Sunday, February 27, 2011

upcoming nail post:summer scenes + meet up with my nail art group

Yes, it's summer scenes. I can already feel summer coming here in the Philippines!

which means not just 1 but 5 designs!

what was i thinking when i made my nails different from each other?! Well, actually this is my nail art contest entry..hehe

I used acrylic in this because when i did my last post, which is my spring-themed nail post, it just dawned on me how much i missed painting! What i really love about painting is how you are able to produce different colors by mixing 2 or three colors together. I admit that often times i find it hard to get the exact color of what i used in my previous works but i guess that's the challenge of painting.

I'll do a tutorial for all of them. Don't worry for it's easy to actually do it. The only thing that may be hard is blending out colors, you can use nail polish for these as well, it's just that acrylics are fast-dry so i can continue working without waiting for one layer to dry unlike using nail polish.

I did this last thursday but since my brother borrowed my camera because he went on a field trip so i wasn't able to do the step by step tutorial at that time, but it's ok. I know i can remake this.

I met with the members of our group a little while ago.

All of them are certified nail polish addicts! hahaha!
including me of course! I'm in the center of the pic so it means that i am also guilty! LOL

You don't think so?
Well, when Annie put out the nail polishes that she is selling we all squealed with delight!

Look at those stamping plates & fimo canes!

It was a very fun event for me, it's such a shame that i have to go home early because we have further engagement, but i'm sure that there will be a next time!

Well, i got myself the Del Sol Color Changing polish!

Dream come true for me~!
Then Annie also gave me free stencils! how fun!
Thanks, sis Annie!

Sis Thrizsha gave me my glow in the dark polish. I'm so gonna try it out! See the blue & green bottle? I also won her raffle! How fun!

I'll do a separate posts for the glow in the dark & del sol polish also for the things that i received from the event.

I had a great time,girls!
Until next meet up!

I'm really so excited tomorrow to be able to witness myself how Del Sol polish would actually change under the sun. I just hope i'll be able to fall asleep..LOL!

Hope that you are enjoying what's left of your weekend!
Have a great day/evening!

for pinays out there who want to buy OPI, Del Sol, Color Club, LA Girl, China Glaze polishes, Konad nail stamp plates, stencils, fimos, etc, feel free to drop Annie a message. She even have the OPI Shatter!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Nails:time for spring~

Winter is almost over & i'm glad that my students are feeling a bit happier that it's not as cold anymore & it's not snowing that much. Since i live in a tropical country, i can't just imagine the feeling of being trapped in the house  because of heavy snow... plus the lingering coldness. I bet it must be quite hard,eh?

So to welcome the season, i decided to do a gradient green nail design with a hint of warmth on it.

Excuse the dry-looking cuticles, ladies.
I did this last night & i haven't cleaned the edges yet & there are still excess top coat at the edges especially the middle nails for i have to make sure that i seal the rhinestones in places.

I just bought a new set of acrylic paints because i don't like the consistency of my old acrylics anymore. They are already a bit dry, though i can still use it to paint but it's hard for nail designing. I'm glad that i saw a set that has 18 colors. It's a lot cheaper compare if you are going to buy them separately.

I haven't used acrylics that much when i do my nails for i prefer nail polishes, i guess i just had this thinking that anything that is used for painting should only be used in canvasses. LOL! Though i know that in some salons they use acrylic paints in nail arts. So why not practice with acrylics now! My nails are my canvas, albeit a really small one!

I decided to so flower designed nails for i haven't had any luck when it comes to flowers. I have only received 2 bouquets of flowers for my entire 26 years of living... How pathetic,huh? That's also the reason why i don't like Valentines... you can ask Sis Pammy why. XD

I guess that's why i don't usually do intricate flowery design. I'm still basically a beginner when it comes to flower designs, except for those flower dots. Sorry if this design looks messy (-__-")

For those who are also a beginner in flower designing, Let's all do our best!
Watashi mo Gambarimassu!

It's also been a while since i did gradient nails so i decided to do a green gradient underneath. Sponging method is really so easy to do. Let's start with the tutorial!

Materials needed:

  • base & top coat
  • base color - optional - you can even go for bare nails since this will have a gradient tip
  • sponge
  • dotting tool
  • nail brushes - pointed filbert brush & liner brush - optional
  • acrylics - titanium white, orange, phthalocyanine green (light green & viridian hue is optional)
  • rhinestones - optional
1. After base coat, apply your base color. As what i said, this is optional, you can just skip it but since my nails have a very bad nail stains (i'll let you know why after a couple of days) so i need to apply a nude nail polish to cover it up.

