Thursday, April 22, 2010

~how i broke the breakout cycle~

 First off, this post is how i was able to actually stop breaking out my way. This would be a long (& believe me, this is loooooooonnnngggg! this might be my longest post..) & boring post. What worked for me, might not work for you so it's up to you.If you somehow find the content 'disturbing' then feel free to stop... I would recommend that you keep an open mind about this. I have a sensitive/acne-prone/oily skin on which makes finding products that works for me as hard as looking for needle on a haystack.

I might receive some negative comments here about this post, but i would just want to bring awareness to all of you who are reading this...keep an open mind. It's not easy making a detailed post like this so i hope that in a way you would appreciate it.

Let's get the ball rolling then...

I started out with clear skin when i got interested in make-up. I got so hooked in make-up application that when zits started appearing on my skin i thought that it's just normal. I'm not exactly the type who frets when a zit popped on my face. That's why it didn't bother me up until i made a post about Aspirin Mask & really get into the itty-griity details of acne. By that time, i'm already starting to break out. I realized right there & then that what's happening to me is not just a simple case of pimples, but already acne.

For those who have been with me ever since i started experimenting with different facial products/cosmetics, im sure you know how bad my acne was (i posted pics on my posts) . Again, i switched from 1 product to another thinking that the more products I used on my skin, the better my skin would be. I'm sure you all must have had the same experience with me, that we get all hyped up because we read good reviews over a certain product & we ended up buying hoping that it would be the same with us. Or if not like that, you would try to follow what is supposed to be the 'basic' way of taking care of the skin.

 As i started out my journey in the beauty world, i got caught up in the so called 'basic' & must-do-steps-to-achieve-flawless-skin process. On which is to use products that should suit your need, I have to agree with this too. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to start using everything that comes in it. Take for example, those sets of products that are supposed to be used to compliment each other. I'm talking about the facial wash, toner & moisturizer sets that are available.

I have tried a lot of those sets on which they promise to 'give you a rosy glow', 'fights pimples and stop them from coming back', 'promises to whiten your skin and gets rid of blemishes' (any of it sounds familiar?) ...and a lot more..but to no avail, they did not deliver the promised result. I start with the facial wash, then follow with the toner, then of course the moisturizer. I've always been a good girl, when i start a certain pattern i try to follow it because i really want to be able to feel the result, but it really doesn't live up to my expectations.

Those spot treatments doesn't work either. They might work, but they will leave a big blemish on your skin that you would feel so conscious of every time someone would look at you, feeling that they are staring at your blemish.

Since i got so disappointed with everything that i have tried, on which at the end, just made my acne worse (remember my mint julep post?), i decided to just stop using what i'm using & let my skin breathe. Before i decided to use cosmetics, i was blemish & acne-free. So i stopped using cosmetics, did project 10 pan & i did not open my cosmetic case for weeks & had stopped doing an eyelook post

I decided to just stick with using soap rather than facial washes. No added chemicals on my face, no toners, no moisturizers, etc. And you know what, it worked! My acne stopped! Finally!

So, what did i exactly do?
  • I clean my face using Neutrogena Facial Bar
  • Then pat it dry (pat..not rub)
  • Use tomato mask
  • Rinse it...wait for an hour (tomato mask is only used at night)
  • Then i make sure that i wash my face again using Neutrogena Facial bar 
  • Now, in order to lighten my blemishes i use Likas Papaya Soap as my bath soap. 
  • During daytime, i wash my face every now & then... 
  • Use a green clay mask once a week
Then, when i wear make-up i make sure that i:
  • use a make-up base/primer so that there would be a barrier from my skin & the cosmetics
  • don't use too much (i can only wear either foundation or concealer)
  • make sure i thoroughly remove everything (1st-use a make-up remover; 2nd-use a wet tissue to take off the excess; 3rd-use witch hazel toner to make sure that it's really clean, then finally i wash my face with Neutrogena Facial Bar
Things that i observed:
  •  Sometimes, it's better to not use moisturizer
It is recommended that everybody should use moisturizer (even if you have oil-slick skin). But then i notice that whenever i use moisturizer (especially on very humid weather), it made my skin oilier than the usual. Then i stopped using moisturizer & i notice that my skin feels a lot lighter, letting my natural oils do its job.

