Tuesday, June 30, 2009

*UPDATED* rants & ramblings ~beauty tips & tricks~

As what i said on my comment on Dana's rant about contest that asks people to FOLLOW them...which makes the beauty blogging so like a popularity contest, i decided to hold a giveaway for my current followers...

As of now i have 105 followers & i never imagined that 50 people would follow me..how much more, 100+....so as a way of saying thank you, i'd do a simple contest...

I did not name my post as "MY CONTEST" for i want to know who really takes time to read my post & visit my blog. I won't advertise this one too.

Contest will run for 19 days... It will start July 1 until July 19 (Philippine Standard Time)...i'll pick the winner at July 20...

I will have 2 winners - one will be chosen by ME & the other one will be drawn...

We all are beauty bloggers....we share one passion & that is to beautify ourselves. Im pretty sure each of us have our very own beauty tips & tricks. Let's share our knowledge. And with that...

Make a post about your own beauty tips & tricks!

Please write as many as you can so that the people who can read it would also be able to try it for themselves. The best tips & tricks will be the winner...You can give tips about skin care...or hair care...or applying cosmetics..as long as its about BEAUTY & worked on you & made you feel & look better.

Just one entry per person...

Then i will have another winner which will be handpicked (literally) by me...

I don't have that much stuff with me so i won't be able to have big prizes...plus im too poor to buy high end brands... These are the prizes that i have...but will be adding more as the days progressed...

If you put in more effort (like demonstrate it by pictures by making a blog post - not necessary but will be nice) then it'll be even better...you will have better chances of winning...again,
  • no need to link your post on this contest
  • no need to advertise it ( actually i insist that you don't tell a soul about this)
...just inform me thru the comment box or cbox that you have made an entry about the beauty tips & tricks.

I'll even throw in a surprise prize (wow!that rhymes..lol!) for the lady who took the effort to make a very informative & winning post...

I hope you girls will be willing to share your beauty tips & tricks...

An example entry will be like THIS

this contest is exclusive for my followers ONLY...
if you want to join but you are not one of my current 105 followers...(i know all of my followers)
please send it on my email - thiamere_brea@yahoo.com with the title 'beauty tips & tricks' then make a post on your blog about your beauty tips & tricks (but don't say that its for a contest) then inform me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Splurge & Save - June

It's the end of the month again...time for the Splurge & Save corner...

Zits keep popping on my face...& im really getting annoyed with this pesky bumps so my June splurge & save will be about pimple treatment...

As what i said before, when i was a teenager i have never broken out as much as i do now..& its really irritating. So on my quest to find out what can help fight zits, i present to you the products that i have tried/been eyeing....

For Tea Tree Oil:

Splurge: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

-The pre-blended tea tree oil formulation is a true superstar. Not only is it great for emergency, on-the-spot care of blemishes, it is a multi-functional product that can be used in many other ways.
-pros:as what they said, it's multi-function

Save: Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil

-Extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Australian Tea Tree, its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties deep cleanses your skin and leaves it blemish free.
-Php 120 (less than $3)
-pros:same with TBS oil, this can also be multi-function
-cons:might not be available internationally

Tea Tree Oil really works! Just dab a little on the bump...especially at night & the moment you wake up it's gone!

For Acne Treatment Concealer:

Splurge: Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

-Heals blemishes with acne-fighting Salicylic Acid while providing long lasting coverage
-pros: it's not drying unlike other concealers
-cons: only 3 shades:light, medium, dark

Save: Physicians Formula Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer
-Maximum coverage concealer formula that glides on smoothly to conceal blemishes, dark under-eye circles, scars, birthmarks, age spots, bruises, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.
-pros: available everywhere
-cons: might be a bit drying

We need to conceal zits, but at the same time we don't want to pack cosmetics on our pores seeing as its all red & swollen. These concealers do the job in concealing & healing!

For Clarifying Mask:

Splurge: Murad Clarifying Mask

-Draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to control and prevent breakouts
-pros: works almost instantly
-cons: the smell might be overwhelming for some because of the sulfur

Save: Aspirin Mask

-check my post to know more info about it HERE
-a bottle of aspirin is more or less than $3
-pros: dirt cheap & is available everywhere
-cons: you have to take the time to prepare it for yourself

If we need to use Clarifying shampoo on our hair..how much more our face?!
i swear that Aspirin mask works wonder...Murad's mask will definitely be good seeing as it got sulfur (sulfur heals any skin problems)..but since Aspirin Mask works for me..i don't see myself buying the mask..maybe sometime... XD

Hope this month's Splurge & Save post will help you in combating those pesky zits.
I also made a post before about pimple treatment..you can read it HERE, if you want to.

Until next month's Splurge & Save

Hope everybody will have a lovely week ahead!