2. Then load up your sponge with green acrylic so you can start sponging. Start with the lightest color first, in my case, it's the light green. If you don't have a light green acrylic, then just make your own by mixing titanium white & phthalocyanine green. Adjust the color until you achieve a light green. Sponge your own at about 3/4 of your nail. 

After the light green, i applied the viridian hue (again, feel free to mix your own color, it's juts a tad bit darker than light green, so just add a bit of phthalocyanine green on your light green mixture). After that would be the phthalocyanine green alone at the edge 

Sponging tip:
When you apply the acrylic on your sponge, press it first on a paper so that the acrylics would be distributed evenly... continue pressing until you get the desired color. You don't want a big glob of acrylic sitting on one side of your nail because the color concentration would be too high in that area. It's better to start a soft wash of color & just work your way in compare to starting with a heavy color. 

I prefer make-up sponge when i do the sponging method because it's dense enough to achieve a not-too-obvious sponge holes compare to the usual sea sponge that has a lot of holes on them. But the sea sponge design is also good, it's just that when i want a real gradient look then i go for make-up sponges.

3. Then using the pointed filbert brush, we will have to make flowers. Dip the tip in titanium white acrylic. 

Now, when you work with acrylics & this rule applies to all brushes as well, Just use the tip as much as you can. If you get the acrylic on the ferrule, it would be hard to remove it. When it dries inside, it could affect the density of your brush. I have destroyed a good number of brushes when i was still painting all because i can't remove the remaining acrylics left on the ferrule. I'll do a separate post about it when i talked about nail art brushes.

4. With steady hands, make flowers on the side/middle/top/edge of your nails like so...

Just be random. What makes this nail design fun is that you're not bound by a specific design since all of your nails has the same base & you have the same colors  in every nails so you can just have fun with the flower & dot placements!

5. When the flowers are done, we can add a bit of warmth on it using the orange acrylic. just apply it on the inside of the flower.

6. Then add dots using a dotting tool

7. Finish it off with rhinestones that you put in the middle of the flowers & your favorite top coat of course!

There ya go!

I am actually digging the gradient green. My flowers still look like a disaster, but i'm sure with practice i'll be able to make it better. I still have a long way to go.. mada mada!

Hope you like it.

Have a great Sunday!
Jaa ne~!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 Review

I am not a lip balm user. I hate lip products that are in a pot. So why did i purchase this? No real reason actually. I'm just curious because it seems like almost all MAC products are given very high ratings in Makeup Alley.

I know that there are some girls who go ga-ga for the brand itself. It's like anything that has the M-A-C letters on is a must-have. I don't have anything about the brand,ok? In fact, i have a couple of MAC items as well, i'm just curious how different MAC's lipbalm is to any ordinary lipbalm.

I'll tell you about my opinions later on but let's start first by dissecting the packaging one by one. It comes in a very stylish box, on which if i am a box collector would make me keep it because it is cute! LOL

This is the description on the website:
A lightweight conditioning balm for the lip formulated with SPF 15. Protects the lips from everyday aggressions, holds in moisture, provides gentle repair to dry lips. Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, vitamins A and E. Petroleum based to seal in moisture yet smooth to apply, non-sticky on. Slightly vanilla-flavoured. Colour-free.
 Active Ingredients would be Octinoxate & Octisalate

 You'll be getting 15 ml or .5 fl oz of product...

I have a couple of lip balms/lip butter which has...

  • Lauress Lip Ease - 5 g/.18oz
  • Yes to Carrots Lip Butter - 4.25 g/.15oz
  • Maybelline Lip Balm - 4.5 g
  • The Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm - 15 ml/.45oz
The measurement conversion is so confusing! Anyway, i just copied what i saw on the packaging. I think lip balms on pots have bigger product quantity compare to tube balms though.

One thing that i hate about lip pots is that i find it unhygienic!

I hate dipping fingers/brushes on it every now & then for i feel that everytime i open the pot, i am exposing it to all the germs on the air, then dipping my brush/fingers to be able to get the product, then putting the lid back on with all the germs for air exposure - trapping them there as a breeding ground.
*shudders at the though*

OC Alert!