So, i stopped using moisturizer but i have to wash my face every now & then. It's said to be bad if you wash your face every now & then, but it worked for me. I only use a gentle cleanser so im not exactly stripping all the oils away from my face. My acne stopped when i stopped using moisturizer & wash my face every now & then. This works for me.

Now, during make-up application, i use a make-up base (monolaurin gel)..nothing more... I don't use moisturizer anymore. I hate piling on things on my skin which makes it feel suffocated.

If there are some times when i feel that my skin was stripped off of its natural oils then that's the time that i use moisturizer. I use my trusty ol' Celeteque moisturizer for this.
  • Get to know your skin. 
Don't get into the hype of doing everything by the book because it is recommended that you ought to. You yourself know your own skin. If your skin reacted to something immediately, stop it. You might just be doing something bad for your skin, don't continue using it just because it's supposed to be like that. You might have already been destroying the layers of your skin & you're still not aware of it.

Basing on my past experiences (Local Obagi Kit, Kojic Soaps, Strong toners, etc), I realized that instead of helping my skin, im actually just destroying it because i thought that it's really supposed to be like that. Give your skin a favor & let it breathe. You, as a person, needs to take a break from a stressful environment,right? Why not your skin?!
    • Use a gentle cleanser
    Even if you are using a moisturizer, i think gentle cleansing is still a must. If you use toners & moisturizers, it would already contain a lot of ingredients that works for a specific area... whether it's for skin whitening, pimple-fighting, pore-reducing, etc. Using a gentle cleanser would ready your skin from everything that you are going to pile on apply on. Too much ingredients i think can cause more harm to your skin rather than good. Put yourself in your skin's shoes... Don't torture it...

    Don't get me wrong,ok?
    I posted this not to tell you to follow me... that would just be plain stupid. I posted this so that you ought to be also be aware that you have choices. You don't have to follow the "SOP" because it has been like that forever... as what i said, do what you know works for you.

    Products that did not work for me:
    As for reference, i would include little notes on the products that i have tried & some notes on them. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I usually don't do negative reviews because i prefer to blog about products that work for me & that it makes me remember to keep this product in mind because it's worth blogging about. But now, i'll be mentioning a few of the products that did not work for me just keeping it in 1 post.

    I repeat, products that did not work for me might/would work on you

    ~Local Obagi Kit~
    I purchased it on a seller from multiply because it was recommended to me. I bought a set & when i used the entire set, i bought another one just to make sure that i really tested it out, so no one can ever tell me that i didn't give the product a chance. The first day that i used it, it burned my was like my skin was sunburned (like those third degree burn).

    I am almost to the point of crying whenever i apply the astringents & creams. I kept telling myself that the road to beauty is not a bed of roses... no pain no gain... etc. I tried so hard to really follow the routine even though my skin was telling me to stop the torture. But since i wanted to have a flawless skin like how the girls who have tried it had now, i continued. But it was a really depressing & sad product for me. Depressing because for the first time in my life, it dawned on me that we would do everything just to have a great skin..even to the point of burning it just so that the new layers would come out.

    I'm pretty sure by now you know that my attempt with it is not successful. It didn't stop my acne, but just burned my skin. I will never try it again & will never recommend it. For me, beautifying yourself should be happy & a good experience..not something that would create trauma for your skin.

    ~Kojic Soaps~
    I notice that the Kojie-san soap review that i made is one of the most popular post on my blog. I will stick with what i said that it is great for whitening. If you are looking for a fast way to whiten your skin, Kojie-san or rather Kojic soaps would be your best bet. But then, i would only recommend this for those that got normal & oily skin. People who got dry & sensitive skin should stay away from it because this product stings a lot to the point that it's already painful!