~beauty bloggers giveaways & contests~part 3

A new set of giveaways....

Giveaway 1 - Let's all wish MC of Eyezaddiction a merry Birthday!

click on the pic for more info

Giveaway 2 - Ji of Deep Winter Sleep is having her first giveaway

click on the pic for more info

Giveaway 3- Frances of Beauty for a Living is giving away GC's to pamper yourself

Giveaway 4- Kessa of Little Miss Kessa is giving away awesome stuff

Saturday, June 27, 2009

contest entry - Paris Hilton inspired

Pop Champagne is one of my favorite blogger....(of course i love everybody! *hugs*)
It's just that Pop is one lady who is drop dead gorgeous plus so friendly...
what's there not to love?

& i promised that i will join her contest...her Paris Hilton inspired contest

I don't think nobody can even be exactly like Paris for Paris is Paris, but this contest made me feel like her even for a minute...

It was hard to choose a look that Paris made & it took me ages trying to find a good pic but i still wasn't able to find one...Usually when i look for pics, there would be one or two that would stand out among all the other pics...but this time i don't have any... So i just decided to play it safe & make 2....

A simple Paris

& the model Paris

Again, there's no way in hell I can be Paris..heck, im too fat to be like her!

It's only i who took the pic so there's no way that i would be able to pose like what she did...its sad that my cam doesn't have a timer...yeah yeah...i have that cam with me since like forever but i can't bear to part with it for it was my bf's mum who gave it to me...how could i?!

On with my look....

This is the first one that i did...the model Paris...

the lips is suppose to look pink but for some reason my cam washes out the color

I still showed this one because believe it or not, it took me an hour or two just trying to get the perfect lips, but then my cam washed out the color...what's up with that?! grrrrr! (@_@)

Next is more like me for its simple...& as what i said before i am more into simple everyday look so i rather favor this one...

The simple Paris
For some reason too, my camera is loving me tonight for i was able to take a couple of neat pics..yay for that!

Cam whoring time!

My camera has been my 'lover' for quite sometime ..but for some reason, he just stopped loving me...until now....haha XD

Among the lot, for some reason this is my favorite...even if its blurry

That's it!
i don't want you guys to get tired of my face so i'll stop now..

You have to join the contest!
As what Pop said, bring the diva out of you!

Ok,with that im done!
Time to go to sleep..
it's already 2:36 am here...gotta watch Transformers later

Happy Weekend,y'all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

contest entry - favorite lip product

This is my entry for Akisa's Giveaway..

My favorite lip products are:

  • Lipstick - Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Pink U12
  • Lip Balm - Ellana Minerals Lip Pot in Infatuation
  • Lip Gloss - Lancome Juicy Tubes in Fraise
Here is a swatch:

My everyday look is just mostly consist of eyeliner, blush & light lipstick. Im not much of a red lippie too (matte ones) so i just usually go for sheer or lip balms...

This is a pic of my bare lips...
geez..i didn't realize that the powder that i put on my face will make the skin around my lips look like that...just ignore it XD

This is the look with Avon Ultra Rich:

This is the look with Ellana Minerals:

This is the look with Juicy Tubes:

Among the 3 i mostly use the Ellana Lip pot for i like how moisturizing it is plus it gives my lips a very soft look...add the fact that it's long lasting & it doesn't give you that icky feeling that you sometimes get when you apply any lip products..most specifically lip gloss.

The Avon is good for when i need to go out in the evening. It is also moisturizing & not 'heavy' on the lips. I like that its really just sheer & it just compliments my lips & gives me the finished look without going to the trouble of taking much time.

The Ellana is for day time & Avon is for night time...

I don't usually use lip gloss for i hate the icky feeling, but i can get away with using Juicy tubes as long as i don't put it generously. I love the smell of this & it really stays on my lips.

These are my current faves...although i have to say that the Ellana is a staple for me!

How about you?
What is/are your favorite lip product/s?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~beauty bloggers giveaways & contest~ part 2

After yesterday's post, i realized that i missed a few things..
this will be a follow up of it

  • Giveaway 1 - Makeup Packrat is giving away NYX & LA Colors stuff...Let's all help her decide what could be a good name for her Etsy shop
Click HERE for more info

  • Giveaway 2 - Martha is also giving away some stuff...but only for Philippine based bloggers...
Click the pic for more info

  • Giveaway 3 - Recessionista is also giving away awesome stuff...but this one is for US based bloggers
Click the pic for more info
  • Giveaway 4 - DSK is giving away lots of amazing stuff!
Click the pic for more info
  • Giveaway 5- Linda is also having a giveaway but only for US & Canada based bloggers
Click the pic for more info

  • For those who ordered the MPPB for June, Linda have a contest - Click HERE
  • Cupcake Couture also have a contest...Click HERE

Feel free to join the giveaways/contests that i put here. If you know any other giveaways/contest you can ping me on my cbox & i'll add it here so that you can just take a look at this post to join in & let everybody know about it

I might update this every now & then..


