Friday, February 13, 2009

Hairstyle 101 - Side bun

I have always had long hair...ok..not always..when i was in elementary i have short hair..hehe...but when i hit my early teens i made it a point to have it at least up til my shoulders. There was even a time when its so long (like middle of the back) that mom said she will cut it for me. So i let her cut it (ill spare you the details)...& cut it up til my ears..& i was so mad that time..

Anyways, I'll try to post a few of my favorite hairstyles & how i do it.

So for you guys to have an idea how long my hair is..............took this pic months ago, but since i had it trimmed then its still this long.

Ok, so late this morning mom said i have to go to the grocery to buy some stuff. So i had to take a bath, etc...i was actually just thinking of letting my hair down or just puttin it in a simple ponytail, but decided that i wanna experiment on some hairstyles (great timing, was constantly reminding me to go out while its not that hot outside).

So i was in a bit of a hurry & i just decided to make a small poof on the front part & just put the rest of my hair in a bun...but decided i don't wanna look too i made this style out of the plain ol' boring bun that we always do...
shoot! sorry if its not clear..i've been planning on getting another camera but for some reason i never got around to getting one *writes 'get new webcam' on my planner*

Ok, so how did i do this one?
Actually its pretty simple...the stuff you'll be needing are just:
  • a rat tail comb
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastics
  • hair spray (optional)
1st - section a small front part of your hair using a rat tail comb (or any ordinary comb) for the poof that you're gonna be doing. It's up to you if you want it a big poof or just a small one.

2nd - tie the rest of your hair, using an elatic, in a ponytail but put it either at the right or the left side of your head (just so to break the 'formal-look')

3rd - put it in a bun (the tied hair)

4th - gather the front part of the hair neatly, pulling it back. You can tease if you want a more prominent poof, hold it at the roots & twist it then push it forward to make the poof then secure it with bobby pins. You can spritz hairspray to hold it better.

5th - then wound the remaining hair around the bun. Tuck it in bun then put a bobby pin just so it won't show.

Spritz hairspray if desired.


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