Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lancome Definicils Pro Mascara Review

I haven't done a mascara review for months now because i stayed away from using mascara since i said before that my lashes seem to be getting weaker & tends to fall every now & then. For the time being i just used false lashes whenever i go out because i want my lashes to take a break from mascara application & curlers. But since it looked  like my lashes are a bit better so i popped open a tube of mascara for what seemed like eternity..

I got the mini size of the Lancome Definicils Pro when i purchased the Lancome travel set-warm. I only got to use it now. Let's see if this mascara is a must-buy...

Lancome Definicils Pro is a twist in the original Definicils. The main difference would be the wand. The original one has a straight wand, while the pro has a curved brush.

I haven't tried the original Definicils yet so i can't give a feedback about it. So i'll just concentrate on the pro. As always, i love Lancome's packaging because i adore black!

Let's start with the wand, i think the wand is great.

With it being curved, you won't need to move your hands so much to make sure that you coat each lashes. It will save you time since it's already suited to fit the shape of the eye. I think that Maybelline Volum' Express also has a curved wand almost the same shape with this & i think the difference would be the bristles. While the Volum' Express' bristles are somewhat scattered all over the wand, definicils pro is somewhat organized like how any usual mascara wands are.

It's only curved... Though i think it could be improved more if they made the edge of the wand smaller so that you can get to work at the outer edge of the lashes or even the lower lashes.Since the end is big, it's a bit hard to apply mascara on areas like so because it would definitely come in contact with your skin & will ruin your make-up...

As for the formula...let us let the pictures do most of the talking.

Here is a pic of my bare eye...sorry for the unkempt brow...It's been awhile since i groomed it. I applied Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator because it's a part of my routine. I did not curl my lashes.

Next, i curled my lashes after the gel has set on it. You'll get to see how short my lashes are... But would you believe that my lashes are actually longer now than how it really was before.

Then i added a coat of the mascara.

While it indeed lengthen & thicken my lashes, but the formula is thick that it weigh my lashes & the curl did not even last for a minute. It just seemed like i did not apply a mascara after all.

But then, on the other hand, it still impressed me because it did not flake & smudge on me. Plus for a non-waterproof mascara, it did not smeared on me really bad when i washed my face!

I said before on my last post that i wash my face every now & then. Since i forgot that i still have the mascara on, i washed my face...splashed water on my face then massage my face with the soap, avoiding the eye area..then i remember that i had the mascara...i ran to the mirror to see if it smeared on me & was surprised that it actually withstand the water!

Sorry about the's so blurry.. it's already evening & i took this in a hurry. But so that you can get to see what i'm talking about. There's a slight smudge at the top, but nothing so drastic. I did not rub it yet...but of course if i'm going to rub it then that's the time it will smudge, of course. 

Compare to MAC Zoom Lash, this is way better. I remember when i used Zoom Lash, there was a time where i also forgot to take my mascara off & as soon as i splashed water on my face, it smeared so bad it looked like i accidentally poured in all over my eye area. Kimoi!

The formula is waxy... 
What i notice is that compare to asian brands, high-end brands that are non-asian are waxy, which makes it harder for the curl of my lashes to retain it's curl. I prefer formula that is a bit 'wet' because it feels lighter & can maintain the curl of my lashes...maybelline cat-eye mascara an exception because even if it is from the US, the cat-eyes mascara is formulated for asian lashes.

Suffice to say, i don't think that this would work alone for short asian lashes (typical asian lashes are indeed short & straight).

It is sold for $24.50 on Lancome's website.

With all that, this would be my verdict:

  • no smudging
  • no flaking
  • no smearing
  • lengthen & thicken my lashes
  • was able to withstand my water test
  • the wand could be improved
  • expensive
  • formula is too waxy for me
  • weighed my lashes down
Will i buy it?
Nah...the sample is enough for me. I don't need to try it again.
Now i'm thinking of trying out Lancome's Fatale that has been sitting on my drawer.

Have you tried this one?
Did it worked for you?

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!


Camille Santos said...

is lancome an asian brand?i prefer asian brand mascaras i find them better when it compared to european ones.=D

Pammy said...

The difference is noticeable and your lashes look thicker and longer. Too bad it's waxy. Have you tried Maybelline Colossal or Covergirl Lashblast? :P

maki said...

WHAT A TIMELY REVIEW! i's just gonna get myself a definicil. now i changed my mind.cant stand something that'llweigh down my lashes since i use lenses daily

Eve said...

mmm... personally, I don't see THAT much a difference to warrent paying 24.50 for it. Thanks for the review though!

AskMeWhats said...

I never own this, I wanted to try this due to positive reviews but I can't purchase any for now, I still have a lot of mascaras I needed to finish up, o reason for me to purchase! thanks for sharing your thoughts on this

Marce said...

It's a pity it didn't work very well on you. I love the original Definicils, it really lengthens my lashes. I'll be reviewing it soon!

Anastacia said...

your eye lashes looks so nice and cute when you just curled them!

oOchaOo said...

hi thiamere! thanks for the great review on this one,, i prefer not to spend a lot on mascaras. im already happy with maybelline cat's eye but i want to try lashblast next time :)

Golden said...

Interesting post dearie! I find it too expensive for me though. I am steering myself away from waterproof mascaras. I think they're the culprit behind my brittle lashes.

Lots of love,

*Photographer Harjot Kaur * said...

I need this

Faye said...

I love this mascara too and buy from - only £14.99. Feels even better when you are getting a fab mascara like this and for a bargain price!

Anonymous said...

Such is a life. There's nothing to be done.

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