Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tell me how you take care of your eyes & get a chance to win free glasses! (CLOSED)

Do you wear glasses? I do.
You might have seen me take pics of when I wore it.

It’s actually an essential part of me. I am in front of a computer most of the time so I have to have a computer glasses. I have to say that it works like a charm because I have been a computer user for more than 6 years & my ophthalmologist declared just a week ago that I have healthy eyes! Yay!

I have been wearing glasses ever since high school, though I don’t really wear them as much. I have tried wearing contact lenses but I just hate the feeling of it on my eyes so there’s no freakin’ way that I would wear contact lenses again even if you pay me a million. Hahaha!

Now, I have good news for you, guys.
Firmoo, has been generous enough to allow me to host a giveaway for you guys, this is especially for those who wear glasses like me.

 This is the giveaway rules:
·        Must be my follower
·         Must LIKE Firmoo on Facebook
·         Must be a blogger
·         Leave a comment & tell me how you take care of your eyes. Don't forget to include your GFC name & blog site.
·         If you are chosen as one of my winners, you should write a review about Firmoo once you receive your prize.

This giveaway will start from today, April 18 until May 18. So the giveaway will go on for 1 month. This is open to anyone worldwide! I will be choosing 10 best answers so it means 10 winners! Yay!

This is an awesome giveaway, guys!

I am just waiting for my own pair of glasses. What I like about their website is that you can try the glasses ‘virtually’. How cool is that?!

So, I’ll be waiting for your answers & I’ll be announcing the winners later on so make sure you check back every now & then. The winners will have 48 hrs to contact me.

Have a great day, hunnies!
Good luck!


Denysia said...

I followed firmoo on Facebook. And I am a follower of your blog. My gfc name is Denysia Y. I take care of my eyes by eating a lot of vegetables and I always try to take breaks when I'm reading or on my computer for long periods of time.

ELLE said...

not putting too much make up on my eyes, 'cause I really have sensitive eyes. ;)
GFC: Elle
fb: elle shoppe

Thiamere Brea said...

copied from blogger comments:

Hi! I followed firmoo on Facebook. And I am a follower of your blog. My gfc name is Denysia Y. I take care of my eyes by eating a lot of vegetables and I always try to take breaks when I'm reading or on my computer for long periods of time.
By Denysia on tell me how you take care of your eyes & get a cha... on 4/18/12

arra morta said...


I already liked FIRMOO on facebook as Arra Morta
I already followed FIRMOO on twitter too as @NakedArra
GFC: arra

"I take care of my eyes by not reading on a dim-lit room ,I have heard it can cause your eyes to age faster.And I always wear a sunglass whenever I go out to protect my eyes from hazardous elements as well as sun's rays that causes cataract (it also prevents you from squinting too much that can cause early onset of crows feet in the skin around your eyes).And of course I eat vegetables and fruits to make my eyes appear brighter and white,trust me you will kook younger if your eyes is bright:) And lastly I dont share eye products no matter how close I am to my friends,coz I'm afraid to get nasty eye infection:)

Arra Morta

Meilorzano said...

Followed Firmoo on facebook!
I have also been using glasses ever since 3rd grade caused by my poor eyesight due to the accident that happened when I was much younger.
I am using olay eye cream to prevent the 7 signs of early eye aging
I always remove my eye makeup if I had it on.
I always make sure to let my eyes relax after being infront of the computer for a long period of time.
I don't rub my eyes
And I am currently taking a vitamin that was referred to me by a friend. :)
Marie Lorzano

JennyAustria said...

I take care my eyes by eating lots of yellow and orange vegetables and fruits, a lot of water, i make sure to sleep 8hrs a day to avoid stress to my eye pressure to maintain its balance, i avoid stress, i do not read while im in a moving vehicle but sometimes i cant resist because of someone is texting you but i make sure to avoid as much as i can. at bed time i make sure to have no eye makeup to avoid the makeup go to my eyes. when im using colored contact lenses back then, i make sure to wash my hands before wearing them on and cleaning the lenses container everyday and change the container when im about to put back again the lenses to avoid bacterial growth, oh and make sure to lubricate your lenses every 2 hours perhaps so the lenses would not be dry (don't wait to make you feel that the lenses are dry to feel). Don't share eye makeup or any product for eye to avoid passing of microorganisms. But the bottom line is I think you should eat a lot of foods high in vit a. :)
Liked Firmoo Fanpage.
·GFC: jenny07_tm

Clair said...