But seriously, that is 1 issue that i have when it comes to lip pots. I feel that disinfecting it is harder & messy compare to lip tubes. I can't just continue wiping the top layer off every time i want to disinfect it.

Anyway, if you don't have any problem with the hygienic issue of lip pots, then you will find this packaging for this product really cute for even if it is housed in a plastic pot, it is sturdy as hell for i have dropped it a lot of times but it's still good as new!

Kudos to packaging that won't ever be deformed even if your clumsy side takes over you!

It's also sleek enough to be slipped unnoticed on your bag/jeans compare to the usual lip pots that are too bulky. I know that this pot is bigger compare to the usual pots out there, but since this a bit wider, it tends to be thinner too so it's not as bulky compare to others.

Now when it comes to the product, it has this sweet scent & taste that makes it a treat every time you apply it. I can't identify the exact scent it has but suffice to say that it has this sweet dessert-like scent. It also tastes sweet unlike the usual lip balms that are tasteless so you might find yourself licking your lips every now & then if you like those sweet lip products!

I agree that this is lightweight. It is waxy, but it doesn't have that heavy "I AM WEARING A LIP BALM" feeling. It glides on satin-like when you apply it & you might find yourself rubbing your lips together to savor that satin-like feeling that it gives.

As for the conditioning factor, sorry, but it didn't meet my need to condition the lips. I agree that it is better than your average lip balms, but to say that this will transform your dry-looking lips to a va-va voom, juicy-looking lips is too much, as what some people claims. It will lock the moisture on your lips, preventing it to dry, but it won't magically turn to water or something that can moisturize your lips. It might provide a little moisture, but again, not enough.

Anyway, on the description it says "provides gentle repair to dry lips" so it is true to what it says though. Kudos again for not misleading people into thinking that this is THE ULTIMATE LIP BALM!

This product just sits on your lips that when you apply this before sleeping, you'll still wake up with that waxy-feeling on your lips. On which i think is not a good idea when you mostly welcome the day with a kiss from your hubby/boyfriend. I personally find it a nuisance to wake up with the greasy-like feeling on my lips.

I think this is just like a better version of petroleum jelly, albeit, housed in a cute packaging, sweet scent & taste as well.

Oh well, it has SPF 15 though. i have tried a couple of lip balms that has high SPF & it feels awful on the lips. It's just like applying candle drippings on your lips! Not a good feeling! This one is a pleasure to use.

Whenever i have that emergency lip situation that requires immediate attention my miracle saver is the Nivea Creme. I know that sounds weird, but believe me, it does work! Minutes after you slather Nivea Creme on your lips, of course, make sure that you don't eat or lick it!, your lips will be moisturize! My instant lip fix! So that is staple product for me.

Again, don't eat it,ok? Remove it after your lips has been moisturized already. Then apply a regular lip balm to seal in the moisture. Works like a charm!

Anyway, time to do a summary..
  • packaging is cute & sleek (for those who loves lip pots)
  • has spf 15 
  • glides smoothly
  • will last you for a while
  • has that sweet taste/scent (for those who loves scented/sweet lip products)
  • expiration date is embedded on the bottom of the pot so you'll know when to ditch it!
  • it's MAC - this a big factor for some girls. Personally, i don't care
  • i personally find lip pots unhygienic
  • has that waxy-feeling (but not too much)
  • not for people that hates scented/sweet lip products
  • expensive

With that said, will i still buy this?
Nah, once is enough for me... plus the fact that i don't plan to shell out $14.50 anytime soon for a pot of lip balm. I don't plan to try out the tinted lip conditioner either. One is enough for me.

Have you tried MAC's lip conditioner?
What's your feedback?

Hope you are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

cumulative haul + false lashes

First of all, i want to greet you all a Happy Hearts Day!
Hope that you all had good memories for this years Valentines celebration. I'm not big on valentines though.

I haven't done a haul post for weeks now. Frankly, i just don't have enough time to blog that much even though i do try to comment regularly, so i don't have the luxury of time anymore to do other posts aside from reviews or tutorials.
Isogashii, isogashii, isogashii~!

Some of the products that i have here have been purchased a few weeks back...

Anyway, last week, i went to the PO, & that is something that i am not really looking forward to because i have read a lot of new "rules" that happens in retrieving packages. i'm just glad that i was spare from the claws of the Customs officer!

