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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Etude House Nail Art Pen Review

I bought this as a part of my 2nd haul from Etude House & i've been meaning to do a review for this one but when i cut my nails short i stayed away from any nail products for a while. When i saw my nail art pens i said to myself that it's time to do the review....

Just what the name says, it's just a nail's not those 2 way nail 'pens' that got a thin brush at the end which can be used too. They actually got 4 shades, red, white, black & pink... when i purchased these, they don't have the pink one available.

The tip looks like so...

Needle-like tip where you get to control the product by squeezing the plastic tube in order to dispense the formula. I think the packaging is nice. In my opinion, it's better than those 2 way nail art 'pens' which is actually more of a bottle than a pen. You get a better grip with this since it's thinner than the regular bottled ones therefore making it easier to use.

You can actually twist it open & add nail polish if you have already used up the formula. It is refillable (but i suggest you use a different brand of polish...)

As for the formula....IT FREAKIN' SUCKS!
Honto ni Daikirai!!

I'll show you why...

I applied nail polish on my nails just to show you the reason why. I choose different base color so to be able to see it better.

Then i drew a heart using the pens... black base with white nail art pen; yellow base with red nail art pen; sky blue base with black nail art pen...

I let this dry for hours....Yep! Hours! 4 hours to be exact so that im sure it would be dry before i finish it with a top coat. I will use Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat for this...

When we usually say 1 coat, it means that we dip the brush once & use the product that we got from it & try to coat the nail or any surface by brushing it over & over making sure that it is equally distributed all over...But when you use this pen, when we say 1 coat, it means you only have to brush the surface once because if you brush twice or thrice, it would spread all over even if you have let it dry for like hours.

See for yourself...

The red heart bled like crazy!
I dipped my brush once then tried to spread the top coat with it & this happens... the black one actually budge just a little, but not that obvious in the picture. The white one stayed put...

I can't tell you how many times i have done a nail art & ended up being frustrated just because i can't apply a top coat to protect it...


I always end up just letting it stay that way which of course would not last long & would chip at the end of the day.

As what i said, i let that dry for 4 hours... Just think of how awful it would be if you only have very little time to decorate your nails & can't wait for it to dry..?!

I applied strips of colors on my nail & let it dry for 40 mins...& this happened... that's already 40 mins!

I distributed the product by swiping it 3x.... The formula is hopeless!!! I have tried different top coat with this & it's still the same so i'm sure that it is the formula not the top coat.
On the other hand, it's just the formula so i can still use the packaging. I can just take out the formula & use a different nail polish, by then i'm pretty sure i'll be able to use it.

I actually kept the formula just for the purpose of doing a review, but now that i'm done with the review i'll be throwing it out...clean it then put the TFS (The Face Shop) polish on it...i like TFS nail products better than the Etude House ones...also the nail polish. The Face Shop all the way!

As for the price...hmmm....i can't exactly remember how much this is but i think it's Php 139... under Php 150 (less than $5) each. I think this is expensive seeing as how the formula really sucks! I don't mind spending a lot of money if i get my money's worth, but not lie this. This is the only purchase that i made that makes me feel really frustrated every time i use it.

  • refillable
  • formula is hopeless
  • limited stores
  • expensive for its quality
  • limited shade selection
Will i buy it?
Jodan ja nai! You got to be kidding me?!

I despise this! I won't ever buy this one again...But then since it can be refilled, at least i can do something about it. I would just advise you to save your money & buy a different one with a better formula. I'm sure Sis Nikki's nail art pens are waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this!

I'm trying to keep an open mind with this product but i can' mind keeps on closing all the while seeing the Php 139 pesos flying away from the window. I feel like i've been robed. (-__-")

If you are still willing to buy this, then i won't stop you..maybe i just got a bad batch & this is really a great product... but with what i've experienced so already know the answer to this...

Have you  used a nail art pen before?
What brands have you tried?

Hope y'all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Askmewhats said...

sis, thanks for saying my pens are probably better, you are too sweet to say so! *hugs*

Sis, tama, the best thing to do is throw out all the content and refill it with your polish choice! I guess the consistency is just too runny! Goodluck with your project refill!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

what a cute stuff! i didn't know about it! thanx for share!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

From what I learn (working at a nail salon), if you use any brand of pen art... there's a method when you apply the top coat and the pen. First of all, don't use that much paint from the pen art. Second, when you apply the top coat, you don't use a thin top coat as you normally do for the others... you take a generous amount but a big amount on those nails. Third, you should of dried it under light, yup.... light as in the light bulb after designing. It'll dry it up much faster and you wouldn't have to wait for 4 hours for it to semi-dry. lol. Give it another try maybe?

Elsa said...

yay!!! buti na lang di ako bumili nito!!! I was hesitant because I still have my two way pen pa, which I bought at 168 mall which cost me 100 pesos only and it doesnt smudged at all when applied by topcoat...

thanks for the review sis!!! MWAH!

Sherry said...

so cute,hehe.. I dont know if here got.. I no check out the store. my dear always drag me away.. lol

jezzhae said...

cute!!>..i have the 2 colors red and white...same as you coz it's hard to draw and the quality is not so good...but it last 2 weeks for me....i also design heart in my nail...i have small nail so not so easy for me...thanks for review i confuse...what is askmewhat nailart brand name is ...maybe it's expensive...ahahahah...

hosei said...

hello.... i just want to ask how do you put labels in your blog?
i'm new to blogging and i really don't know its features....
thank you..... labels just like... nails,,, facemask,,, how do you link them?

lavender said...

Oh I didn't know that Etude Hse has nail art pen. Too bad for the lousy formula. Else would be great.
Love your blog.

i am a beauty blogger from malaysia.

ValerieDeoferio said...

It's a relief I didn't buy this!! >.< Thanks for the review~

LTS said...

have you try seche vite top coat, ussualy it wont smudge the polish even when the other top coat does

Thiamere Brea said...

i've had seche after i tried this review & honestly, i've never used this again because i don't see the pint of ruining my nail art just because of this mishap..


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