Followed Firmoo on Facebook as Clair Ching.
Followed Firmoo on Twitter as stilawallflower.

How I take care of my eyes these days:
1. When I put on any skin care product, I am careful with how I apply eye cream and skin care products so I won't irritate my eyes.
2. I remove eye makeup and I try to not rub my eyes or tug at them.
3. I try to make sure that my gadgets and laptop are not too bright.
4. I try to rest my eyes regularly. Sometimes just by looking away from the monitor for a few minutes or closing my eyes for a bit helps me. :) I should probably install an application to remind me of that. XD
5. One of my friends reminded me that high blood sugar levels can affect my vision. Because my family has diabetes in the genes, I am now watching my sugar intake, just to be on the safe side.
6. I also try to not get my eyes too dry by inducing tears sometimes or by closing them. I used to have Bell's Palsy and the doctor did tell me back then that I needed to protect my eyes so they won't get dry. Up to now, I still remember that advice.
7. I go to an optometrist roughly every year (max of 1.5 years gap) to have my eyes checked and see if my eyes have improved or what.

I will definitely want a new pair of glasses soon because I am up for a visit to the optical shop. XD So I hope you pick me <3 (shameless request, i know! but i do need a new pair soon.)

Breena Estillore said...

Followed Firmo on Facebook as Breena Reubee Estillore

I've been wearing glasses for 8 years. My grade just keeps on increasing because I'm myopic, meaning there's a defect with my lens. So the only way is to have surgery and I don't want to go under the knife. I'd rather wear glasses than risk losing my eyesight. Anyway, I take care of my eyes by not overusing it. Whenever I'm reading or using the computer, I always take into consideration rest. I always rest. I don't strain my eyes. Furthermore, I also love to eat vegetables. It's always part of my meal. My friends call be bunnywabbit because I like to munch carrots. :) I've also stopped wearing contact lenses because I fear that my eyes would get infected. Better be safe than sorry, right? I also use my glasses as protective gear whenever we have duties in the operating room. It protects my eyes from any blood splatters. Also, when I'm riding the tricycle, I use my glasses to prevent dust from entering my eyes. Pretty useful. :)

Charlene B. said...

FB Name: Charlene Lyra Bianes
GFC: Charlene B.

Here's how I take care of my eyes:

- I like reading books and when I do, I always practice not to read in dim light. I also avoid reading in a reclining or lying position. (I used to do that when I was younger.)

- Of course, reading extends to computers. In fact, nowadays, I find myself in front of the computer most of the time. I deal with this by making sure my face is not too near the computer and I take away my vision from the screen every few minutes and/or shut my eyes for a few seconds. I'm also happy to say that my eyeglasses have UV protection.

- I try my best to avoid rubbing my eyes. This is my greatest feat, I admit. It seems I got the habit of doing that. But when I do, I make sure that I use a clean tissue or handkerchief.

- I make sure that I only use trusted eye makeup products and that I always take my makeup off before I sleep.

- As much as possible, I avoid looking directly into sunlight. I even don't want to stay under the sun for long because my mom told me that doing that can affect the eyes too. Having an umbrella and sunglasses are surely a must during these hot summer days.

- I make sure that I wear my eyeglasses all time. They say that not doing so will only increase the grade.

- Lastly, I drink lots of water and eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables particularly those which helps eyesight such as squash (kalabasa) and carrots. Enough sleep is also a must for me.

I've been using eyeglasses for six years now. I have myopia and astigmatism. These glasses have surely helped me a lot. Before using these, everything in my world was just blurred. So with these eyeglasses, I also learned how to take care of my eyes.

Thanks thiamere and Firmoo for this great contest! Just what I need! :)

rhania escueta said...

