Friday, February 13, 2009

Stila Jade Blossom review


The moment i wake up, mom handed me another notification from the Post Office….which is actually cool because it means that the Stila jade blossom is already within my reach.. ^_^

So, i hurriedly dress up & put makeup to ‘fetch’ my new baby.

When i got there,there’s not a lot people…..thank goodness! I gave the card to the guy who’s in charge. I had a little chit chat with him about perfumes & taxes….Since the man who is ahead of me is being ‘dissected’ (lol!) thoroughly by the customs officer, the man whom im talking to just went ahead to fetch my package for me, since its just a cute little box & the amount is not over $50 (because it got something to do with tax if it exceeds $50). Then i signed up his log book & happily went home.

It actually made me smile when i saw that purple ribbon tied over the box.


I opened the box, then this greeted me

See those cute curly styros, they made sure that my stila got some companion inside that box…

After taking pic, i tore the silver paper wrap & voila!there is the very cute baby pink box ^_^

Ok, now on with the review…

First, why did i buy this one…because its the cheapest of all in the time that i brought it.. :D (but im serious!)

Since this site has the “free international shipping”, i just felt its too good to be true. So to be on the safe side, i decided to test & see for myself. So i ordered this & im so happy with it! In fact after i make this blog im gonna go & shop for some more since a lot of items are on sale.

Anyway, the product is in a very cute pink round tin & is small which makes it very convenient to be put on your kit. It doesn’t take lots of space & of course is very light which is definitely a plus factor for me, because its quite troublesome to go bringing big bottle of perfumes. Like currently, i have the Lacoste Touch of Spring & its pretty hard to carry it because its heavy & bulky…so yeah..i like how easy it is to put this on my kit.

The first time that i put my nose on it, it made me think of a perfume that my bf was using before, i just can’t remember the name. It got that musky, after-shave scent. So i thought that this would fit a man better, but after a couple more sniffs, it made me realize that its not that musky at all. It got that hint of flowery scent, which is pretty feminine.

When i swipe my finger on it,just to test it out i had some doubts if it will last for more than a minute. I applied it at the back of my ear & rub it, it gave that very nice lingering smell that im guessing was ‘enhanced’ because of my body heat. I did not put a lot because i can still smell the Lacoste on me, but the musky smell of this perfume still lingers on the air.

I like this product, although its too small. I guess this product is made entirely for the purpose of just putting it on your purse, just for touch ups. If im gonna spray a perfume on me before i go out the house, it will clash with Stila. So im thinking if im still gonna buy another of this or just buy the 1.7 oz Stila bottle……hmmmm……i wonder if got that…

Nevertheless,i will definitely keep this. Stash it in my purse so that if ever i went out in a hurry & forgot to spray something on myself,i have this very handy musky fragrance with me. ^_^

Im gonna give this 4 out of 5 points

& with that, im off to…jaa!!!


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