Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Veet Wax Strips

I decided to go over my piles of pictures on different folders of products-to-blog about for the next couple of days. This is something that had been sitting on my draft for a long time now so i guess it's finally time to do this review. Sorry for the bad picture quality. I promise that once i started blogging about new stuff (after getting rid of those piled-up pics) the quality would be a lot better!

I have made a couple of posts regarding hair removal & i said that waxing is still my favorite form of hair removal. Cold waxing... specifically, using wax strips. It's convenient & the result is just simply amazing! I have tried other wax strips but i still go back to Veet just because i think no one beats this. But for now since i'm too lazy to go shopping (is it really me?hahaha!) & i ran out of Veet, so i am just shaving my legs.

So let's start the review....

Veet Wax Strips got 2 variants...
The pink one (which i am using) & the green one which is more for those that have sensitive skin.

These are the contents of the box...

6 wax strips (that you peel each so you'll end up having 2)
2 finishing wipes
direction for use

You can read the direction for use first if you are a first timer.
I'll give you all some tips about waxing at the end of this post so for now let's focus on the product itself.

The hair growth should be somewhat obvious to the naked eye for better result. I grew mine like that so that you'll really be able to see the before & after. hehehe. Just imagine how many days i spent wearing jeans & just staying indoors just for the sake of this review. lol!

Going back...
Most often than not, the direction of the hair growth would be downwards. When you wax, you have to go against the grain of the hair which means that when you apply the strip, you have to pull it upwards.

Once you peel the strips off, you have to rub it downwards or going with the grain of your hair so that the hairs would stick to the wax completely. Just rub it 2 or 3x times. Don't over rub it! You wouldn't want to make the wax warm because it is gonna make a mess on your skin. The wax will be left behind on your skin even after pulling the strip. It will be disastrous!

Trust me on this!
Oh & do not...i repeat DO NOT put the other strip on the other leg as you are still working your other leg. The warmth from your skin will melt the wax.

Anyway, you'll get to see the instruction on the strips so you'll never do it wrong, i'm sure.
Here is the before & after picture....

Just look at that nice, hair-free (& exfoliated!haha) skin after just 1 pull!

Then a close-up picture of the strip (after 1 pull).

Sorry about the disgusting picture but i think you all would want to see how it clearly was able to take off all the hairs in just 1 pull!
I have tried other wax strips & only Veet can lift all the hair off my skin in just 1 pull. So that's just 1 "ouch!" unlike other strips where you would have to do it again & again, which is just simply torturous! We'd rather just do it in 1 go,right?

You can keep on using that 1 strip on your legs over & over until you feel that it's not sticking to your skin anymore.

Then to finish it off you need to use the finishing wipe.
Basically it's just a paper soaked in oil.
Oil will be able to get rid of the remaining wax left behind on your skin.

I love the scent of this!
I think it's like fruity & nutty at the same time... almond,i think.
I can't remember because i haven't used this for a while. hehe
I have to make sure that i include this on my shopping basket the next time i go shopping.

Once you're done, you can admire your hard work!
Hey, waxing is a hard work... & painful too. So you have to appreciate your smooth & hair-free legs!

Some things that you might want to remember about waxing:

  • It's better to wax after showering because your skin is soft.
  • Do not wet your skin after waxing
  • Make sure that your skin is oil-free before waxing because you wouldn't want to let your strips go to waste because the hair doesn't stick on it.
  • If you ever run out of finishing wipes, you can just use baby oil or any oil that you have on hand to clean your legs for the after-wax
One of the main reason why i like waxing is that i really notice that the hairs are growing a lot thinner with continued use. I have a really thick man-hair before but now they are considerably a lot finer compare to my pre-waxing days. So i personally believe that waxing really makes the hair finer with continued use. I am stressing the "continued" use because you won't see the result immediately after waxing once.

Now, one thing that i would also like you all to know is that waxing could cause ingrown hair.
What is it?
It is when the hair is trapped inside the skin as it grows. It is really very itchy!
I go crazy trying to restrain myself from not scratching my legs!
So you have to be wary about that. That's also one of the reason why i'm not that keen into buying wax strips once i have used it all.

As usual, i'll leave the price for you to decide if this is affordable or not.
It retails at around Php 280.