    It will zap the oils out of your skin therefore promoting skin shedding. I have tried a couple of Kojic soaps, plus my local obagi set also included kojic soap as the main facial soap. It is pure torture for my skin.

    ~Spot Treatments~
    Yes, i've had my shares of spot treatments. While it may be true that it could dry zits faster, it would leave you with blemishes so dark you wish you did not set eyes on it. I'm talking about those cheap/drugstore spot treatments (i haven't tried any from high-end brands for it's too expensive).

    Of course it stings a bit, just enough to know that it really is seeping down to your skin. But the mark it will leave you will take weeks to disappear. Imo, it's better to let the natural course of pimple run through for it will leave you with blemishes, but not as big & ugly as how these spot treatments do leave. *cough*Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel*cough*

    ~Apple Cider Vinegar as toner~
    OMG! This is one nasty stuff!
    Smells horrible & works horrible too! I guess the only thing that this is good for is when being used as a dip/dressing. Feel free to read Sis Golden's review, for I agree with what she said. I have also tried using this a hair rinse & i can't stand it myself. I have a very sensitive sense of smell & i became nauseous with this for i can still smell it even after i've shampooed like 3x already...& im very serious when i said this!

    ~Acne-fighting sets with either Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide~

    I think they do work... provided that you don't use it every now & then that your skin would be immune to it. I think some have higher concentration of these chemicals that might not be suitable for another skin type. Just be aware that some might not work for you even when half of the world's population promises that it does work for them.

    Yes, i'm talking about that brand!
    I just wasted my money on it & it's so darn expensive!

    I still have the kit that i bought with me & i only use them when i really need to use it.. like when i got new zits that came out. But i don't recommend that you use this as a maintenance. Plus, it's too expensive to be used everyday when you don't actually need it,ne?

    ~Oil Cleansing Method~
    I prefer natural method compare to using harsh chemicals & everything so when i heard of the OCM, i jumped at the bandwagon & said to myself that i know that this would work on me because of the logic behind it that only oil can take away the oil on your skin. Plus i covered everything on my research before actually doing it. Big mistake! This gave me cystic acne. From then, i learned it the hard way to trust my instinct!

    ~BB Creams~
    Now, i might not have tried every BB Creams on the market, but i have tried a couple & it didn't work for me. The finish of BB Cream is good, but it's causing me to break out even more...ekkk!! acne alert!

    A couple of the BB Creams that i have tried & didn't work for me are:
    -The Face Shop Quick & Clean BB Cream
    -Lioele BB Cream
    -Skin Food Aloe BB Cream
    -Skin Food Agave Cactus BB Cream
    -BRTC Perfect Recover BB Cream
    -BRTC Perfect Protect BB Cream
    -BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream
    -Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (21 & 23)
    -Diamond The Prestige BeBlesh Balm (pink)
    -Cosme Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream
    -Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream (black)
    -Dr. Jart+ BB Cream (Silver Label)

    Again, i haven't tried everything but now looking at my list of BB Creams & knowing that nothing worked on me I think i can gain say that i won't be trying any BB Creams for the time being. If ever i will be trying out a BB Cream again, i'd go for L'egere. But not now..i developed a trauma for these supposed-to-be magic creams!

    I think i have tried more but for the love of heaven, i can't remember what others...i lost count on them already since i thought that my condition would be hopeless. I don't want to go to dermatologist although i know that that is the best option for me. I just don't like the thought of someone poking my face...

    For now those are what i can remember, again, im stressing that what worked/didn't worked for me might have been/would be your HG items. It only indicates that each one of us have different skin. I'm not saying that now zits don't pop on my face anymore because it would be almost impossible. I still have an occasional zit popping once or twice, but not like before where it feels like a zit is giving birth to twins or worse, even quadruplets!

    Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you..this is just the gist of this post...Feel free to try out different products but make sure that you do know the products you are going for. Check the ingredients, look for reviews, know your skin condition,etc...better be safe than sorry.

    that took a lot of explaining,huh?

