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Friday, April 27, 2012

Franken Polishes again~

Frankening polishes is just so addicting!
I have been frankening the past couple of days & i've come up with a couple of neat polishes. I'ma share some of them with you.

I call this Bewitching Hour.

This is a dark teal jelly with lots of flakies & glitters.
I originally wanted to make a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Ray of Light (which i think is like Orly's Fowl Play) but as i was taking a look at my inventory, i saw my teal jelly polish so i just decided to go for teal instead of navy blue. I just can't resist making it darker & put in a few drops of Kleancolor Chunky Bluebell with other flakies too.

Love how it looks on the bottle,ne?
I am so addicted to flakies so you can expect more of them! haha

Then next is my Paradisco polish.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look good in pictures.
I have taken like 57 picture of this but i can't seem to capture the true beauty of it. It's a deep red jelly loaded with lots of glitters! I used hexagons, flitters, stars, chunky & fine ones too! Talking about glitter bomb!

Next is my Lemon Spritzer

This is a different twist on my Island Cocktail.
I just used a different base since i can't find San San's Soleil Canary Glow anymore.

Then my nameless polish...

I originally was planning to name this as "Disco Lights" since this is a clear base with lots of hexa & fine glitters. It looks really pretty in the bottle because you get to see the play of colors when the light hits it. The only thing is that i wasn't expecting that my hexa glitters tend to crush/shatter on application. I was a bit surprised when i saw those white flakes but i'm still happy. This is a successful failure,ne?

I was thinking of the name "All Hail the Fail" but it won't fit my label since it's too long. hahaha!
Still thinking of a name though.... hmmm.

I got great name suggestions from my nail art group.
How about 'crushed gems'? or 'crushed crystal'?
I can't decide between the two.

Finally, for those who are curious about the Spectraflair that i got, here is the difference between the 2.

SF14 is finer than 35 so you get a rather fine linear holographic effect as opposed to 35. I prefer the 35 though just because it has a rather obvious holo effect than the other. It is just not that obvious here but you'll see it in person.

Hope you all like my creations.

Have a great weekend,y'all!

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Maggie said...

I love Bewitching Hour. I don't find black nail polish appealing but the franken twist makes me want to wear dark nail polishes! Love all the glittery details! Good job, Thiamere!

Aya said...

57 pictures? That must have been really frustrating! But they look good to me in pics naman :D

You're the queen of franken-ing! :D

Kumiko Mae said...


Banannie said...

you seriously got me addicted to franken polishes! it's difficult to name them, sometimes! but i'm enjoying it! tipid pa! haha! :p i'm going to try to recreate your island cocktail next time! <3

arra jurado said...

so inspiring.. i love love love your franken polishes :"> do you know where I can buy empty nail polish bottles? I wanna try frankening. I want to mix nail polish but if I'm I'm going to leave the nailpolish half full, i don't know where to put the other half. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

same here.
i just have to do something about the colors that i am not using & frankly my teal creme polish doesn't appeal to me so i just have to save it... LOL!

Thiamere Brea said...

it's really frustrating!
i can't seem to capture how glittery it looks like
hindi lang talaga sya photogenic e

Thiamere Brea said...

the 14 looks better in picture,ne?
but if you are going to buy spectraflair make sure that you also get 35 because it's way better than 14

Thiamere Brea said...

diba? why let your old polish go to waste when you can do something with it. that reminds me, i have been planning on making a post about some frankening tips that i have gotten from my experience... what do you think?

i hope you'll be able to,hun.
it's such a fun polish to wear lalo ngayong summertime. it really screams summer!

Thiamere Brea said...


you can buy empty bottles from Johanne in facebook. feel free to add her store account:

or you can just clean some of the old polish bottle that you have.
you can put acetone on it. leave it on overnight then the next day continue getting rid of the remaining polish with acetone. once everything is gone, you then need to rinse the bottle with a polish thinner/solvent. it will make cleaning the bottle easier if you use a solvent. kaya lang mas mahal ang solvent e. haha!

Maggie said...

Great work then! I initially thought you set up your own nail polish line! :P All your works are amazing. Puedeng dupe sa mga mamahaling nail polishes. :)

arra jurado said...

wow! thank you for sharing that idea. actually I was kinda hesitant to clean the bottles because I didn't know someone cleaning the bottles...haha kaya ayoko itry. I will also check the store you suggested. Thank you! :) ♥

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweets!
i do clean my polishes & i have a whole array of polish thinner dahil yun nga ang ginagamit ko para matanggal yung polish. it works better than acetone kasi it just doesn't break down the polish. it thins out the polish making it easier for you to get rid of it.

Banannie said...

on frankening tips! ..oh please do! that would be really helpful! aaaand i'd appreciate it if you'll check out my franken polishes in my blog.. hehe! nainspire mo talaga ako!

Thiamere Brea said...

nakikini kinita ko susunod maghahanap ka na din ng suspension base pag talagang nakahiligan mo na ang mgfranken.

i'll be working on a frankening tips post asap
just need to take some pics muna. hehe


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