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Friday, April 20, 2012

SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation Review

Remember the guessing game that i posted days ago?

Unfortunately, no one was able to guess what foundation i used. Know why? Just because this is one foundation that a lot of people might not have even tried using. I would not even guess what foundation was used..haha!

Anyway, i'll just be adding the prizes on my next giveaway.
The answer is the SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation!

I said before that i'm not really a foundation user but when i drop by at HBC during their sale period i bought 2 shades just because i'm not really sure what is my shade. But HBC was generous & gave me the rest of the shades so i already have all of them.

They have 4 shades...

from 1 to 4, with 1 as the lightest & 4 as the darkest shade.

As soon as you twist it open, you'll be greeted by their unique 'dispenser'. It's a spatula!

You would be able to control how much product you need as opposed to pumps that you can't even control. Though it could be a bit hard to get the desired product since this one is runny. Maybe they could substitute a dropper!

 Here's a swatch of their shades...

I would describe them as 1 & 3 with yellow undertones while 2 & 4 got pink undertones.
I said that it is runny & it provides light but good coverage. I'll tell you about the coverage later.

You can get all 4 of them & still be able to use all of them.
You don't believe me? Check this out!

See how you could come up with different shades when you combine all of them?
Why can you still use all of them? Several reasons...

  • darker foundations can be used to contour your face, whereas light shades could be used to highlight it. Since this is a matte finish you would be able to control how sharp you want your contour/highlight to be.
  • depending on the season you could either go from a shade darker or lighter than your usual tone. This one is more obvious for countries that has 4 seasons but you tend to be a bit lighter during winter season just because you don't go out that much while as for summer season you tend to be taking advantage of the sun & freshen up your tan,ne? that's why it's better to make sure that you have at least 3 foundation in your stash!
  • You can use the different shades of your face foundation even on your body to even out your skin. 
Since we are still talking about the topic of shades... my shade is a cross between 1 & 2 or either 2 & 3. I like that i can easily adjust it based on my skin. I said that 2 of them got yellow tones,ne? I think that you really have to add a tiny bit of pink undertone to get the perfect blend so make sure that you grab another bottle when you purchase,ok?

With that said, let's go the ingredients list:

Now let's talk about coverage.
I find it disturbing every time i post close-up pictures of my skin just because you can see everything. hahaha!
But of course, a close-up shot is a must,ne? That's how much i love all of you! LOL!

As you can see, I got red patches on my skin coupled with a few acne marks & blemishes.
This foundation was able to cover all of them.

This is how i look like without the foundation.
I just took it now because i forgot to take a pic of the before & after foundation. Anyway, it would still be the same face.. hehe

Hello, pale me! haha!
I didn't even apply any lip balm on. tsk tsk tsk...

This is how i look like with the foundation on...

Sorry about the junk at the background.
I took pic at the back of our house just because the light is good there. hehe

I know it doesn't look too obvious that i had foundation here. That's the good thing there,ne? It looks so natural you can't even tell if i had any at all! You can only know the difference if you really scrutinize it! Look at how even the color of my cheeks are with the foundation on.

Since this is runny, it doesn't feel heavy or cakey on the skin.
When you apply liquid foundation it's better to use a wet make-up sponge as opposed to using brushes. This is something that i had proven on my foundation experiment. I had used foundation brush, contour brush, buffer, stippling, kabuki, etc but none of them was able to give me the flawless finish that make-up sponge can give.

I understand why girls are going bananas on beauty blender (though i haven't used it) just because a sponge is something that you should not make light of.

I might be raving about the coverage but not really on the wear time.
Again, the reason why i don't wear foundation is because i perspire a lot. I just get annoyed every time i try to wipe my face & i would see my foundation on my hanky. Transfer-resistant foundation doesn't work on me when i sweat so i just don't bother with foundation at all.

How much more for this? This is not transfer-resistant & it can't stand my skin when it sweats. XD

So i'll leave the wear time blank... Just read other blogger's review on that.
However, I can vouch for the coverage just because it really is good!

I can't remember the exact price of this but I know that this is less than 200 per bottle.
I think i even got my first 2 bottle on sale period at only 100 each! How's that for the price?! Very affordable! So wait for the sale period if you want to save a few more peso but let me tell you, paying for the full price is worth.

  • locally available
  • decent coverage
  • no heavy feeling
  • glides smoothly on the skin
  • affordable
  • can be blended easily
  • runny texture
  • limited shades (i suggest you buy 2 bottle to custom mix your own shade)
  • it has that coconut-ty scent & i'm not a fan of coconut scents... actually i prefer my cosmetics to be fragrance-free
Will i buy it?
I did & i will buy it again once i used all of them though i don't think i'll be buying it anytime soon. hehe

Will i recommend it?
Of course!
If you are on a budget & is still looking for a nice foundation then you just have to try this. i didn't experience any break out on this. Well, i had a primer on so i'm not sure. hehehe
But my skin reacts easily to something when it doesn't agree on a certain product & i didn't experience any irritation at all so it means that my skin is ok with this!

Just make sure that you apply a finishing powder to top it off,ok?

This is the finish look, i top it off with Eshiko Ultra HD Powder. 
I have to say that HD powders really look nice to finish the look! Makes everything look so flawless!

Cam whoring time!

This foundation makes it easy for me to even out my skin from the neck below. Everything just looks so even!

What i used in this look:
Primer-Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
Foundation-SanSan Matte Finish Foundation in 01 & 02
Brows-ELF Studio Brow Kit in Medium
Lips-Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love that Red
Finishing Powder-Eshiko Ultra HD Powder

Make sure you give this foundation a try,ok?
Nothing to lose!
By the way,did you know that they already have online shopping?
Go to their website to give it a try!

Hope you all will have a great weekend,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Make sure you join my current giveaway,ok?
Click HERE for more info.

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.


Aanastacia said...

wow! there is so many different shades! and the coverage is so great!

angelamhiere said...

Huhuhu... Aigoo... I missed the link leading to the facebook link... aigoo... I guessed it right pa naman... TT___TT

spirit_pb said...

this is the only liquid foundie that i have because it does the job and looks good in pics! too bad I did not guessed it right. the answer is on my face! literally.heheh

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it is!
it's also lightweight

Thiamere Brea said...

i'll be having another giveaway sometime. i hope that you'll join it ha

i'd choose this over revlon liquid foundation in a heartbeat!
that's how much i love this!

Thiamere Brea said...

better luck next time,hun

are you using this foundation too?

angelamhiere said...

Yeah! Better luck next time... I don't remember if I have tried this yet, but I have used their makeup base before and loved it. =)

Might as well give this one a try! ^__^

Anonymous said...

May I know where you purchase your ELF products? Also, which HBC do you go to?


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