Monday, January 03, 2011

Hello 2011~!

It's been while,everybody!

First off, i want to greet you all a Happy New Year~!

I wish you all had a great start for this year...and also say "Im Back!" for i have been MIA for 2 weeks or so. Sorry for that but i have a valid reason, you see..hehe..


I went on a blog hiatus this holiday without even further notice for i caught the flu bug + the holiday got the better part of me...Actually it's more of like the flu bug caught the better part of me. I have been in my bed, sneezing, coughing a week before Christmas then the holiday rush made me busy that i suffer a relapse twice. Up until now i am still coughing & have a cold but im way feeling better compare to last week. Thank God for that!

I took a break from work, which i really enjoyed. I haven't had a vacation for like 2 years so the break was appreciated. I had the time of my life lounging around & be lazy for the past couple of days. hahaha! I went away from cyberworld for the time being since my mum kept on saying that being exposed to TV/PC radiation might make me sick again so i just followed her & didn't went online.

Anyway, that's the reason why i wasn't able to even do a " on blog hiatus" post. But now that i'm back, i have a lot of things that i wanna share with you guys.I'll just go first with my new additions for my nail stuff collection. I said the last time that i won't be putting on cosmetics for the time being up until my skin has completely healed, so i'll be "glamming up" my nails for the time being.

I have heard from Sis Thriszha that Bobbie nail polishes are free from the main 3 toxic chemicals in nail products. So when i passed by the Bobbie stall i decided to get a couple of stuff.

The Base coat, Top Coat, Cuticle Oil & 2 nail polishes as well. That Mutya nail polish is also from Bobbie, though they just have a different name, but it is under 1 company as well. I have a soft spot for holographic polishes & i was over the moon when i saw Bobbie's Vodka on Ice & Mutya's Panglao Drive. They are holographic polishes! Whoopee!

 Bobbie's Vodka on Ice

Mutya's Panglao Drive (except the ring fingernail)

It's just hard for me to take a pic of holo polishes since my camera is not really up to taking macro shots which is such a shame for i won't be able to show you how beautiful these polishes really are. I tried my hardest but it really is not as pretty as it looks in real life, especially the Panglao Drive. Speaking of which, isn't it cute that Mutya's shade name is unique?! They are names that will remind you of the Philippines! I will definitely be checking more of these polishes.

Speaking of which, my first holo polish Color Club's Fashion Addict is really pretty! I took this pic weeks ago when my nails are still long.

Color Club's Fashion Addict

This polish really makes my heart flutter every time i see it sitting on my nail polish storage. Just staring at it makes me happy already! LOL! XD
I miss my long nails.. *sigh*

So, going back, having a professional looking nails is so easy to make with water decals so i bought a couple more...a silver nail art striping tape & a couple of orange sticks.

Water Decal post will be up after a couple of days... cropping & resizing pics takes quite a time, so bear with me ladies.

Then my nail art brush set & rhinestones~!

As you all know, im more of a free hand nail art designer rather than stickers or fimos, so this will allow me to make more designs in the future.

I'm not a fan of 3d nails for i have a habit of hand-combing & twirling my hair every now & then so most often than not rhinestones or anything that protrudes (that includes nail stickers-especially 3d stickers) just doesn't last long enough on me. But then i'll try my best not to twirl my hair all for the sake of pretty-fying my nails. LOL! I'm sure these 3 rhinestone wheels will have enough rhinestones for me to experiment with.

Then when i dropped by Watsons, i saw the Wish Nail Stuff which got these colored stones that are encased in cute glass jars. Again, not a fan of things that protrude on nails but because of it's cuteness it found a way to get in my shopping basket. will try to put it to good use though. I have to! XD

 My nail stuff are really growing slow but sure~!

Then lastly, one of the best gift that i have received was delivered while i was feeling sick & it immediately perked me up!

It came from Argie of The Beauty Bin~!

If you are wondering, yes, my real name is Jermae (Jem for short). I used to blot my real name out when i watermark my pics but then i don't mind posting this information now. I have been known as Thiamere ever since i ventured in the cyber world for i want my private life to be different. I'm sure you know how i got the name "thiamere" just looking at my first names.

I won her giveaway which is a GC for 6F services!


I haven't had any facial services yet & this would be my first so i'm really excited! I might not be able to have it this month but i'll definitely take advantage of this...most likely go for a diamond peel. What do you think?

Thanks, Argie!
The Nail Art Kit is also a very sweet addition. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

I had a grand time hanging out with my family & friends for the past couple of days. I am terribly missing my students but since i want to make sure that my throat is in full condition before i start having classes, i'll just be starting this wednesday.

By the way, i made a facebook fan page for my blog. You can see the FB box at the top left part of the screen, you can just "like" it if you want...hehe. I figured that there are some people who don't want to add more 'friends' on their list than necessary so making a fan page is easier to keep track. I won't be updating the fan page for now for i have a couple of things that i needed to do, but i'll have it up & running most likely after a week or two.

There ya go~!
Just a little update so that you'll know that i am still alive..haha!

Hope that every one of you will have a good start for the first week of this year. I wish you all good health for this year~
Once again, Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!
Kotoshimo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~!

Have a happy day, girls!
Jaa ne~!


AskMeWhats said...

So many things happened to you dear during the hiatus, congrats or winning and cheers to more Nail art!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Love all your beautiful stuff hun.. Gorgeous nail polishes color..^_^..

Happy new year to you hun..

Hazel said...

you got some collections there! good for you! i'm very jealous! haha happy new year :)

- - aika - - said...

love the nail polish :D

and congrats sa contest

happy new year :D

Ayieh said...

Oh!! I so love the nail colors!!! Wish I can also make my nails long like yours, it easily breaks kasi*sigh*..
Anyhoo, I'm starting to collect nail polish too and I'm enjoying it!!!

Camille said...

Panglao drive's pretty! Gotta try that one one of these days=)

Elsa said...

happy new year sis!!! i love everything!!!! i noticed you have now long nails to toy around! happy polishing!

herroyalbleakness said...

Hi Jem,

I'm temporarily back with the blogosphere :) It's just heartwarming to know that the mail i sent you was perfectly timed.

i never knew that that small parcel would perk you up.

happy new year and enjoy those tons of nail stuff! :D

Anonymous said...


Where did you buy your nail art brushes?

Krista said...

Where did you buy your nail art brushes po?

Awesome post! <3

Jem said...


i bought my nail art brushes at an online store. you can check out THIS STORE for items din

glaiza said...

how much po is the nail art brushes?

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