~beauty bloggers giveaways & contests~

It's really raining love on the beauty blogging world...
Here is another set of giveaways..,plus the ongoing contests

Click on the image for more info

click on the image for more info

it's for Philippine readers only..click on the image for more info
  • Giveaway 4 - Stephie J is giving away awesome stuff

click on the pic for more info

Giveaway 5 - Scrangie is giving away Zoya Polishes

click on the pic for more info

click on the pic for more info
(just click the link for more info)
  • Giveaway 8 - Akisa is giving away amazing lip products & stuff

click the pic for more info

Start clicking!

Now for the makeup contests:
Lots of things to keep us busy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rants & ramblings ~Nivea update & cloth pads~

Its raining cats & dogs today..Temperature is just right but the world seems a bit gloomy (that is for me)..though there is something about rainy days that makes me just wanna be lazy & cuddle in bed surrounded by pillows...

Just a little update on my Nivea Skincare...

The eye cream is doing a poor job (started june 8) ...i never expected it to actually 'whiten' or lighten my undereye area, but maybe just make it firmer...up until now i don't see any improvement at all. I guess i just have to wait a bit...use it for a month before actually giving a full review.

As for the whitening cream..i think its better than the eye cream for it did whiten my skin a tad bit (started june 8)...though i have to say that its doing a poor job in controlling the oil, for i have to use oil films after an hour.

Plus, i cut my nails just to test out the Kiss Xtreme Growth...I have never tried any nail growth product before & i wanna see for myself if they are for real...will let you know about it after a week...

Have any of you ever heard of cloth pads?

I read a blog before saying the use of Feminine Wash actually harms the body's balance (or something like that) so using it often is bad... So i guess same with the use of pantyliners...With products now stating that they reduce the odor or whatever, it just made me think that they are adding more chemicals to it which might just be bad for our delicate area...

Actually i ordered some yesterday..i know i made a promise not to buy anything until i get my all my packages but since i see this as a need not as a want, so i just have to. I figured that it will save me money because i wouldn't have to buy pantyliners every month. It's always been better to go for natural things, that's why i decided to get these for myself...plus i have to admit they look so cute..bright & fun!

I knew about it from Nikki's post & has wanted to buy one but i always keep on forgetting until yesterday. I searched other stores looking for others, but Tiny Tapir is the cheapest so far & im thinking that since this is from Malaysia so it won't take a month for it to arrive.

There are some on Etsy though...
Will give my two cents after i have tried & used it...

Have you've ever heard of this?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hairstyle 101 -side up sweep

I was reviewing my blog last weekend & i saw that my hairstyle section has never been updated...you can take a look here to see my first post
blame it on the lack of ideas & time...
so i decided that i'll do a follow up post this week.

Arranging my hair is one thing that i like to do aside from lots of things. My mom once said, if you want to have long hair, you have to fix it yourself. So i grew up styling my own hair...

As i thought of hairstyles that i can do, it dawn on me that it would be hard to do anything aside from the usual bun. So i try to rack my brain thinking of different look & i even took a look at some of the old magazines lying around the house & came up with this look.

This style is good for ladies who have long wavy hair. If you would still want to don this look but have straight hair you can just curl it with an iron.

Since i have a wave & loose curl, sporting this look makes it easier for me since i wouldn't need to curl my hair to have that 'flowy' hair...So this look just takes me less than 5 mins to do.

Things needed:
  • hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • curling iron (optional)
  • hair tie with cute decorations/hair scarf
  • head band
  • Prepare your hair...you can put a mouse, or hair polish or anything that you put on your hair before you style it. This 'do' is great for a day old hair.
  • Section your hair
  • Tie your hair in a side ponytail...like so
  • Clip your bangs so that it won't get in the way
  • Take the hair & wind it..like so...
  • ..to make a small bun
  • Secure it with some bobby pins
  • I put 3 bobby pins to hold the bun
  • If you have a thick hair you can hold it with another hair elastic.
  • So it would look like this....don't worry if the elastic can be seen...
  • Then take your hair tie...in my case i use a scarf since my hair ties are missing :(
  • Top the bun with your hair tie just to cover the bobby pins & the hair elastic..in my case i tie the scarf to cover it.
  • For women who have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to make some waves. Spritz it with a hair spray to set it in place.
  • Fix your bangs & put a headband to finish the look.

And you're done!
What i like about this style is that if it's too hot you can tie the loose hair in the bun for comfort!

I'll be updating my hairstyle 101 as much as i can..so this would be an additional installment aside from my Splurge & Save corner & homemade facial mask 101...

Hope you enjoyed this one...
See ya on my next hair post!

Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

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