Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a new template & weekend haul

After endless days of trying to find the perfect layout for my blog, i was able to find the one that i really like. But since i don't know how to remove the header of the said template i just have to satisfy myself with the basic ones from draft.blogger. At first i don't want to use it since i prefer my blog to have a bit of some decos on them, but them as i got disappointed by one template to another, the thought of using a basic design to my blog becomes more appealing.

So after much tweaking on my other blog, i decided to just use this layout for my blog hoping that i'll be able to eradicate any problems that i have & might encounter in the future with the use of other templates. As what i said before, i love black. So, i just have to use a black layout. Though i'm still not finish tweaking it, but for the time being i'm satisfied with how this turns out. I hope that this would be the last time that i'll be changing layout. *crosses fingers*

Let me know if you find something weird in my layout,ok? Now back to beauty blogging...

I went to Robinsons Place last Saturday to mainly buy a foundation brush. I was in a bit of hurry because i have to do some grocery shopping for the stuff that i'll be bringing for our swimming activity the next day. I stopped at the department store first trying to look at some of the brands available. They have Elianto & their foundation brush is really cheap so i bought it since i would mainly be using it for blending concealer instead of using it in applying liquid foundation & also bought the bright green nail polish.

Then before i go home, i decided to pass by  The Face Shop & decided to grab a couple of stuff too. I'm about to run out of my favorite polish remover so i just have to buy it & my white nail polish has become a bit sticky & hard to work with..as for the eyelash glue, i just want to try it. I was a bit disappointed since i wasn't able to really examine it first before buying, but this one doesn't have a glue-like appearance. It's more of a liquid glue... you know those types that they use for eyelid glue? That's how this product looks like. It's in liquid form. I thought that it would have a glue-like consistency...but nope, much to my disappointment. I haven't tried it though. Who knows if it's better than a glue,right? I'll let you know once i've actually tried it.

Then last Sunday, we went swimming too and i swam for hours until my arms & legs hurt. It's been a while since i was able to go swimming so i felt like a kid on the pool & even though the sun was upon us, it didn't stop me. Now i can't wait for our family outing in Subic this coming May. My nails were chipped from all the bumping & scratching that it suffered.

I was swimming from until 11 in the morning until 2pm..yeah, i know that it's the time that we are supposed to avoid the sun..but i don't care. I just had to reapply sunblock and nivea creme on my lips to keep it from cracking. But i had a great time even if i spent most of my time reapplying stuff...lol! I bet the people thought that i was crazy since i kept on reapplying, but i can't help it since my skin never peels even though it was sunburned. 

My natural skin color is a bit pale and since i don't peel, it takes a year at most before my normal skin color returns. So to make sure that my skin doesn't suffer so much i just have to reapply sunblock often. Plus, freckles show up on my chest & upper arms when i'm exposed to the sun for a long time...

So here am i, all toasted and a bit tan from it. But it's ok since i enjoyed it. It's worth waiting a year for it to return..hehe.. I have to wear shades because i don't have any make-up on except for the lipstick. It's not good to apply cosmetics to skin that has been 'abused', isn't it? I really love the Viva Glam Cyndi..i have to buy a back-up of it sooner or later. Is it still available here in the Philippines?

There ya go...
Hope y'all have a great week ahead!

Jaa ne~!


Anastacia said...

Nice haul! Lucky you! you got another bottle of TFS nail polish remover! I like it too, but in our local store they are stopped sale it :/
You looks beautiful!

AskMeWhats said...

Nice tan! you look great with a bit of tan girl! :)

I am sorry the eyelash glue is a disappointment! Ardell pa din works for me

Stephanie said...

I always think your look fab in your photos. The voluminous hair helps and the red lips! :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Hello beautiful. simple layout but I don't see anything wrong. teehee. You can always add your own banner later or something c[=

Ida said...

You look good and relaxed sis :) Bagay sayo yung lippie. Pareho tayo, I tan easily and it takes nearly a year for my original color to come back. Ang tagal! Hehe.

blogger said...

Hi Ms. thia =) nice haul! am a huge lover of elianto nail polishes.as for the eyelash glue, I haven't tried mine too.i hope it works =) love your tan btw =D

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Nice lippie! And good to hear you enjoyed the water a lot with your family! =)

Abby said...

I agree, you look good in a little tan! i hope your ksin will calm down soon. Oh well, it';s all worth it since you had a great time =)

and oh, I have an award for you. Please check it out here:

Sherry said...

so pretty I like your hair and glasses :D

can review what shampoo and conditioner u using? :D



+ S T A R + said...

you are naturally fair, getting back to normal fairer skin wouldn't be a problem.

wow! subic! i love subic! duty free!

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