Friday, December 10, 2010

a new fragrance~

Since i can't seem to feel that strong blogging desire yet, i decided to just make a random post for the time being.

My Godfather dropped by last week & gave me a late birthday gift. I wasn't expecting anything at all to think that i'm already 26 & i think it's way past the time where i will still be getting gifts from my Godparents.

De mo ne, totemo ureshii~!
but i'm still very happy!

So, going back, I received Calvin Klein Beauty.

I remember watching the commercial for this, which is by Diane Kruger. I think this was released this year...

I'm not really that familiar with signature fragrances. I am clueless when the topic is already about fragrances. So if you will ask me if it smells like the other CK fragrances, i'll just give you that 'clueless stare' look.  Love the bottle though... looks really classy & timeless.

I have tried other fragrances but the only one that i like so far is B-Spot by Benefit. It seems to agree with my body chemistry. Every time i buy fragrances, i end up giving it to my mum for it just doesn't suit me. I tried this & i guess i sprayed too much with just 2 spritz for i end up with a sore throat after a couple of hours all because the scent is overpowering. I told you that i have a sensitive sense of smell,right?

It says that it has a note of lily, jasmine etc...on which i can't quite figure out. It's said to have a modern, floral fragrance but i don't think so. Well, anyway, im not really an expert again, but i have to say that this last forever. I spritz it on my shirt at around early afternoon then the next day when i was picking up my clothes to put in the laundry, i sniffed my brassiere & the scent is still there.


As what i said, i spritz it on my shirt but the scent still lingers not just my shirt, but also my bra. I have tried a couple of eau de parfum (yes, perfume!) but sometimes it doesn't last long. Benefit B-Spot is just a Eau de Toilette but it lasts long on me, which just tops the others that i have tried.

I didn't notice any change in the scent when it sits in my skin though, which is good for it means that it agrees on me.

While i may not be a fan of it's overwhelming scent but i would have to say that it is good. I'm glad that i got to try this one out.

Are you a fan of CK fragrances?
If not, what is your fave fragrance?

Hope you all will have a good weekend!


Pop Champagne said...

I've noticed that about perfume too, a lot of times it lingers more on the clothing than the skin. Hmm.

I've tried CK a longggg time ago, i haven't for a while because it's one of those really common brands here that everyone once had like ralph lauren. I really like JLo miami glow though or britney spears curious

DeBi said...

CK 1 pa rin ako forever...

jehan said...

it seems like i'll love this one too. i just normally get perfumes as gifts too. but with my baby's arrival, i might not be able to wear one yet.. she might become allergic to it or it might also overwhelm her. i'd rather smell like new moms do..kkk..
in the past I just bought 3 different kinds until i discovered i'm actually allergic to my favorite scents, they're the onese causing my acne, so i switched to body sprays/mists..

have a great weekend Thiamere!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I am def. a fan of CK fragrance, along with their clothing line ;]

My fav is the Burberry Brit Le Sheer. I have tons of favorites when it comes to perfumes ;] I like guys wearing CK.


Omg I have b-spot by benefit and i love it!!

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Cris said...

Happy late birthday :).

At the moment, I love love love Paco Rabanne Lady Million ^_^.

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