Maggie of KKCenterHK contacted me a couple of weeks back asking me if i could do a review for their false lashes. As what you all know, i have short, sparse lashes so i always depend on mascaras & falsies in giving life to my eye. I was so happy that she trusted me enough to do a review. I'll do a separate post for it some other time.

The black box contains 10 pairs of lashes, while the other 4 individual lashes are all lower falsies! Yay! I 'll be able to try wearing lower lashes!

Speaking of Falsies, when i went to meet my friend last Lunar New Year, we went to the Beauty Bar & i grabbed these 2 falsies as well. I never knew that Andrea falsies are a lot cheaper compare to Ardell! Now, i know where i have to buy falsies whenever i need to!

I have been using the MAC Lip Conditioner for quite sometime now... Review will be posted after a couple of weeks for i want to really be able to test it out before i give my final say.

I have stopped using moisturizer as what i said before, but when i tried using Eskinol + Dalacin C to treat my acne, i noticed that my skin went from very oily to combination so to combat the dryness in certain areas, i decided to try Celeteque for i know that it is the only moisturizer that doesn't have any benefits at all aside from the "moisturization". I decided to try the one that got spf though....

Then, when i first saw the new stall in Watson which is the Crayon, i decided to try 2 of their polish since i haven't seen this brand yet.

I have to say that the glittery orange shade is pretty good!

This has been my to-go nail polish ever since i got it!
I never did like orange when i was a kid, but now i am loving it!

 Then last but not the least would be a couple more polishes as well, plus a new hair conditioner!

I said before that my favorite TFS Nail Pleasure Top Coat is about to be discontinued so i am slowly buying back-ups to make sure that i have enough stock with me... As for the white bottle, it is a nail whitener but i haven't really fully tested it though....

The 3 polishes tat i bought from Bobbie are from the HOT Collection & i plan to collect them as well! Nail Polish Solvent is a must for those who has a lot of nail polishes so i bought another bottle as a back up + my favorite body lotion which is the Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion. I'm addicted to the scent of this lotion. It smells so good!!!!!

Lastly, I have tried the Opal Hair Treatment which is in the pink tube, but i decided to give this a shot. I don't know if this would be a good substitute for my favorite Cream Silk Conditioner, but we'll see.

Well, there ya go!
I'm hoping that i'll be able to post some reviews for this week.

Hope you all are enjoying your Valentines day,girls!
Jaa ne~!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Nails: Heart Overload Nail Design

I feel like i haven't done much freehand nail arts...for the temptation to do a quick professional looking nails by water decal was so strong that i barely touched my nail art stuff.

It's almost Valentines so i decided to do a Valentines nail art & i have to say that i think i'm already out of touch because it took me 40 minutes to do my right hand. Feels like my left hand are shaking too much that i can't quite hold my brush steady. My left hand nail design looks good, but the right hand nails look like a disaster! hahaha!

This is my Valentine's nail design..
I call it Heart Overload because obviously it screams L-O-V-E!

Let's start with the materials you'll be needing first. I made this tutorial ahead of time so you'll notice that the ring fingernail is different.

  • base/top coat
  • red polish
  • white polish
  • detailing brush 
  • dotting tool - smallest tip
  • steady hand - important! hahahaha
  • nail art pen (red & white) - this is if you are not used to painting by brush
1. After base coat,apply the white polish as your base color.

2. Using the red polish, apply a strip of it on the upper half of the nails like so.

3. Then take a deep breath, relax & steady your hands in order to do step 1 & 2 & also A & B.hehehe

Feel free to click the pic for a larger view.
Step 1 & 2 - Make half heart shapes using the opposite color, then fill it in. In this case, i did the white hearts first on the red background.
Step A & B - Same with step 1 & 2, Do the remaining half hearts, following the shape that you did at with the white hearts.

Make sure that the line is straight in the middle of the hearts, that's why i said you need a steady hand. You can also use a nail art pen to make this design.

4. Then add another heart at the top & bottom sides of the white & red polish, together with some dots to finish it off. I'm sorry i wasn't able to take a pic when i added the hearts & dots because i did this last night. But just follow this close up picture so that you'll know what i'm talking about. Try to have 4 hearts on each nails so that you'll be able to have an equal number of dots on sides as well.

