Sunday, January 09, 2011

Weekend Haul: Bobbie's Holoprism collection!

Since i am on a nail phase & i love holographic polishes, when i discovered the Bobbie Vodka on Ice I just have to check back to know if there are more. I am glad to know that Vodka on Ice is a part of the Holoprism collection! I don't know when this was released but it doesn't matter since it seems like Bobbie is not like those foreign brands that has limited period when a collection will be on sale. So i bought the polishes that i don't have & now i have them!

 left to right: Vodka on Ice, Mudslide, Purple Passion, Margarita, Mint Daiquiri, Mojito

Well, not quite for i am missing the "Weng Weng" shade, but since the Mutya's Panglao Drive is almost like it so it's no sweat. I'm already happy for i have my own holographic polishes!

I'm really so happy that Bobbie, our very own local brand, makes great polishes! Again, sorry if im not able to take good pics of their holographic-ness for the sun was playing tricks on me.


Mint Daiquiri (mild holo)

Mojito (1 of my favorite!)

Purple Passion (I can't believe it, but this looks almost like Color Club's Fashion Addict!)

Margarita (mild holo)

I'll post some nail swatches some other time. Especially the purple passion, for it almost closely resembles Fashion Addict! I have to do that tomorrow or else i won't be able to fall asleep not knowing if it does. LOL!

Last Saturday, I met with Sis Honey because she bought a couple of stuff from my blogsale. She is really pretty & friendly. I felt so guilty because i was so late for my persistent back pains has been bothering me for almost a week. Doctor said that it could be rheumatism linked to obesity. I know i need to lose weight & now i should really do it. In fact, i have already been gathering info on what gym will be best suited for me.

Anyway, going back, since i am already in the mall i decided to go around. I told myself that i don't really need to buy anything but when i passed by the toiletries section of Landmark i was doomed! I wasn't able to help myself especially when i saw the Delon Cotton Rounds! I was so happy!

The first time that i used Delon Cotton Rounds was when my family & I went to Subic for last year's summer vacation. I bought it at Pure Gold & has been regretting not buying a lot. Knowing that i can buy this when i ran out of it just makes me happy. I'll most probably be making a post about why i got so excited over this certain cotton rounds. Actually, up until now i am thinking if i should make a post about it for it seems pointless making a post about cotton rounds...LOL!

Then when i passed by Elianto, the usual Php 199 polishes are on sale & i got them only for Php 80. I decided to take advantage of it & grabbed 3 colors...

 left to right: Racing Green,Night Glitters, Divine Gold

Sorry if it looks blurry... took this pic in the night & i forgot to take pics in the morning. I'll take a better pic when i do swatches. I'm not a fan of glitter polishes that's why i only bought 3 even though the price slash is even more than half. So for those who love this certain Elianto line, better take advantage of it. I think they will be on sale up until mid-week of January (not really sure though). I visited Landmark Makati, im not sure if the "sale" is applicable to other branches as well.

I have to buy a couple of things for me as well...toiletries, clothes, etc... Why is it that we women are so weak against the "sale" sign? What is it about the letter combination S-A-L-E that we get so worked up? LOL!

When i passed by Watson at SM Valenzuela on the way to visit Walter, & saw the Crayon stall i notice that they had a very cute Nail Hardener in an adorable bottle.

Sorry for the pic... will post a better pic later on. The brand is supposed to be a Japanese but i haven't heard of this yet. They also carry cosmetics as well like eyeshadows, blushes, face powder, lipstick, etc. But again, i don't want to apply make-up as much as possible so i don't see the need to buy it even just for trying it out.

I sure do hope that my acne clears out. I am using Eskinol + Dalacin C & it's working a bit. It was highly recommended by Sis Louie so i have to give it a try. I tried it before but i bought the big bottle & she said it's better to use the smaller one together with 1 capsule of 150mg Dalacin C. I do still break out every now & then but it was able to dry my zits faster. I'll be continuing this routine for 2 months then i'll make a review about it after.

Walter was sick & i decided to drop by without telling him. OMG! He was so shocked when he saw me. I should have taken a pic of him..LOL- talking about unexpected visits..hehe. I signaled to his mom & his cousin to not say a thing when they saw me & we were just waiting for him to notice me. It took him a minute before he noticed that i was standing in front of him. He opened his mouth, uttered "Oh!" then clutched his chest! ahahaha! I won't ever forget that scene! Even his mom was laughing at him! LOL

Buying nail polishes are not as expensive compare to buying make-up. So i guess in a way, i can still do retail therapy without breaking my bank!

Weekend is over & now it's time to work again.
I'm still on a weekend mode though... hehe

Hope y'all will have a good start for your week.
Have a great day/evening!

Jaa ne~!


rosey said...

sis u got the elianto's sparkling diva collection at 80php?? wow.. got mine at 100ea during the sale..

Camille said...

You bought it na? Wow! Too bad for weng weng, I think its still available here from where I live. Want me to grab one for you? =)

Anonymous said...

bobbi polishes are so tiny, so cute.

yeah, its really hard to stop the urge to spend, especially me living in a student allowance. i have to allot my budget for foods and other misc stuff.

have a good day tc!

purplesilke said...

it was nice to meet u sis! ur so pretty rin and super nice.. looking forward to reading more of your blogs.. tc!

Y said...

Wow! And I love the gold nail polish! I'm really excited to see your nail polish swatches =) BTW, I'm having a blog giveaway!

donnarence said...

ang ganda ng purple passion..:D I use eskinol with dallacin c and it works..:D

Askmewhats said...

wow you bought a lot of nail polish over the weekend, I like the shades, can't wait to see you use them! i haven't purchase much lately! wala nang malagyan!!!! :)

-AnGiEpInK- said...

wow!!..Great hauls you have there hun..Love all you nail polishes color..Absolutely gorgeous..Can't wait for the swatches..^_^..

merchamren said...

wow!!! 80 pesos?? i also want them hehe.. how much the Delon Cotton Rounds?

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