been into frankening polishes & let me tell you that it is so fun to come up with your very own unique shades!

I spent the whole morning yesterday making these...

This looks a bit like Color Club's Worth the Risque on the bottle but when swatched it looks a bit like OPI DS Shimmer. I'll be providing separate swatches for everything.

Kirei desho?
I so love holographic polishes! I'm sure you are too,ne?

Next is my Galaxy Glam...

A holographic flaky franken. This is swatched over a black base.

I have received tons of name suggestions but the name Galaxy Glam somehow fits this,don't you think?

Then next is just a simple flaky franken i call Flakystein!
It still looks amazing when swatched over black...

I'll make a post about how i made this one. I just used local polishes in making this.

Then last but not the least would be my Party Party franken.

Again, i will make a separate swatch posts for all the polishes that i made.

Speaking of polishes, I went to SM Fairview last sunday & i found out that 24k got duochromes...
This one is named Crazy Green...

While this is Indian Bronze...

I know that i still have 2 more 24k duochromes on my stash but i can't seem to find them. haha.
I'll try looking for it again so that i can post about this. I have been loving duo/multichromes, flaky & holo polishes lately that i seem to have put them all around the house. LOL!

Then last but not the least...
I have been eyeing the glitter holo polish that i saw from Wet N Wild when i passed by the department store. I'm just so lucky that i was able to buy one from our Fab Ur Nails Shop for half the mall price. Whoopee!

Though i have to say that i'm not enamored with the shade because it's sheer & the holo glitters doesn't really show unless you are under the sun or on a dim room. But this is still pretty nonetheless!

I also bought Milani 3d in Hi-Res & i have it on my toenails but i don't want to show a pic of my ugly toenails..hahaha!

Expect more nail polishes & nail art posts for the next days to come!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ebalay Nail Polish in 008

Another gorgeous duochrome polish from KKCenterhk!

Doesn't this look nice on the bottle?

Methinks it's so pretty! Not as pretty as the 009 though but still nice.
If you forgot how 009 looks like, here it is.

That's the swatch of both ebalay polishes that KkCenterhk had sent me. These polishes are better for layering over dark bases.

I love duo/multichrome finishes! Makes you think that you have 2 colors on your nails at the same time.

What do you think about this?
Are you digging it?
I do!

If you want to get this shade, you can hop on over to this LINK. You can use the code BLGA124TH10 for a 10% off.

By the way, i received my Spectraflair the other day! OMG!
Just look at those! Rainbow in a baggie! LOL!

I sure wish that i could come up with great holographic franken polishes!

Well,i'm off to my best friend's house for a sleep over. Yay!
Hope you all will have a great weekend!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder Review

This post is dedicated to Sis Joan who had asked me about Eshiko. I almost forgot about this powder since it has been on my kit & i only get to use it when i do touch ups when i'm out which is rare since i don't go out that much these days. hehehe

This is my first HD powder & honestly, i don't know what to expect.
I'm not a foundation-user & i prefer finishing powders only. haha!
I made my research prior to buying this. It has positive feedback & the before & after pictures look great so i was sold!

Is it really worth it?
Does it live up to its claims?
Let's see... I'll let you decide for yourself!

This is what the company claims...

What is ESHIKO™?

ESHIKO™ is a 100% hydrated silica refined at the smallest size possible, smaller than all the leading hydrated silica brands. We also infuse moisture to each hydrated silica nanospheres to prevent the number one problem among all leading hydrated silica brands – Dryness of the skin. Think of ESHIKO™ as a 100% hydrated silica with an upgrade, the best hydrated silica on the market today.
I read reviews about it & tried to understand the logic behind everything.
They claimed to be the best hydrated silica that is available on which they boasts 10 nanometer silica spheres as opposed to other HD powders that has 500 nanometer silica spheres.

Please read this post to understand the technicality behind everything.
I'll be explaining things now based on my observation.

Let's start it first with the texture.
It is really finely milled! 

I'm not really sure about that 10 nanometer thing but i can say that this one is so fine that if you buff/stipple it on your skin it disappears almost completely! Look closely at the pic of the back of my hand. I think you can see the difference of the skin that has the powder on. It is really smooth & the fine lines of the skin had almost disappeared! It is so tiny it could sink on the gaps of the skin.

In this matter, i feel that i am wasting my powder when i use a brush. I think it's better to use a powder puff, like how i apply my finishing powder because you get to really push the product to your skin therefore filling up your pores.

Since it is very finely milled i feel like half of the powder that i loaded on my brush just ends up sinking at the ferrule. See that smoke-like thing on the pic? That's the powder that has sunk at the bottom of my ferrule! 
Tsk! Mottainai! Such a waste!
So i would suggest that you just use a puff when applying it to maximize it.

Going back...

You can tell & feel the difference of the skin without it & with it on. I have a combination to oily skin on which my cheek is dry while the rest of my face is oily. I read that this product is good for all skin types but  more friendly for dry skin compare to MUFE HD powder.  I applied this without any primer on the pic.

Now, i have issues of applying powder on the apple of my cheeks just because it is dry. It looks flaky at first but as it sits on the skin & i oil up it looks better. This is no exception. It looks a bit dry at first but it gets better later on.

It looks like bare skin already. I know that my pores are still obvious but with this powder on, my skin looks brighter!

Guess what side of my cheek has the powder on? Oops sorry, i didn't have anything on. not even lip balm.

You can't guess?
If that's the case then i guess this next picture will tell you what part it had on...

The cheek that is not as oily compare to the other has the powder on. That would be my right cheek (left on this picture). Why? This picture will explain...

I blotted my cheeks after an hour & this picture will tell you how it fares on oil control. The cheek without Eshiko is really oily that you can even see my pores on the oil film while the one that has the powder is not that oily at all. But the pic that i took with the flash was after 3 hours already & you can see how oily my skin can get...

Now one more concern about HD powders would be about flash photography...
Remember the picture of Nicole Kidman & Eva Longoria with very obvious powder streaks on their face?
The culprit for that is MUFE HD Powder. HD Powders are notorious for reflecting the light from the flash of the camera.

The 2nd picture of my face was taken with the flash on. You decide for yourself how it fares... if it leaves a whitish cast on my cheek or not.

With all that, i'll leave you with things that you have to consider as well aside from what i just said above.
  • very finely milled
  • disappears on the skin
  • good for all skin types
  • can online be bought online for $30 (check out their website)
  • you have to be very careful in handling it since the powder is so fine it could just float around as you tap on it.
I bought mine when i saw a deal at a group buying site. I don't know where you can buy it here on the Philippines though.

These are just my observation but please do tell me on the comments what you think... if this is a yay or nay for you.
Did you think that it left a white cast with the flash on?
Did you think it was able to control my oil?

Hope you all will have a great weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...