    Hope that you find this post somewhat helpful even though it might be confusing.
    Let me know what you think & share your experiences in dealing with acne..let us all help each other in overcoming acne!

    Hope y'all have a great day!

    Jaa ne~!


    Camille Santos said...

    my thia dami mo na natry hehe,mine im still loyal to my organic or natural prods although i use the traditional ones too,good thing my skin is not that sensitive. ^_^ xoxo,and true sometimes less is better

    Unknown said...

    sis...i super feel you...what a lovely post thank you for honestly sharing this...i was on the verge of trying out bb creams when i realized-do i really need this? does my skin need it? then when i made a list I figured...not so. I'm better of with products that i know work well on me-like VCO and water based moisturizers, mild cleansers...

    arigatou for this post.

    mind opening.

    Anonymous said...

    whoa! very very nice post sis thia! I agree with you, the more stuff i put on my face (i.e make up) the more pimples bgla lalabas sa fez ko, dami ko narin natry pero lahat nakakadisappoint lang,kandaiyak din ako nun sa local obagi set na yan ahaha! halimaw! parang kinakain muka ko sa sakit ehehe=)... Now, I'm only using white safeguard soap for my face and somehow nalelessen yung mga rashes ko at pimples=)

    ♥ Nehs ♥ said...

    this is so helpful!! i suffered from breakouts last year too, na-trauma ako. thanks for this post thia!

    AskMeWhats said...

    that is super nice of you thia to share!!! :)

    NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

    wow...thanks for sharing...I don't break out that much...cuz' I try to wear makeup just once or twice a week...but I do have a very sensitive skin so I stay away with beauty products as much as I'm addicted to it....and I so agree with you all of us has different skin types...glad you found what works for you...Hope you are doing good too.....

    Unknown said...

    whoa, that's alot of products you tried na!!
    but I agree! the less complicated the routine, the better...I'm getting hooked on natural products na rin.. have you tried pure tea tree oil? I'm loving it so far!!
    and yes, i tried "that brand" din, and was uber diisappointed!! ang mahal pa!! but it just made my face itch & me break out even more. i figured maybe i'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide...

    Golden said...

    Congratulations dearie! Kudos for having a clear skin and for stopping those zits from coming out. Don't be too hard on yourself, I didn't find your post boring at all. I find it super interesting and I did learn some facts from you. I, on the other hand, have been breaking out even before I started using cosmetics.

    Eek(got this expression from you, LOL)! I think I want to try that Neutrogena facial bar.

    Lots of love,

    I really love how you wrote this post. It's very informative. Thanks by the way for tagging me (ie, apple cider vinegar post). *winks*

    文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

    Oh my goodness thia! so many products in a span of how many months in total?

    I am just glad that you didn't develop a pitryasis rosea or something... A close friend of mine got into skin care and cosmetics and was also concerned about her acne. Not only did she NOT cure it, it was made even worse because she developed skin sores/spots. She and her derma doc was saying it might because of everything she put on...

    Not to scare you or anything, I'm sure you won't develop it. I am just glad nothing bad happened to you and you're on your way to cure your skin problem :)

    Thanks for sharing! That was informative on various products!! :D

    mrs.lee said...

    i have a cousin who has acne... like you she tried everything just to get rid of it but nothing worked.. some worked for a while but eventually hindi na din. what worked for her was change of diet. she stopped eating anything that's fried and oily (as in it was taken out of her diet talaga) it worked! her skin is getting clearer and clearer by the day. it's not totally gone..yet, but there's really a big improvement :)
    glad you found what's hiyang to you. cheers! :)

    mr. pineapple man said...

    wow what a great post! thanks for the info!

    Introvert said...

    I can totally relate to this post! My journey through the acne-world was rough and, well, tiring.

    I had pimples when I was in Grade V and not because of make-up. I tried various products like you.

    I've tried Benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid spot treatments, kojic soaps, sulfur soaps, egg white masks, OCM (this friggin' gave me humongous cystic acne all over my chin too!!), Dan's regimen (over at and Proactiv (yes, this brand).

