Monday, December 13, 2010

Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit Review

I have been plastered the past couple of days to my bed because i caught the flu bug... oh my! it's because of the weather.. but anyway, im almost ok now. So i can spend lots of hours in front of the pc again. Let's start this week by a product review...

I used to think that "battling" with my never-ending acne requires those kits that are made to address problems like mine. But then i learned the hard way to not battle with it.. just let it run its course. You can click HERE on my notes about how i deal with acne. I highly suggest that you read the posts that i linked with this so that you will be able to know all the information that you will need in deciding if you are going to buy this.

This is one of the kits that are available locally...

This is my 2nd kit already. I bought the first one, this one was given when i attended the Clean & Clear event last month. Sad to say, this didn't work for me.

If you read my post before on how i broke the breakout cycle, i said that i found out that the only thing that worked for me is constant face washing. Experts say that constant face washing is not good...i know all the yada please spare me that,ok? I also know the scientific explanation of how salicylic acid works... but for some reason it just doesn't do for me.

I can't understand my skin anymore... salicylic acid doesn't is benzoyl peroxide... but then im glad that i can get simple things to work for me like tomato masks & face washing. Anyway, just read that post if you want to know my routine. I still do it up until now.

Going back, this is how the back looks like... Don't worry if you can't read it, i'll give you a better pic later where you can read to your heart's content.

Then when you open the kit, this is what's inside.

This is what was on the flap cover...

Let's take a closer look at each product & also the product description for each. So let's let the pictures do the talking for the time being.

Starting with the Acne Control Cleanser:

Ingredients list...

Acne Control Toner

Ingredients list...

Acne Control Moisturizer

Ingredients list...

Acne Control Speed Gel

Ingredients list...

Did that tire you from clicking the pics in reading the description? hehe...gomee, gomen... i'd rather just post the pic than type everything. XD

So, from here i'll do the 'talking.

Before i start with my personal experience & post, let me just say once again that i have a sensitive 'out-of-this-world' skin. I have tried a lot of acne kits & products but 97% of them just don't work on me. If you have a skin that is not as sensitive like mine, then i guess this would do wonders for you. If you haven't yet tried salicylic acid in treating zits & would want to give it a shot, then click HERE for a good alternative. Salicylic Acid used to work on me, but i guess with time & whatsoever it just stopped working.

Now that that's out of the way, let's start with this heart-pouring post.

Out of all the 4 products in this kit, i'd say that the cleanser is the one that i like... mainly because it gives this minty cool feeling as you massage it on your face. It doesn't actually lather. I tried to hard to make it foamy but to no avail. I guess it just isn't meant to be foamy at all. It's in a runny, almost translucent, bluish kinda-gel consistency.

You will feel that cooling sensation as you massage it on your skin which i guess helps in knowing when you need to stop massaging it. I can't quite describe the scent but at least it's not overwhelming that will make you gag if you use it. I have to say that this is mild even if it contains propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol & a boat load of parabens. It doesn't give me that dry, stretchy feeling after washing.

Then the toner...
It has this weird chemical-y scent which turns me off of using it. It claims to 'reduce excess oil' so expect that it has alcohol on it.Just like the usual toners, this is clear so i didn't bother showing you the pic anymore.

As for the moisturizer...
Just like what you see in the pic, it is whitish. It is actually easily absorbed by the skin. It leaves this a-bit-sticky-but-not-too-much texture once it's absorbed. The scent is bearable compare to the toner. Same ingredients that i've mentioned together with the cleanser plus alcohols in it... it has tocopheryl acetate on it though.. on which is a synthetic vitamin e.

Then the speed gel...
Translucent texture that stings when you apply it on your zits. It's just like those other spot treatments that you can buy in the store though. I hate this spot treatment though (Gomen nasai, Clean & Clear), it does reduce the zits but the blemishes that it leaves are horrible.

I used this for my morning & evening cleansing/routine. I do not even wash my face as regularly as i do (which is like 3x at most for a day) for i want to be able to stick with the how it's supposed to be used. Which makes my routine as:
wash face with cleanser, use the toner then the moisturizer... apply speed gel to spot treat some zits..
wash face with cleanser, use the toner then the moisturizer... apply speed gel to spot treat some zits..

This went on for 3 weeks. Then i stopped... for i experienced the same thing that i experienced when i first tried it.

