Friday, April 09, 2010

Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact Review

I have never been a foundation user. Foundation doesn't stay in my face for long because i perspire a lot. Whenever i wipe my face, it would just come off that's why i don't even bother to use it. But due to my recent bout with the acne, i have to cover all the blemishes that was left from it.

When i received the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Compact, i immediately tried it & fell in love with it. I actually shared it with my mum & i finished mine already. I have bought my own compact because i like so much.

  Feel free to click to read the description & also the ingredient list.

It got sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun plus vitamin c & licorice too. Talking about getting a lot more than the usual coverage that we wanted,huh? Now, lemme start yapping about this product.

I used this the time when my acne flared up & im actually happy that it did not aggravate my acne unlike some other powders that i have tried. My skin went from oily to sensitive/acne-prone in just a matter of weeks when i tried the local obagi kit. I had a hard time looking for products that would work for me. During that time, this product never left my kit since this is the only friend of my skin back then.

As what i keep on stressing, i don't like products that got a scent so this product being fragrance-free made it on my favorite list.

If it's hypoallergenic then it is non-comedogenic. This might just be based on my skin's condition, but there are some products that I have tried that promises to be non-comedogenic but isn't. It aggravated my acne & made it really worse. I was so depressed at that time all the while believing that if it said to be non-comedogenic it IS, but i learned it the hard way that it's not the case.

Just take my word or it that this one promises what it said. Usually at the end of the day, whenever i go out, when i take what's left of my make-up off, i would only be left of traces of foundation that was applied before. But that's not the case with this one. Whenever i clean/remove make-up i can still see the faint brown shade of this powder which only proves that it does stay. As what i keep on stressing, i have oily skin & perspire a lot so i tend to wipe my face every now & then, but if i don't then this would probably last for a longer time!

Packaging-wise, i think it's ok.

It has a very wide mirror (love the mirror!) & has a separate space for the sponge. Though i really don't use the sponge since i always use a kabuki brush when i apply this. I find it really hygienic that it got a cover for the powder so you're sure that no dirt whatsoever will fall on the powder when you opened it.

It might not be 'compact' since it is long, but it is light. Other compact powders might be small, but it's a bit heavy, while this might look big, but it's lighter than it is!

Of course, you can just keep the compact & then buy a refill once you've finished it so to save money.

I haven't tried applying it wet since i'm really not fond of heavy coverage, but I'm sure it will provide a good once since it being dry is already much more if it's wet...

I like this so much that i don't need to try out anymore compact powders. I have found a good one that works for me so the search for compact powder is done. I will not risk my skin anymore, I have become to trust Neutrogena because their products are really good. Actually, the thing that stopped my acne is all because of the good ol' Neutrogena bar, which i'll do a review some time.

While i might be yapping about how i like about this, there are still some things that i would just like to point out. If you applied to much of this, it would give you that somewhat chalky/powdery-look. So you have to be a bit careful in doing so. This worked great for me because i got oily-skin. It feels like as i oil up, i just look dewy, because of it being somewhat 'chalky/powdery' (if applied liberally), so i guess that girls who have dry skin would need to really make sure that their skin is moisturized before usage..or else you'll end up looking like a corpse!

Based on what i remember, it is only available in 2 shades (correct me if im wrong,girls). So there's not much shade selection (here in the Philippines).

As for the price...Uh-oh..i forgot how much the exact price is since it's been a while since i bought it but i think it's somewhere around Php 700 (approx $15+). Might be a bit expensive compare to others available in the department store, but with the quality that you are getting you really do get your money's worth & much more....honto ni!

So after all that i'll do a bit of a summary..

  • true to its description!
  • wide mirror
  • light-weight
  • might be a bit expensive for some
  • limited shade selection
  • can be somewhat bulky
  • can be somewhat chalky/powdery when applied liberally

Will i buy it?
Definitely! This is a must-buy product for me.

Have you tried this one?
I would humbly suggest that you do especially if you have a sensitive-skin. It is true to its promise!

That's it for now.. Hope you find this post helpful.

Have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Soapaholic said...

Thanks for this Thia! I've been looking for a lighter alternative to my current fave, In2It powder foundation. Maybe I'll give this a try! :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

thanks for the review sis! will definitely try this after maubos ko na lahat powder foundies ko hehe

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing sis, I'll surely try this na bwahahaha=)

AskMeWhats said...

I am currently using this too! I agree with the nice coverage! i don't even want to try this wet, will ruin the powder foundation and I have to use it wet all the way :)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

I'm so glad you found your perfect powder. I can relate with you because I just found my perfect blot powder with MM Pressed Pore Cover! Freaking expensive so I guess I have to save up to even get the refill.... haayyy.

Golden said...

I would have tried it if only I did not switch to mineral makeup. Hmm, Neutrogena seems to be a good product. Haven't tried any of their products yet though. I'm so happy for you as you already found your Holy Grail powder.

Lots of love,

Introvert said...

I think I'm going to try this for our yearbook pictorial! Thank you so much for the review thiamere! :) It really helped a lot.

Liz said...

thanks for the review,i will definitely be trying this foundation and the soap to battle my acne,hopefully it will work for me

Liz said...

Is natural beige darker than your skintone?

Lina said...

I love this product too! <3

BTW, do you know where we can buy the refills?

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