    Proactiv helped me for a couple of years but it eventually lost its touch so I had to find a new regimen.

    I consulted my dermatologist and my skin is on its way.

    I only have blemish marks now. I'm really thankful that like me, you have found what's best for your skin! :)


    Gracie said...

    Wow, sis! You really have thought everything! I've got the same problem but touch wood, I haven't had much breakout for a few months now however, I'm left with scars :(... any tips on this one? xxx

    Anastacia said...

    Sorry I didn't read yur update yet! But I'll soon! Coz there is gonna be a ton of great info I need!

    ThanQ so much for the nice comment to me! Awe! I feel so sucks right now! But I'll be doing something with I it soon!

    Anastacia said...

    wow! thats such a great post!! a lot of true info you included!
    I am sorry that BB creams didn't working for you. May be just because they are clogging your pores. It happens with some girls too.
    Also I find that using a lot of step-by-step products also breaking my skin. I mean applying tonner, than serum, that whitening stuff, than emulsion and after that cream. Brrrrr... this layering brake me out like crazy.

    Elsa said...

    parang pareho lang tayo ng pinagdaanang ordeal!! try ng try ng mga products that would really work for our skin.

    hirap talaga pag oily and prone to acne wahhhh!!!!

    i remember when i tried Olay ang mahal nun ha..tapos i got irritated and ayun isang beses ko lang nagamit!!! hirap magpabeauty it really is super mahal!

    but now.. i am back with ponds...dun lang nahiyang ang face ko eh!!!!

    thanks sis for this post ha!

    Ida said...

    Pareho tayo, BB creams also break me out! Really nice finish but breakouts galore after, hehe. It's very true what you said, to get to know your skin. I'm glad you've found a balanced skin care routine, ako, still fixing mine :)

    + S T A R + said...

    hala! hindi ko nakita ang post na ito. im so sorry.

    mare, sometimes you have no pix sa dashboard ko. why is that kaya?

    anyway, about this post, im glad you finally found the right treatment for you. that is such a luck!

    Christina said...

    I'm going to follow exactly what you did. After my internship so that I can look good until then. No base makeup at all after that.

    I used to have perfectly clear skin - no zits for months. Until I started makeup. And I became acne prone. Yes. What the _____.

    I'm already cutting down makeup and reduce the use of toner etc on certain days. Thanks for confirming my suspicions that it's all the overloading that killed my skin.

    Unknown said...

    ay,wansnt able to read this.
    Thanks for sharing talaga!
    I have super sensitive skin,I suffered from a sever case of acne last year, tapos nawala.
    Then bumalik uli siya ngaun lng =(
    Everyone noticed it and super nanibago daw sila because I used to have that flawless skin,huhu.
    Super thank u thia!Im gonna try Neutrogena!

    Unknown said...

    where can u buy ung monolacirin gel pala ms thia?Thank u

    makeupid25 at yahoo dot com

    skaki said...

    nice informative post.
    I started getting acne when i was 11,i had body acne on my back also,so awkward.Nomore body acne,but acne on my face is been there forever.If i use any acne cream twice a day,it wont be there,but if i stop using it,it comes back.
    when i was pregnant there was no single pimple on my face,my acne disappeared like a magic.
    Still the experiments go on trying new products.
    My long saga to fight my stubborn acne.

    grace said...

    I started getting acne really early, around gr6 (12 years old?), and I still have acne now in University. Everytime I come close to getting rid of them, they flare up during that time of the month :( I also had pretty bad cosmetic acne from not cleansing makeup well enough, as well as from foundations and BB CREAMS DAMN THEM >:( the only ones that didnt break me out were gowoonsesang hydra intensive bb, and hanskin control skin bb. I was just wondering, what makeup (foundation or concealer) are u using right now?

    Jem said...

    -i don't use foundations as much as i can because i sweat a powder foundations are a no-no for it makes my skin feel muddy. When i need foundation i use Revlon Colorstay.