I know i said that i give products that i use at least 2 months before i stop using it or give my verdict. With this, 3 weeks is enough... Hey! I said that this is my second kit,right?

 see how many i have now?can't find my other cleanser & speed gel though..

I have tried this already but i tried it again since it was given to me. I was thinking that the effect might be different this time... big mistake! Why is it that i do not learn from my past experiences?!

Wanna know why i said it's a big mistake?
Take a look~

Sorry if the 'after use' pic is dark. I seriously don't want to post pics of how bad my skin is but since i am committed in giving my pure, unadulterated review for my readers... I WILL.

The 'before use' has that open pores & few blemishes with 1 gigantic zit screaming hello.
The 'after use' has horrendous's like that 1 zit in the before use gave birth to quadruplets which really gave me a very bad time dealing with it. again, this only happened with just 3 weeks of use.
The 'my skin now' is my skin now as you are reading this post now. My zits are almost gone... im sure that i'll be sporting blemishes this holiday..thanks to clean & clear... *smirk*  -__-"

Salicylic Acid is a good chemical for it really seeps down to your pores in melting down the dirt that are trapped on your skin... but for some reason it stopped working on my skin now. As i keep on repeating over & over, this is my experience.

I think this is available in leading department stores for Php 550.I'm not sure how many weeks 1 kit supposed to last.. I guess this is for 30 days use.

As for the summary, im actually having a hard time thinking of the pros & cons of this one... but i'll try my best..

  • locally available
  • price is not that bad if salicylic acid works for you, considering that you are getting 4 items
  • the kit can last for a month
  • if you don't like those chemical-y scented products you might not like it
  • *it just didn't work on me
  • im not sure if this variant is available in other countries as well. i think in US they have the 'Advantage' which has Benzoyl Peroxide as main ingredients unlike this...
Will i buy it?
Nope. This is definitely the last time that i will try this kit. Once is enough, twice is too much...

I am sticking by what i said before that i do not use any products for skin care. I only wash my face regularly & use tomato mask as much as i can.

I am currently using Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon. I think it is doing a good job in cleansing. Will do a review on it after a couple of weeks.

My main priority now is to be able to buy a good concealer in covering up all those nasty spots that i suffered from this product. I'm seriously thinking of buying Mac's Studio Finish Concealer... but then if there is a cheaper alternative than MAC please tell me.

Have you tried this product?
Did it work for you?

Hope you all will have a good week,ladies!
Simbang Gabi is about to start this thursday... any of you planning to complete it?

Jaa ne~!

Please refrain from clicking any links on c-boxes especially the spams. You would never know if you will be directed to a site that are full of viruses or anything. I'm sure that you know how to distinguish real people from spammers.

* this post is my own. product was provided, but it did not in any way affect how i wrote this post. this is my personal experience. let it be known that what work/did not work for me could work/not work for you. use at your own discretion.


sugar sugar said...

Clean & Clear also makes me break out that's why I stay away from their products. :/

Adz Garcia said...

Hi Thiamere!

One reason that I follow your blog is because, like you, I do not have perfect skin. My skin scars easily whenever a zit dries out that's why I try so hard to keep my skin zit-free. While my imperfection isn't the same as yours, it still gives me a good idea what products will most likely work on me too.

Anyway, may I suggest clindamycin lotion? Sometime high school, my derma recommended it to me. Seven years later, I'm still using it. Sometimes, spot treatment lang. Sometimes naman I swipe it all over my face after my toner. It really depends on the condition of my skin. Benzac also works for me so I alternate them for maximum benefits. I still get zits either before my period or from trying new products but clindamycin and benzac still get the job done.

p.s. There are clindamycin solutions from sellers in multiply. I bought one just to compare to that from my derma. They smell different but work just the same. I'm sure all dermatologists have clindamycin. :) I hope this helps.

p.p.s. Clean and Clear isn't compatible with my skin too. tried it when I was younger. Never bought another clean and clear product again.

donnarence said...

naku sayang... i was about to suggest this to my brother he is suffering from acne too..

AskMeWhats said...

the hubby loves the Acne Gel!!!! We actually bought another set and just left the toner and moisturizer! hahahah obviously it's not for me but it works for Hubs :)

Sara said...

I am sorry it did not work for you :( anyway, thanks for the great review ^ ^

Lian said...

Sakin Effective..Nawawala Sila..

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