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Sunday, January 23, 2011

eyelook: dark smokey orange look for oriental eyes~

Smokey eye make-up has always been pretty tricky for me since i have a semi-monolid so often times those lid colors just doesn't show up, no matter how bright they are, when my eyes are just relaxed. I feel like it doesn't suite me so if ever i do eye make-up it's just a soft wash of bright color plus lots of mascara... that's it. So i stopped doing smokey looks but as what i said, when i watched Nana, i just feel like doing a smokey look.

Speaking of Nana, i have watched a lot of dramatic, slice-of-life type of anime, but this is the only one that really made a big impact on me. It's beautiful in a way that it flawlessly showed how fickle/tough/sensitive/hard/immune/courageous/nosy/caring, etc a woman can be. The impact it made is so big that my curiosity led me to watching the movie & read the manga. Heck, i've downloaded the songs already, put it on my player & have been playing it over & over already.... up to the point that i have already memorized the lyrics! what the heck?! (-__-")

Anyway, let's go back to the main topic, i feel like if you make me start on Nana, i can go on forever raving about it. LOL!

This is the look that i had the other day

Let's do the tutorial for the eye make-up. Oh, i deliberately did the winged eye make-up, as you can see, having a sharp winged eye make-up can make the eyes look smaller. So if you want a rounder eye make-up don't wing it. Just round it up, like how i did in the tutorial.

These are the colors that i used...

Just look for any colors that you might have had.

I mostly start my eye make-up by highlighting my brow bone. I know that for some girls, they do the highlighter last, it's just based on your own preference...

Then pat the lid color starting from the inner corner of your eyes going out. Fill up 2/3 of your lid area.

Then put the green eyeshadow at the top part of your lid color & also at the remaining 1/3 of your outer lid area. This would give a green wash on amidst your dark shadow.

Apply the dark eyeshadow using a blending brush. Make sure that you tap the excess powder on your brush for you don't want to overpower the green color. It might look darker here, but not in real. I guess my camera washed the green color. That's why it's a must to have as little dark eyeshadow as you have on your blending brush.

Using a clean blending brush, blend the colors rounding it upward, not going out. Blending it in a round, upward motion would give your eyes a rounder look. Avoid concentrating the color on the side, do most of the blending at the top of the lid area.

Now if you want a winged, cat eye-look then feel free to blend it outward. If you want a really precise eye make-up like THIS, then you can put a sticky tape at the side of your eyes before you do your make-up. It would help give you a really precise slant-eyed look. Cat-eye look type of make-up always reminds me of Cleopatra...

Then don't forget to bring the color down on your lower lid area. I apply the highlighter at the inner corner, followed by a hint of orange & also the green color underneath the dark color.

If you apply eyeliner, i suggest that you do not wing it out, actually you can wing it out but try not to do a really long wing,ok? It would defeat the purpose of your "rounding" your eye make-up.

Finish it off with lots of mascara or false eyelashes. If you don a smokey eye make-up that's the time when you ought to have a va-va-voom lashes! It is a must to do so, so that it would open up your eyes.

I just did this tutorial in one eye though, but believe me that "rounding" it up would make an oriental eyes bigger compare to the usual smokey look tutorial that you always see being done by those that got deep-set eyes.

 Products used:
There ya go!
Next eyelook post will be the bluish purpler look that i did before.

Hope that you will all have a great week~
Jaa ne~!


Locke said...

gorgeous! i love the winged effect :D it makes your eyes look bigger

Katrina said...

very nice tutorial! :D
makes it simple for us noobs. LOL

Y said...

cute look! It looks winged to me in your pictures. Personally, I LOVE winged looks =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I like you with curly, wavy hair! Been awhile with the bold eye look huh? hehe.

Askmewhats said...

Bagay mo Thia ang dark eye makeup :)

Elsa said...

how nice!!! I love the look!

DeBi said...

so galing! :)


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