FB Name: Rhania Escueta Chang
GFC: rhaindropz

Taking care of my eyes ^_^

since highschool ive been wearing a pair of eyeglasses, akala ni papa gusto ko lang pumorma.. so para hindi tumaas ang grado ng mga mata ko.. here are some tips i could recommend:

♥ mahilig ako magbasa, so its best practice na you have the proper lightning, wag masadong maliwanag.. at hindi rin masyadong dim..
♥ i wear contact lenses.. (before, medyo katamad this days hehehe, lalo pag may baby ka.. more time para sa baby hehehe) make sure not to wear it for more than 12hours..
♥ before using any type of eye-drops, make sure you read the label well. Almost all the drops available in the market suggest not using them, while wearing contact lenses.
♥ kapag lalabas, lalo na sa panahon natin ngayon wear sunglasses (take note: yung polarized ha kasi it would protect your eyes from UV)
♥ sa katulad kong 8hours ang work at computer ang palaging kaharap, make sure na may eyeglasses ka na may UV protection..
♥ eat veggies.. lalo na yung kalabasa at carrots (you can make carrot shake if you want ^__^)
♥ rest your eyes at a time lalo at masyadong nakatitig sa computer.. (its either na humahabol sa deadline just to finish it on time.. o pagf-FB at pag-ge-games hehehe)
♥ pamper your eyes.. press cold cucumber slices gently against eyes 10 minutes before going to sleep at night to prevent puffiness.
♥ yearly eyecheckup (good thing we have APE here)
♥ quit smoking..
♥ take supplements (they were readily available in market)

^_^ thanks dear..

Jam Padilla said...

I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old, and I have astigmatism. Ever since, I take care of my eyes by 3 ways:

First, I simply wear my eyeglasses everyday. It's pretty useful because besides avoiding the chance of making the grade of my eyeglasses shoot up, it protects my eyes from dust and other foreign infectants.

Second, I avoid too much products. I don't use products that can contaminate my eyes or make-up that require application too close to them. You can't be too careful to risk that when it smudges, it reaches your eyes!

Lastly, I cry just right. It may sound very unconventional, but it's true for me. Tears moisturize your eyes, but then I wouldn't want my eyes to get tired because of too much crying. Alas, I make sure I cry just right for the perfect balance of moisturization and less dryness in my eyes :)

*Jam Padilla on Facebook (
*Jam Padilla on GFC (

sammiisamson said...

FB Name: Rose Samson
GFC: Sammy

I take care of my eyes by doing the basic, common steps taught to me since I was young. These includes not watching the television too close ( yup, I believe that HAHA ), not reading in the dark, not staying too long in front of the computer, not to rub your eyes when it feels itchy or so, eating vegetables ( though seldom HAHA :p ) and sleeping 8 hours or more so my eyes can rest too.

I've also created my own simple ways of taking care of my eyes like adjusting the settings of our computer's monitor, wearing shades when it's sunny, wearing shades in front of the computer if it seems too bright or when my eyes feel itchy while on it and not putting on any contact lenses and other stuffs.

I believe that these simple and basic yet really necessary activities/routines are great and indeed helpful in keeping my eyes healthy, bright and dazzling! Like what they always say, you'll always go back to the basics :)

So before anything bad might happen, I just follow the basics so no further complication will follow.

Hazel Grace Bellen said...

FB Name: Hazel Grace Bellen
GFC: Hazel Grace Bellen

My eyes started to be myopic when I was in 4th year highschool and it is due to too much exposure to the computer screen when I was used to write for our school paper. I also got it from reading too much manga.

I have learned my lesson. I lessened the time in using computer and watching tv. I always wear my glasses when using the computer however I can't wear it if the weather is unforgiving. I also make it sure that I have enough hours of sleep.

It is also important to have a regular eye check up since my eye grade is changing every year. It is also nice to get a pair of glasses from an opthalmologist because it will fit your eyes well. I once experienced getting annoyed with my glasses because it is so near my under eye's skin and it gets sweaty even if I'm in an airconditioned room. I'm not satisfied because of its quality and expensive price. Now, I visited a shop in Quaipo that sells very cheap glasses and it fits me well too.

I'm afraid of contact lenses because I'm very antukin. I sleep without even knowing it. hahaha. I don't want to get red and itchy eyes that's why I'm sticking with my glasses.

Thank you for this giveaway and more power to your blog! :)

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