Monday, February 16, 2009

rants & ramblings

All of my thoughts are in disarray....

I wanna talk about liquid foundations...i wanna talk about mineral ones too...also about tightlining...but it seems like my thoughts are scattered...gaahh!!!!

I was about to do the That Gal review, but for some reason i can't seem to finish it. I would wanna try & test it out some more before i actually express what i wanna say about it.

I was answering a few answers on Yahoo Answers makeup section & it just gave me some ideas on what i should be blogging about....Maybe id do some entries on how to save makeup space....Maybe by tomorrow or after a couple of days. I would also like to do some Look of the Week (i only go out during!), but im still not sure if i ought to...

Tomorrow im gonna be getting the Wet & Wild Liquid Foundation, im not exactly into liquid foundations, but i heard that this one is 'cool' on the im gonna give this one a shot. I like cool, minty feelings.

& im still waiting for my haul...arrrggghhhh!!!!!
waiting is such sweet

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