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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling

I've had this for quite some time but i haven't used it much for i hate the scent. I have thought of including this in my blogsale but since i lost the cap, shipping this would be hard so i just decided against it. I figured that i'll just review it.

We all know why we need to exfoliate so i'll spare you all the details about it. Some prefer those that feels abrasive like St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, while some prefer those gentle facial scrubs that contains micro beads. Either way, they only do 1 job... and that is to get rid of the dead skin cells.

There are a lot of available "exfoliators" in the market... peeling gels, creams, etc. Mousse is one of the newest way to exfoliate. Etude House's Magic Bubble Peeling is in mousse form.

It is a big bottle, which is quite bulky. So not really good for traveling. But the packaging looks so cute! What a nice purple shade!

This is the English description at the back....

The ingredients list...

This is how the top looks like.

There's a space where you get to press to dispense the product. You have to shake it like crazy first though to make sure you get that foamy mousse texture.

Since i haven't used mine for months now, the texture had gone runny, but it's still ok since there is an "expiration date" at the bottom of the can so you'll know when you need to discard it already.

When you apply it on your skin, you just need to continue rubbing for it will develop to a glue-like texture which makes the dead skin cells stick to it therefore doing the exfoliating.

Gosh! I never realize that i am THAT DIRTY!

Time to do a facial exfoliation!

You'll get to see the Before & After photo here. What do you think? Did it do a good job in exfoliating? Tell me!

These are the things that i notice. The scent is a major turn-off for me. It has that artificial coconut-ty. I hate artificial scents, i hate coconut i hate the scent of this product! It also leaves a sticky feeling after using so make sure that you rinse your face afterward.

It is a gentle exfoliator, yes, but since this product needs you to rub it all over your face, pulling & tugging the skin is not good... add the fact that you have to apply pressure as you rub this on makes this a not-so-good product for me. So it would be like, theoretically, this is gentle since it's not abrasive... but how you use this won't be like a walk in the park for your skin either.

Just think of your skin as an apple.
If you constantly pull & tug, rubbing it hard all because you want to make sure that the skin looks shiny before you put it on the fruit plate, you just do not know it but the layer underneath the skin has already suffered.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong about this. Basically, how the way you apply & use it will depend entirely on you. Just rub it gently & don't wash your face before using this. Make sure that your face is dry & not moist. If you apply this in moist skin it won't turn to glue-like consistency, therefore wasting the product.

This retails for Php478, based on the Etude House website. I know that there is the Magic Enzyme Peeling Pack which is in liquid form (i think). I think it's better to buy the Magic Enzyme if you want to maximize your money. This is in mousse form so it's like half of the product that you are pumping out is actually air. (-__-")

Let's do a summary...
  • locally available
  • it could last you quite sometime
  • you could control the amount that you need
  • there's an expiration date so you'll know when to ditch i
  • the scent is a turn-off for me
  • I think it's actually expensive. i'd rather use a good ol' sugar scrub
  • bulky packaging
I can't really think of anymore to say since this did not wow-ed me at all. Actually it made it to my "products-i-regret-buying" list even though i think it is a good exfoliator.

This is based on my personal reference. If you like peeling products like this then give this a shot. Who knows if this is actually a HG material for you?

Well, hope that you will have a good evening/day!

Jaa ne~!


Y said...

Im not sure if I like it. I mean not that i CAN get etude house in the USA anyway. Maybe it needs to be used a few times before you can get results?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

seems to work for your arm. I don't see much difference in your face in the before and after besides the glasses. lol. Maybe it's okay for your body parts but not your face? Overall, good review. Have a good day!

♔ Reina (The Pink Fence) said...

this is something new to me. its a mousse? wow! but the photos looked like all the dead skin cells were gone!

i only use st.ives. its the most accessible exfoliator for me. i dont know where is etude house :(

Madz said...

I always used St. Ives in the past and didn't try anything else back then. I've stopped using 'exfoliators' last year since my derma warned me that it only aggravates my acne prone skin.

I haven't tried any mousse type yet. Oh, my BF's sister gave me an Artistry scrub, it's like St. Ives but the beads are smaller. I only use it maybe once a week,I like the squeeky clean feeling it gives. )

I must say the packaging is kinda cute though. :)

Kari said...

I recently got the Magic Enzyme pack peeling, yes it's a liquid. But you still apply it the same as the Magic Bubble peeling, and I have to take care to keep my hair away from my face because the peel sticks to it. And it's just as hard to remove, you still have to rub quite a bit.

laneige couture said...

thanks for this review! more etude house reviews please =)
hi im having my blogsale too check it out

Pop Champagne said...

you have to apply pressure to pull and tug? that doesn't sound right. if that's the case the stuff is not doing its job.. hah it's like my friend says vitamins are more effective if you eat healthy so your body digest better, but if you eat healthy why take vitamins?!

louise said...

Thanks for this review sis, I've been wanting to try a new exfoliating product... :D

iya said...

i'm tempted to get this! the garnier light facial scrub is great!

Hollie said...

I have one exfoliating scrub that works very similar to this.
My brother gave it to me, it's a product from UNO, it was just 200pesos.

The Beauty-Addict said...

great blog you have here! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!

Marge said...

awww sayang. oh well, most of their scents are a hit.
found this review while googling etude house exfoliator ;-)

Hazeluri said...

Wow thanks for this, googled about the etude magic bubble peeling

Thiamere Brea said...

i hope that it will work for you,sweetie!
unfortunately it didn't work for me


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