    Surprisingly, no matter how many people say liquid foundation blocks pores & causes further break out, it doesn't do so with me. As long as i make sure i remove them thoroughly, i don't have any problems with it!

    I'm glad that you have found BB Cream that works for you!

    Madz said...

    Hi Thia! I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I think this maybe my 1st comment.

    My skin was oily and acne prone from the start but we both share the same experience of jumping from one product to another, I tried over the counter products but it just wouldn't do wonders for my skin.

    Now I use Nu Skin products prescribed by my derma, they aren't harsh on my skin. They help clear up my skin a little but seems like can't handle my skin during those menstruation periods of mine.

    I'm now resigned to the fact that I really rely on a dermatologist to make my skin clear, regular facials and a lot of pricking and peeling! Ouch!

    But hey, at least what I use now controls my skin breakouts "better" unlike the others before.

    btw, following your blog. ;)

    Madz said...

    I meant, Nu Derm products, sorry :)

    Ann Erber said...

    oh my, ang dami mo nang natry. I'm just happy nothing permanent had happen to your pretty face. love ko pa naman ang skin mo,

    anyway, me too! when i was still in highschool/college, i didnt apply face treatments at all. I used bath soap for my face then that's it. I switched to neutrogena facial foam and ponds, but still, no moisturizers and toners for me, and it served me well. Now that i'm in the facialwash-toner-moisturizer train, pimples start to appear, though i'm not really concerned with pimples (because well mom has a pretty fair acne-free skin and wala ata sa lahi namin na magkaroon ng pimples na sabaysabay). But i can't skip moisturizer though because i have a pretty dry skin down the jawline and oily sa t-zone. ewan..

    haha nadala ako ng emotions... anyway, i admire your dedication:)

    Pammy said...

    I dunno why I read this post just now but this has got to be one of my faves from all the posts you made. I have tried some of the products you have only to be disappointed. I learned that most of the time, jumping into the bandwagon of something people claim to be really effective for them will just make things worse. I think it's better to just stick with stuff you have proven to work for you. I admire your passion and dedication in having that clear skin once again and this is a really informative post. Nothing can beat something that is experienced first hand. :)

    Cesa said...

    gurl..parang ganyan din ang nangyari sa qn..kaya ng sinusumpa q ung araw na natuto aqng mgmake-up...try q din yang neutrogena...loving you're blog...arigato!!for the info...:)

    Thiamere Brea said...

    I learned it the hard way na you really have to make sure na you remove your make-up completely...walang shortcut shortcut.
    hope na mahanap mo yan..
    lam ko phased out na talaga e..

    dou itashimashite

    Thiamere Brea said...

    experience is the best teacher talaga..
    you know something if you really haven't tried it

    luckily, i'm acne-free na pero ang marks ko andito pa din

    Thiamere Brea said...

    it always good to know that people appreciate what i do.

    Thiamere Brea said...

    well, i hope that it won't result to acne. i'm sure your derma would be able to control it.

    i also hope that some time your skin would clear up on its own.

    Thiamere Brea said...

    i hope that you were able to find products that work for you na..
    i know how acne can really ruin your confidence e

    Thiamere Brea said...

    i bought mine at VMV im SM

    Crystal Mizune said...

    this post is so informative.. maraming salamt sa adivce.. i'll try to let my skin breath nmn to see if my pimples will stop.. dhl sa post na to narealize ko nagkapimples ako kpg nilalagay ko ung clinique na mosturizer >_<

    Thiamere Brea said...

    No problem,sweetie
    I hope that your pimples will disappear na.
    I struggled for a couple of years din before i was able to overcome it.
    Just do what your skin tells you to.

    ReikaAmakura said...

    God, I feel you. I also thought that acne treatments are considered "tiis-ganda". I also had my fare share of painful "chemicals" applied on my face. I also did the face wash regimen but I still had pimples. I'll read your other posts and I hope I find a solution to my acne problem.