5. Make sure that you finish it off with a top coat for you don't want to ruin this very cute nail design!

There ya go!
I did this last night & i'm confident that this nail design would last until Valentines day because i'm using my trusted Nail Pleasure Top Coat.

Hope you all will have a good weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

rants & ramblings:on beauty stuff & what else's

Hisashiburi, minna-san!
I felt like it has been way long before i was able to update my blog. I have been quite busy lately so i wasn;t able to blog...I guess i'll be busier still but i would want to get this going for a month. Yep, it's giveaway time!

Just like my past giveaways, i won't be making a big fuss about this since this giveaway is for my readers & followers. Don't fret if you don't have a blog, you can still join my giveaway. This is not limited to those who uses google friend connect or bloggers.

So basically i would just want to know what is beauty for you... How do you define beauty? What makes you beautiful? You can tell me anything about beauty on my facebook page.

At first i thought of just e-mailing, but i figured that it would be better if people will be able to read other people's answer for it could be a good source of inspiration too. I want it to be in public but not to be publicized. Just like my page so you get to post your answer on my wall.

Please include pictures of things you think is beautiful, what makes you feel beautiful, your most beautiful picture, beautiful scenes, etc... Anything that you think is beautiful is accepted. This is a very general question so feel free to say anything!

On to the prize... I know it's not much but this came from the very bottom of my heart. XD

I might only have 1 winner, but it will depend on how many entries i have. I still haven't decided yet though... I'll most probably be adding more prizes though.

Now that you know what i want, let's get to the rule...
  • open to anybody 
  • post your answer on my facebook wall
  • giveaway will be for 1 month - ends on March 9,2011
  • if you don't have a facebook page, then you can email your answer together with the picture then i'll be adding it on the album on my page
  • be creative - there's no right or wrong answer... this is your own opinion!
  • don't advertise this giveaway, please, this giveaway is for you, not for people who only live for contests
  • this contest is NOT about "LIKING" the entries - i personally detest facebook contests like that.
 As of now i can't think of any other rule though so i'll be sticking with this one.

I'll most probably be updating it but i'll just let you know about it. So, for now, let's hear about your definition of beauty!

Good luck~!

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Face Shop's Nail Pleasure Special Care Top Coat Review

I plan to post more pictures & write ups about this product but since The Face Shop Philippines said that they are discontinuing this line, so i decided to post this NOW. Ladies, grab this top coat if you can because it is worth every penny & i am already panicking over the thought that the stocks for this line is already being depleted..

*panic mode ON*

I fear that i have lost my original train of thoughts on my plan about this post when a couple of minutes ago i read TFS's reply about my inquiry on the nail pleasure this is an impromptu blog post...

I have used a couple of top coats already but this is the only top coat that had really wow-ed me! Why?!

Remember my Water Nail Decal Review?
I said that this is my favorite top coat & this is so far the best that i have tried. Now, i didn't say that i have tried a lot of top coat but this the best one that i have tried so far. This is way better than the regular top coat that they have that got the black cap.

Can someone please translate this to me in English? 

This is from the Nail Pleasure Line which has that cute soft purple pointy cap. This is the best top coat that i have tried for i experience very minimal chipping even if i had the nail polish for days already!

I usually remove my nail polish after a day or two...3 days at most because i hate nail stains & leaving a polish on for long stains the nail big time. But when i road tested this, i tried leaving the polish on my nails for a week & i was surprised because it withstood the regular everyday wear & tear.

I wasn't able to take a pic of how my polish looks like after a week, but just believe me when i say that the only chipping that happened was very minimal & only on the tips... actually only my right pointer & middle finger had the chipped, but everything is as good as new!

So, right i am typing this post, this is how my nails look like after days of having this design on. See the arrow that points a very small chip? That's the only chip that i have, but my nails are otherwise perfect!

This is my left hand, which i don't use regularly, but my right hand/nails are still as good as new.. Oh! Have i said that i put this water decal last Monday?... to think that it's already Friday now! What can you say? I'm impressed!

By the way, this is my favorite water decal design. I love it! I don't ever want to remove it!LOL
My toe nails also has this design on! yawr!

So, let's summarize it!

  • cheap
  • locally available
  • dries fast
  • minimal to no chipping up to 3 days
  • about to be discontinued! OMG! *faints*
  • might not be available in other countries as well
This is priced at Php 185 (approx $4) each...

