Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mentholatum Lip Ice Color Lip Balm in Candy Apple Review

I first heard of this product from Sis Pammy. Although i have been seeing this in Watsons, but since im not a fan of lip balms anymore i thought that it would be a waste buying something that i won't even be using. The thing that i don't like about lip balm is that it will leave this waxy film on top of your lips. It's like instead of moisturizing, it sits on top of my lips making it chap all the more, even though most claims that they are indeed moisturizing.

I guess it's just my lips but i am pretty particular with lip balms. Most of my experiences with them are just not that good anymore. In fact, my beloved Nivea Lip Care just stopped working on me. I have a couple of lip balms & lip butters here but i just can't seem to get them to work for me. I hate the waxy texture!

But when she said that this is not waxy at all, i was sold. A lip balm that is not waxy?! I have always related lip balm to waxy texture so a non-waxy feeling lip balm would be a good one to try. Add the fact that it's wallet-friendly so it's as good as sure already.

So the next time that i dropped by Watson i purchased one myself. There are a lot of variants of the Lip Ice line so i was confused on what i should be getting. I think i spent 20 minutes deciding what to get...LOL! After much self-debating, i decided to get this one. I'm actually quite happy when i got home that i got the same with what Pammy got. Yay!

Cute packaging! It got those star-like design on it. It's pretty sleek too so it's prefect to toe along on your purse. It says that it got SPF 15...good!

 The color might fool you into thinking that this is a lipstick,ne?

This is the swatch... i think i swiped this twice or thrice. I can't remember... it is actually sheer but it is build-able.

I think most ladies can get away with this color when swatched. It looks good on my lips when im in front of the mirror, but when i tried wearing this when i used my web camera, i looked like i've aged drastically!

Anyway, i guess this shade just doesn't suit me... which is still a puzzle for me as to how it can't compliment my skin. Well, i'll just let this sleeping dog lie. I can just try the other variant that they had. Maybe that will work for me better than this one.

But as for the non-waxy feeling, it's true that it doesn't have that heavy waxy feeling unlike ordinary lip balm. There is a mild glossy feeling but only your first application. It feels light on your lips. Another thing why i like this is that it just doesn't sit on my lips, it locks moisture & hydrates the lips too! I haven't experienced my lips chap for the duration that im using this!

I have tried a couple of lip balms & again, it makes my lips chap like crazy!

This is a keeper. I would even overlook the fact that the color doesn't look good on long as it doesn't make my lips chap, im on for it! As what i said, there is another variant available... i'll keep my fingers crossed that it would somehow suit me.

You can see the price right on the picture at the top. It retails for Php 125 each. It's a steal compare to other lip balms out there considering that this doesn't only moisturize the lips but it also has spf 15.

As for the summary:

  • locally available
  • has spf 15
  • doesn't make my lips chap
  • color is build-able
  • has a lot of variants
  • budget-friendly
  • i have been thinking hard but i can't find any except that the color doesn't work on me, but this is not a big deal for me though. i can just wear it at home.
Will i buy it?
I will not be buying this exact shade, but i will be trying out the other variants.

If you are looking for a lip balm, you might want to try this out.

Have a great day,hunnies!
Ja ne~!


Pammy said...

Thia dear, so sad that the color doesn't suit you. It's a big no-no if something makes you look older. But I am glad that as a lip balm, you liked it. Try the Sheer Color variant. Will adjust its color on your lips. :P

herroyalbleakness said...

I'm glad you like it minus the lip balm's color. They ought to have testers that you can swatch at the back of your hand, noh? 125 is still 125--- no excuses for not having testers around :D hehe, demanding!

DeBi said...

now you got me sold...i can't wait to set my foot at watson's!

AskMeWhats said...

aww so sad the shade does not suit you, I've finished up a tube and I think the shade i got matched me :)

kikayfetz said...

Or try na lang the regular lip balm? The color does not suit me either, but then again i think it's because my lips are super pigmented so it darkens my lips even more and I am in a pink lipstick phase LOL

Shane G. said...

thanks so much sis thia!

noone said...

nice to hear, I use Burts Bees lip balm and I swear by it. but yeah I do notice that after a while a lip balm just... stops working -_-

Ahleessa said...

The lip product looks good. Too bad it's hard to find that brand here... hehe~ Thanks for the review though! :)

Ida said...

Hi Thiamere! :) I'll definitely check this out next time I'm at a Watson's.

I'm addicted to lip balms. Most drugstore brands do nothing for my lips though. I highly recommend handmade, natural ones :) Etsy is a good source. Unfortunately the local ones (Human Nature/Venus&Mars) I found very waxy.

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