Saturday, January 15, 2011

Delon Cotton Rounds ~ the ultimate cotton rounds!

Up until im writing this post, im still unsure whether i should blog about cotton pads. This is just cotton for goodness sake! What's the difference of just buying a good ol' cotton to this? There is a big heck of a difference!


I'll tell you why i think this is the ultimate cotton rounds. As what i said before, i had tried this when we went on vacation in Subic, summer of last year. I bought it at Puregold & has long regretted not getting a bunch of them as back-ups. Yes, regret is the correct verb!

Let's take a look at it first...

It has 100 cotton round per pack. It retails for Php 119.75 at Landmark Makati. I know that it's way more expensive than the usual pack of cotton rounds. Heck, it's double the price of ordinary rounds but this is really worth it!

It's in a resealable bag.
I know that some cotton pads are also in a resealable bag, but this one is more sturdy. You know the resealable zippers that are usually found in Ziplock bags? This is almost as good as those! So you are sure that the cotton won't come pouring out if it "accidentally" popped open.

How many times have i accidentally sat or step on my cotton bags & because of air pressure the cotton would come out, exposed to all the dirty things in the environment?! I can't even count it for im so clumsy that it's a part of me already...LOL! So, yes, this is good for OC people out there! You can be sure that your babies are all locked up clean in this bag.

It's lint-free!~ It has this cotton mesh sitting at the top that prevents lint from surfacing.

If you do nail arts, it's a must to have a cotton soaked with polish remover in cleaning your orange stick, nail pusher or dotting tool right next to you. I had a lot of good designs that got totally trashed all because lints kept on clinging to my tools...transferring to my wet nails therefore ruining my design that i worked so hard for. Grrrrrr!!!! Kuyashii~! Annoying!

So, a lint-free cotton round is what i am really looking for!

Also when i remove mascara & eye make-up. Sometimes, i would have a couple of lint stuck to my eye balls because im trying to remove the liner that i apply on my waterline. Yes, i know that sounds disgusting, but it's true! I mean sometimes even Q-tips would have lint sticking out which makes removing my waterline-liner really tricky to remove.

But not with Delon, it won't leave lints! It might.... if you start "peeling" it layer by layer if you are maximizing the use of each pad, but not if you just use it as is. I'll tell you about the "peeling" later.

It says there that it has premium sealed edges, which is love!

See how you can easily distinguish each round from one another?

I have destroyed a couple of good pads just because the edges are fluffed out & i don't know where the edges are. This is also thick! Each pad is packed with enough cotton to absorb any liquids that you apply. Again, with it being thick, you can maximize it by just "peeling" each layer after it's already full of dirt or anything. This is when lints can happen...

Would you believe me if i say that i only use THAT ONE cotton pad in removing nail polish for all 10 of my fingernails?! Well, if you don't, then you can even drop by here at my house & give you a live demo..LOL! This is what i was saying about maximizing each cotton pad. How many cotton pads do you use in removing nail polish in all 10 fingernails?

So, this pad is really perfect in make-up removal!

I have tried those square cotton pads, but they're a pain to work with because they're so thin that if you accidentally put a big amount of liquid product on it & you apply pressure, it would just dribble down on your fingers.Hate that!

Each pad has that mesh sitting on the top which is actually good in exfoliating especially when you apply astringents or toners!

If you don't like that mesh exfoliator, then you can just use the other side of the cotton.

You can use this based on your preference!

This pad is definitely stronger than your average cotton rounds!

I guess there's also a bonus in each pad for it says that it has Aloe Vera & Pro Vitamin B5. It says at the package that it's not tested on animals, hypoallergenic (wow! i guess there are some people who are allergic to cotton?!LOL).

Let's do a summary
  • sealed edges
  • has a mesh for exfoliating
  • has a good resealable bag
  • thick pad that is really absorbent
  • you can maximize the use of each pads!
  • locally available (im just not sure if it's available in other areas as well)
  •  more expensive than regular cotton rounds
I'm so happy that i was able to buy a pack here in Manila. I don't mind going at Landmark Makati just for this cotton because it is sooooooooooooo worth it! If you know any place where this is sold please tell me too. I hope that this is available at Landmark Trinoma too!

I never realize that i would be blogging about cottons, though i know that it is a must for us, but then this is something worth blogging for~!

Hope y'all have a good weekend!
Jaa ne~!


Miss Shopcoholic said...

wow may mesh for exfoliating?! cool! thanks for sharing! gamit ko now cuddles cotton squares, mas cheaper nga lang i think its around Php 60 for 100's.

AskMeWhats said...

I've heard about this brand for their Body Butters, yup! I believe they're a huge company making a lot of beauty stuffs, glad you found the one! I am currently using a lot of cotton squares in which I get for free from my Korea Trip :) lol

Pammy said...

I have never actually heard of Delon until I tried their Cocoa Butter Lotion (which is nice) but this cotton pad sounds nicer. The Tickle one is just blah. Great find, dear. :P

Michelle said...

Cool! I will definitely check this out if I'm ever in the area. :) Thanks! You sold me with this blog entry!

herroyalbleakness said...

will try to look for it at Landmark Trinoma. sure is pricey, though. :)

♥ mia said...

thanks for sharing thia! :) i'm currently using Body Shop's cotton pads, and i'm pretty happy with it. i might try this next time!

My-My said...

For a long time I would just use whatever cotton rounds that was available on the shelves. But once you find a good one, you'll stick to it, and realize there is a difference to all of the others that you've tried, and its the best. This is a great review, as people should know the best that's out there. Even if it is just cotton rounds.

merchamren said...

thanks for this post..
i will hunt for this aha!!
super like it,,

Introvert said...

Hi Thia! I just wanted to ask. Have you tried the Acbegone products by the ez shop??

Jem said...

@sis Aui-yee
i have stopped using acne products already. i find that it aggravates my skin so i just wash my face regularly lang talaga.

Rhania E. said...

bought Cleene cotton rounds last saturday ^_^ 80pcs for a price of 50php, not bad

oh dear, i miss reading from your posts.. i have new blog to share with you:

hugs and kisses

Sara said...

WOW, a great find :) thanks for sharing it ^ ^

Joy said...

awesome review! :)

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