Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Haul: nail stuff galore~

I have been quite into nail stuff lately considering that my acne is flaring up & i can't get to use make-up whenever i want to, the way for the 'kikayness' in me to show up is through my nails. Add the fact that i joined the fun FB Group Fab ur Nails, it made my nail addiction soar to the highest level..hehe

I guess you've heard of the Del Sol Color Changing Polish?
Well, i have already placed an order for it... OMG! I can't wait!
I even dreamt that i already had it on my nails!
talking about nail addiction..

Anyway, i have been sick the past couple of days. I caught the flu bug that ended up in sore throat therefore losing my voice in the end which forced me to cancel my classes. The weather here in the Philippines is terrible! It's sunny but it's's cold but will eventually get hot in the afternoon then becomes cold again. It's no wonder a lot of people are sick!

Going back... when i did my Christmas shopping, i also grabbed a couple of stuff for me... though mostly the stuff that i bought are for my godchildren, relatives & friends...

I can't find my big tub of Epilin Wax so i bought the small one just in case... Himalaya Herbals shampoo & conditioner for me to try.. im just curious about it. I decided to buy the Nichido eyebrow pencil since i find it time-consuming using eyebrow kits every now & then to fix my brows & a couple of other stuff...

Yesterday, i also went shopping together with my brother when i saw a small nail art store & the first thing that i saw were their water decals! Yay! How fun~! I've already used the one in the middle & that's what i'm wearing now.

As we browse one store from another, i saw these gorgeous knee high socks & i bought them...not sure where & when i can use these though...but hey! they're cute,right? hehe

Since i am an insomniac & i can't buy any more novels because i don't have a place where i can put them anymore. I have run out of space to store them so i just decided to take up cross stitching again.

The Aida cloth is half a yard so it's pretty big but then i just opted for a count 10 cloth so that i won't have trouble counting & stitching... This is the pattern i'm gonna be working on.

It's quite hard to actually do cross stitching with long nails, but then since i'm mostly doing this to occupy my time while waiting for sleep to take over then i guess it's ok. I can live with it, im not as clumsy as i was before so i can manage stitching now. hehehe.

I was actually able to start it already. I'm done with her hands & that sparkly thing she is holding right there.Hopefully i'll be able to finish this.. i'll show you all once i finish this. the question is...when...hehe

Then as soon as we went home, i tried out the water decals because im sooooooooooo excited!

I think it's not too shabby for a first timer,ne?
The edges are not as neat as i want them to be but i'm not the one to complain since this is the 1 of the easiest way to glam up your nails! Tutorial for water decal will be up soon!

I bought nail art brushes & rhinestones too but it still hasn't arrived yet.. most probably tomorrow. I'll just do another post once i already have it.

Then finally, Sis Thriszha of Fab Ur Nails sent me an early Christmas gift because we were talking in the group i said that my ultimate 'nail' dream is to be able to own a holographic nail polish. I asked hr if she is willing to let 1 of hers go & i would gladly pay for my life for it

Imagine my shock when she said that it's her gift for me.
I was sooooooooooooooooo happy i could float away to la-la-land all by myself!

So when the package arrived last thursday & i saw her generosity, it really put a smile on my face even if i am very tired!

She even included nail stamp & a water decal. My very firsts! I will not use this water decal for i will include it in my scrapbook. Sorry, Sis Thriszha, it's too important for me to use..hehe! That's why i just bought the water decal that i tried because i don't want to make a mistake & ruin my first special water decal!

Everything is really amazing!
I'm not yet used to stamping but i find that it's a nice way to have a professional looking nail in a shorter time compare to doing free hand designing. But fret not, ladies, i'll still be doing free hand nail designs. It's a way for me to de-stress.

The Color Club Fashion Addict is soooooooooooo pretty i don't even want to use it. I just want to stare at it!


I'm absolutely thrilled with everything!
Thank you, moja!

The hamster is about to come your way... just make sure you continue checking your door every now & then. He might be already half way home..hehe.

I'll have my last Christmas nail design up this week. I'm just waiting for my brushes to arrive. I'm actually still not done with my Christmas shopping...

Why is it that even if you make a list of everything & have bought all of the things on your list there is still something that you forgot to buy?! Isn't that annoying? Anyway, it's Christmas...
*shrugs shoulder*

I'll be busy again starting tomorrow...
lots of things to do!

Hope you will all have a good start for this week,ladies!

i'll still be doing some product reviews but i'll refrain from using cosmetics as much as i can up until my skin has fully healed. I don't want to put a burden on my skin by piling cosmetics while my acne is still up. For the time being, i'll be doing some nail product posts.


Bec said...

That Zebra High Knee socks looked so fierce! I love it! :)

rosey said...

nice mani! =) been wanting to try nail decals too..

Pammy said...

Oh, that's really sweet of hers to give you the nail polish. :P

Those decals and purple polish look really lovely.

Happy holidays, dear. :P

Amanderrific! said...

aaawww!love your nails sis thia!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

totally envying all ur nail stuff! ^^ im currently kinda obsessed with nail stuff too! ^^

ur nails look so so pretty! ^^

thanks for sharing! :)

merchamren said...

love your new items ate..
i love this post,,
happy reading it,,=]
i am also crosstitching and i love your design..

ThRiSzHa said...

yay!! im so glad u like what i sent u.. ur always welcome sis.. as what i've said its a pleasure for me to meet new kikayz.. i just wish u'll not also put the fashion addict in ur scrap book...LOL!!

enjoy ur polishes!!! happy holidays!!


Moja!! ung hamzter nagtxt sakin magparty party daw muna sya bago sya umuwi samin..LOL lakwatcherang hamster!! LOL!!

Madz said...

First time I've read about water decals. Wow, you now have a stamping kit, I'm expecting more of those kawaii nail art posts of yours!

How did that nail art contest go? Did you win, or are you leading? :)

Hope your acne clears up soon, ako rin experiencing the same thing. Stressed kasi. hehe. :)

Elsa said...

ur so funny... and welcome to the nail addict club nyahahahah! once you shop you can't stop!!! because I did!!!!

its so fun to chat with you in our group! althought there were a time I was blocked in posting comments!

My-My said...

Oh! the nails are so pretty, yet effortless. I think I should try these out. :D show us the finished work on the cross stitching!

Pop Champagne said...

nice package you got! water decal oooh looks like something fun to play with. sorry to hear that you have been sick, hopefully you are feeling better by now, it's never fun to be sick especially during this time of the year!

Hazel said...

your nails are fab! and nice stuff you got yourself :D

Pop Champagne said...

so how is cross stitching with your super long nails going since I left my mesage yesterday? ;) just dropping you a message letting you know that I gave you a shout out on my blog today :) if I don't talk to you again before christmas have a merry christmas hunny!

Eloisa Co said...

Love your hauls and nails sis! more more.. ;p

Pop Champagne said...

thanks for your facebook message Thiamere! It was sooo sweet! Hope santa was good to you this morning :)

herroyalbleakness said...

golly! you've been a naughty girl. you've been hauling a lot!

Krista said...

Where did you buy your water decals?
I wanted to try water decals too but i don't know where to buy.. :(

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i bought mine at a nail art store that is near where i live. you can buy it online din. if you check my review on the water decal, i linked a site where you can buy it.

maybe after a week or two i'll be having a giveaway & i'll be including water decals as 1 of the prizes!

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