Saturday, March 24, 2012

why i like strawberryNet~

I'll tell you another reason why you should definitely shop at StrawberryNet.
By the way, if you miss my post about it you should check it out HERE.

I went to the post office last thursday to pick up a parcel that i have been really waiting for~!

I told you that they gift-wrapped their products!
I like the special feeling that you get when you open something dainty like this. Don't you all like it when the moment you received a package you will see something so cute inside waiting to be unwrapped? I love the thrill of it!

Weeks ago, i was contacted by StrawberryNet if i would be willing to feature them on my blog. I immediately said yes all because i am a fan. I already made posts about them before because i am a happy & satisfied customer. I don't feature anything on my blog that i haven't personally tried & tested, mind you. This site got my 100% approval & recommendation.

You can easily track your parcel too!

They would give you a tracking number so you'll know where your package is. I didn't include mine here though for safety reasons. hehe
I was checking where my package was & i'm glad that they are actually in time! The time that it was in transit jives with the time that the PHILPOST had received it. Yay!

I will definitely be getting more products!
I'm just waiting for an allowance period since you all know i hate customs. I'll be making another StrawberryNet haul sometime within next week.

They already have their Easter Specials... I'm not really sure what i'm gonna get the next time. I think i'll go for hair care products...hmmm... but i wanna try Lauren Luke's palette too... also perfumes! But you all know that i can't purchase something that is more than $50 because the customs officer will definitely give me a hard time..
Doshio?! What to do?!

But for now, this is what i got from them.

I have been looking for a primer for a long time now & it feels like this one is much more highly-rated compare to the Laura Mercier one. This one is silicone-based though. My skin reacts to silicone but who knows... maybe this time it won't. I am keeping my fingers crossed on it.

Clarins, please work on my skin!

Of course, i'll tell you more about it once i've full tested it.
Well then, i hope that you all will have a great weekend,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Buy at your own discretion.


DeBi said...

nice...pag-uwi ko bibili ako sa kanila ng bongga! hehehe

Gale said...

I'm so afraid to order internationally because of of fear that my packages will be lost hehe that's why I just go for pabili in girltalk or multiply :)

That seems like a nice product...update us on how well that's gonna perform..sana di ka magreact :)

Hazel said...

thanks for recommending this shop! will take a look :) oohh and i hope your skin doesn't react badly with this product :)

ReikaAmakura said...

cant wait for your review on this product :)

Ashesela said...

Kawaii!!! That packaging is so cute! :'D

Marge said...

strawberry(dot)net, yep reliable naman sila ;-) and for authentic products pa

3nity said...

Hi! Do you pay extra taxes when you purchase stuff from say for example, items $50 worth of much tax will it incur? Do you get it from a nearby post office? Please enlighten me on this.

Thiamere Brea said...

you pay P40 for the postal fee. that's different from the customs tax. im not sure na kasi what is the regulation kasi it's been a while since i purchased int'l but before, when the amount declared on the package is more than $49 then that is already taxable.
which means, that depending on what are the items included (especially once they opened the package & saw that the receipt inside has items that are not declared on the package itself) you will have to pay for a certain amount which will be presented by the customs officer.
that's what i know ha. hindi na ko sure ngayon because i heard that there was a change na in the customs tax e.

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