I seriously can't think of any cons for this product except i guess for availability in different countries. I freakin love this top coat! I'm glad that i am able to try this out before i go spending more money for an expensive top coat.

BUT!!!!!! The Face Shop is about to discontinue this so i have to stock up on this as much as i can!

*panic mode still ON*

Will i buy it again?
Definitely, i have to buy it NOW! In fact, i highly recommend this product! So,ladies, grab one while you can,ok? I have to visit The Face Shop again as soon as possible to make sure that i will be able to buy back ups....i guess 5 bottles would be enough to last me for life?! will it?! OMG!

Why is it that products that i like keep on being discontinued?!
First is the Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint...
then the Neutrogena Acne-Prone Facial Bar...
then this!
Have Mercy on this girl! LOL

The Face Shop Philippines' new line of nail polish are the Lovely Me:ex Nail Colors (with white tall cap) and the Face It Nail Colors (with black tall cap). This information came straight from them. The colors look lovely, but i wasn't able to check everything out yesterday though. I also noticed that they has a "hologram" polish which is in a box...hmm... holographic polish,eh?

It's already Friday!
Hope that you will have a lovely weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bobbie's Holoprism Collection

As what i said before when i bought this that i am really happy that Bobbie, our local nail polish brand, has made holographic polishes. When i bought Vodka on Ice, i went back to the mall just to ask the SA if they have other polishes like that & im glad that she whipped out her list of polishes & i saw that this certain polish belongs in the collection that they call "Holoprism". How cute!

So, going back, i have the whole collection with me & since i promised to do a swatch of it so here they are. It's quite hard for me to take pictures of their holographic-ness... i tried to but i just can't get it quite right. Some are already old swatches that's why my nails are shorter in other pics.. Now im sporting a square nails compare to my usual oval shaped nails.

Let's start it first with my 2 favorites among the lot... Purple Passion & Mudslide.

Let's go with Purple Passion first...

It is a gorgeous purple holographic nail polish. I can easily easily achieve a good color payoff with this with just 2 coats. You can go for 3 coats if you want to, but if you buff your nails beforehand you can get away with just 2...just like me!

I said before that this almost looks like Color Club's Fashion Addict... well, it does if i compare it side by side

Looks almost the same,right?

But not exactly...

Fashion Addict is more silvery, while Purple Passion is really purple... but both are gorgeous!

 Then my other favorite is the Mudslide...

It is a bronze holographic polish... It's bronze & it's holographic...enough said! LOL!
Seriously, i think this is a really good combination...very unique by itself. Most holos are only silver, pinks, & darks... but bronze is a really good base color to be combined with holographic effect! Love it sooooo much!

Next is Mojito...

A nice maroon holographic polish. Since this is a dark holo polish, then the effect is quite obvious.

Another is the Vodka on Ice...

A nice white-silvery holo polish. This is the 1st one that i got from this collection so this is already an old swatch from my previous post.

Then Weng Weng...

I will not say that this a black-based holo polish..i think it's more of like dark blue-green shade. Whatever it is, it is a good dark holo! I made a post before with this polish... check it HERE.

Then these are my 2 least "like" among the lot... Margarita & Mint Daiquiri

I have to say that Margarita is a very cute pink polish... but since this is supposed to be a holo polish, you can't really quite get the feeling that it is holographic. This is a good base if you are doing nail arts though.. it can also be a good color on it's own but if you want a pink-"im wearing a holo polish" effect.. then this is not for you..

This is my most hated polish from this collection... Mint Daiquiri

It just doesn't hold any appeal to me... i think it's a gold holo, but it's so sheer that it feels like you will only get the full effect if you apply 5 coats, which i will not do considering that i have trouble with the drying time of this.Just like margarita, this is a pretty base for doing nail arts though..

I really do have an issue when it comes to drying time... it dries so slow!

Ok, i have an OPI Mediterranean Moonlight which i don't use for i don't have the patience to wait. I guess you could say that i am impatient when it comes to nail polish drying time, but i just don't have the luxury of time so i hate polishes that dries a long time! So are Bobbie polishes imo.

But other than that, im still happy with these collection! For Php 33 each bottle, which is less than $1, this is a good buy...

First post this month of love!

Most asian countries will be celebrating the Lunar New Year & up until now i haven't made a lunar new year nail art....ekkkk!!! I hope i'll be able to make one just in time.

Well, gotta go now!

Have a great day/evening,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...