  • really works. the best strip for me so far!
  • love the scent
  • available locally
  • only has 2 wipes. it'll be better if it has more
Will i recommend it?
Of course! This is the best wax strip that i have used so i will recommend it for those who haven't tried it yet.

Will i buy it again?
I am a loyal user. Though i haven't bought it recently, but it made it on my products-worth-buying so i do repurchase.

Have you tried wax strips?
If not, what do you use for hair removal?

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Soap and Glory Body Butter Review

The weather has been pretty cold lately which makes using body butter a nice change for me.
I don't really use body lotions/body butter that much because i hate the sticky feeling on my skin plus it makes my skin feel suffocated. It feels so hot on my skin that i sweat after application which just makes a hot mess on my skin. But since the weather is cold, so i can now finally appreciate the warmth that butters can provide.

So, on to the Soap & Glory Body Butter

They have a tag at the side that says "the righteous butter"....
What exactly does righteous mean here?

I got mine on a giveaway that i won before but i don't get to use it that much. It's only now that i can get away to using it since we have a very comfortable weather.

Love the packaging!

It's pink & so girly!
Ingredients list...

On to the butter itself.
The only thing i can say about this is that it smells good!

Unfortunately,i don't know how to describe the scent just because i don't think it's flowery, nor is it fruity. the only thing that i can say is that it's like an artificial sweetener. lol!
I hate how most artificial sweet smells like but this one is something that i can tolerate & i am liking. It doesn't smell overpowering but the scent would last on your skin for a long time. I don't think i can use the word sexy to describe it (somehow) but i guess it's really more into a girly sweet smell.

I only use body butters on my feet just because they are the driest part of my body but this is the only butter that i use on my arms & legs just because it smells so nice! It's so addicting! Trust me on this.

This is like the pringles version of body butters...'once you pop, you can't stop!' lol!

I can't say anything for the moisturizing properties because i don't think it added anything on my skin. maybe it could lock moisture in your skin but i don't really know about it adding moisture though. It doesn't feel that heavy unlike other butters which is a plus for me since i hate the sticky feeling that you get when you use lotions.

I guess that's the only thing that i can say about this...
Obviously, i'm still not into full blogging mode because i can't really chatter on & on like how i used to. I wish i'll be bitten by the blogging bug once again.

Well, with that, let's make a little summary...

  • smells so good!
  • the scent last for hours & hours on the skin
  • you won't need a lot..a little goes a long way
  • you tend to use less so you'll have more to use later on (yay!)
  • not available locally
Will i buy it?
Maybe not the butter, but the perfume.
I think they have it...don't they?
I'm not that much into body butters but the scent of this is just so addicting!

I guess you can find some online shops here in the philippines that can pre-order it for you.
If you are into scents, then you have to smell this one. The scent is just so cute & unique!

Well, i hope you all are having a great fiday!
Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!

Monday, January 14, 2013

random nail arts the past couple of weeks~

I've been seriously trying to get my blogging mojo back. 
In fact, I've been working at it for days now. I have been staring at my draft for like a week now but for some reason i just can't seem to write anything worth reading,i guess.

I know i've been on several blogging hiatus last year & i would want to at least get on back to blogging (maybe not actively) as much as i can. I just can't seem to find a way on how to pick up where i left off.

Oh, my....
I'm sure my fellow bloggers know this so tell me how you, guys, get on blogging after feeling this "blogging block"?

It's like the feeling of wanting to do something & being in the mood of actually doing it are 2 completely different things now. I feel so alien writing things.. lol!

Anyway,i figured that i'll just share with you some of the nail arts that i had done the past couple of weeks.
This one is a personal favorite~

I love the song Dango Daikazoku. It's just so cute!
So when we had the song-inspired nail art on our group,i knew that i just had to do this.
It's just so adorable! Love this to bits. hihihihi

Then to contradict the cuteness of the dango nail art, this goth nail art is perfect for that.

I'm not really into these types but i guess somehow it is a refreshing change from the usual girly nail arts that i love to do so much. hehehe!

Then another sparkly & flirty nail art that i did last week...

I did this after the goth nail art.
I just feel like i wanna see something girly & fun after the goth nail art & this was perfect!
The glitters on this nail art cheered me up instantly. hehehe

Last but not the least...
My nail art up until this morning

I just had to use Floam once more.. but this time without using glue as base coat.
And boy,was that stupid or just plain dumb? hehehe
It was the hardest glitter polish that i had ever had the experience to remove. Now i know why Floam's rating wasn't 5 star as i thought it should have been.