    Btw, the first time I had a breakout was when I was in highschool. My first facial wash then was Clean & Clear. Ugh! I wish I didn't became a victim of false propaganda. Coz you know, my sister and 2 brothers, those who did not used any facial wash when they were teens, are free of acne :(

    Thiamere Brea said...

    i know!
    hindi ko alam kung nature na natin na magtry ng product kahit hindi naman meant for our skin pero for dahil sa pagiging curious e we did...only to end up regretting

    hope that you find something that will work on you,sweetie

    ReikaAmakura said...

    yes! i must try that orange peel soap! iccheck ko lang muna other replies mo. hehe! thanks for following my blog too. :)

    Thiamere Brea said...

    i wanna comment din on your blog,hun but for some reason hindi ako makacomment..

    i love animes din ha!
    btw,are you going to the con this saturday sa megamall?

    Khay Cee said...

    i can totally relate on this tried everything from branded to cheap one to natural remedy, sa una lang nagwowwork and then parang naiimmune ako ayaw na sumefect kainis..haaay now nagbbrake out na naman ako, i don't want to use pills na kasi nakakataba and humihina mens ko parang unhealthy kasi parang hindi nalilinis ang ovary.. happy for you u already found a solution :)

    Thiamere Brea said...

    i do hope that you will find your regimen na,sis
    i know how frustrating acne is e

    Fall3nwish said...

    whew. I definitely feel you and actually have the same problems that you listed above! before I was searching a lot how to remove my acnes and stumbled to a popular brand and the reviews about that encourage me to buy *that* but made my skin worse. it may did had effect but I can feel that my skin had too much that It dried too much. my skin looks like so old because of too much dryness and when i put make up, it just wont do a smooth touch. and so, I tried this *wii Acbegone set* which has more natural ingredients and no chemicals. it actually did work! after at least a month of using it, my skin finally restored the original smoothness and the natural oil that I have. sometimes some pimple still shows up but after 3-4 days itll go away. but my real main problem now is these marks! how can I remove this? will kojic soap helps it?

    Thiamere Brea said...

    de sho?
    sometimes we just have to really listen to what our skin is telling us e

    in time, those blemishes will disappear din.
    maybe you can try out creams or serums that are formulated for treating blemishes.
    i'm not sure kasi what i'll be recommending you since in my case i only use the diamond peel soap e. you can check out my review of that. i don't use anything for treating my blemishes e. they just disappear when my skin has fully healed & exfoliated e.

    SOFiA LORRAiNE said...

    Helpful. :)

    SOFiA LORRAiNE said...


    Ray said...

    WOW you kinda enlighten me to stop buying products from facial cleanser to bb creams. I was actually pimple free and blemish free not until 2nd year college. When I started to have few irritating small pimples I got alarmed so I tried doing something by using several products...Sure they worked but long time exposure to such product will make your skin immune to it and won't counteract anymore. The visible number of pimples I had until 3rd year college was acceptable like I don't really need any make-up to conceal it...but FREAK when I moved in Korea I was really lured to many facial products that claimed to eliminate pimples/acne...But to my surprise I developed acne and I feel lie I wanna join the suicide incidents here in Korea...It gives me so much depression. As of now I am still trying to figure out how to repair my face without any expensive surgeries. I agree that the less you put on your face the less you are destroying it. I feel like my skin is so thin now! so I think I shall put all my facial products in a box and get rid of them for a while.

    angela said...

    Hi thia! :) buti nalang napadpad ako dito sa blog mo. I'd just like to say that u are right in many ways, as in gets na gets ko! Haha and recently my mom bought this set of facial soap, moisturizer, creams, etc. Try daw namen and at first ok sya... then a couple of weeks ayan na! My mom had rashes pero ako wala nman medyo gumaganda na nga kutis e. Then recently i just noticed that my pimples are coming back :( and im deciding on what soap to buy...

    Before my aunt also said that likas papaya would work and noon, di pa nman sya tlaga nagwork sakin. Well now ive decided that i'll try it again. Kesa nman dun sa set na binili ni mommy hehe. And also the neutrogena soap :) thank u for your post! More power to u girl! ♥

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