If you ever own this & would want to sport this polish, just do yourself a favor & use glue as base coat. It'll save you a hell of a time, polish remover & effort when you wanted to remove it already.

Well, let's hope that somehow i'll be able to go back to blogging tomorrow.
Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

HBC turns 20 so it's time to shop~

HBC, one of my favorite local brand, is having a sale!
Yay for sales~

Here are some more details about it:

HBC is turning 20 and to celebrate this milestone, They’re offering “Celebrate Beauty @ 20,” a SALE event wherein customers can get:
·         20% Off and up on selected HBC Beauty Exclusive brands like San San, Allue, Body Recipe, Hortaleza Professional, and Hortaleza MD.
·         Beauty x 2 Treat (Free Diamond Peel + Free Facial) customers who will purchase P600 worth of HBC products.
·         Additional 20 Points for HBC Exclusives cardholders who will purchase P500 worth of HBC products
·         Discount on nipper sharpening services
·         Freebies for every P300 purchase of HBC’s Top Picks and New Products

SALE runs from January 11, 2013 - January 31, 2013 and is available in all HBC and HBC ShopMore stores nationwide.

For SALE updates, visit

Make sure you check out some of my favorites:
Hortaleza Illuminous Facial Soap Plus
SanSan Matte Liquid Foundation
Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream
HP Color Hair Spa (that i keep on forgetting to make a review..tsk!)
SanSan Polishes too! (my fave is the cloudy gray!)

Enjoy shopping~

Friday, January 11, 2013

Papulex review

I can't believe that this is my first entry for this year.
tsk tsk tsk
I'm such a bad blogger. hehehe

Anyway, i have a valid reason for that. Holiday preparations/activities had gotten the best of me then right after it, i just wasn't feeling that well. It's only now that i get to enjoy quality tie together with my books. lol!

To jumpstart this blogging year, i wanted to do a product review.
I mentioned Papulex the last time i wrote about my acne diary entry. On which, you can check the full 6 posts HERE if you wanted to go over them one by one.

Presenting the Papulex products

Papulex products are formulated specifically to address acne... how?
Let's take a closer look at them one by one....

Starting with the Moussant

This is big, it boasts a full-to-the-brim 150ml product.
You can read the description here, just click it for a larger image.

This is a cleansing gel, which means that it is colorless.
It is a soap-free cleansing gel, which means that it won't lather. Soaps contain sulfate that makes it lather, but at the same time strips the moisture off of the skin. A soap-free product means that it is gentle to the skin, no "tight & dry feeling" after washes.


As for the scent...
I notice that it smells like something like how facial washes for men are.hehehe

I prefer fragrance-free cleansers as much as possible though but if you like those manly-scents then this one is definitely for you.

Then the Oil-free Cream.

I like how this cream is really light & very easily absorbed by the skin.
Look! It's water-based!

w00t! w00t!
Another water-based products to add on our list!
I love water-based products~
It is easily absorbed by the skin. The good thing about this is that even if it is a cream, it's not too heavy unlike other creams

Then finally the Hydrating Cream

This is the one that worked really well for my brother.
I'm not a fan of the smell because i think it a clinic? hahaha!
It smells like a medicine already! But then, i guess it should smell like that since this is the antibacterial.

Click it for a larger image.

Actually when my brother used all 3 of them he said that he broke out after a week, so i told him to stop using the gel & oil-free cream but to just focus on this. I won't go into details, but i'll just let the picture do the talking for you.

Did you notice the redness & swelling was gone?
Plus, it didn't result to scarring! That is the best part of it.
Scarring is the worst that could happen when a person suffers from acne. I'm just lucky that mine wasn't severe & i was able to control it before it grew out of control.

I think it's better if you take a look at the website on explanation of how it works. The only thing that i'm here for is to testify & to show you that it does work. I told my brother that he has to continue using it.

So with that said, head on over to their Facebook page for more info about it.
I kept on saying that everyone has different skin & what works for me might not work for you. But i think this brand is worth looking at.

This is already available at Mercury Drug & selected stores so you might want to drop by & get the Isocorrexion if you must (recommended for severe acne).

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Products sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

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