Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer

Much as i would like to put the title "Body Care haul" just so that i won't single out just one product, i fear that it won't fit seeing as the only one that i've tried is the Body Moisturizer.

Ok,i'll tell you all about it..

Today i went to post office to pick up my package. Remember the time when i said ill be ordering at Well,i actually did buy a couple of stuff. I bought 2 bottles of fragrances, a body moisturizer & a shower gel. Since there is a shipping charge for fragrances, then it had to be separated & the body care package arrived first....hmmm...i wonder where my second package is...? *sigh*...sure hope its not lost somewhere out there..... *utters a small prayer*

On with what im saying...Picked up the package, as soon as i went home i opened it & took a pic...
Well,what i have with me now is the Ralph Lauren Rocks Body Moisturizer & the Geoffrey Beene Shower Gel. StrawberryNET had also sent me a sample of the Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute. I actually put a note saying that i would like to receive some samples on my purchases too.

Im not exactly a fan of Body Lotions & Shower Gels, i use it but not overmuch. I guess its because its so hot here in the Philippines that it feels extra hot if i apply 'oils' on my body. So,why did i order these body care stuff? I just thought for once, "why not lavish my body?" Often times its always my face who i pampered with moisturizers, facial masks, & cosmetics. So, i gave in to the temptation...but don't get me wrong...I still made sure that it is something within my budget. Hurray for the Valentine's Sale! Yay!

I did not open the shower gel yet because of the reason that i stated above, so im saving it for some day.Since the RL is unboxed,then i get the firsthand sniff of it.

How do i describe it..?..If you just smell it while its in the container, it gives off that nice fruity-flowery smell. When applied on your skin, the first scent that will fill your nostril is the coconut-ty fruity scent, followed by the RL signature scent. Then after a few minutes, the coconut will fade, to a sandalwood scent, which i think is actually good. It's a bit of a surprise...i know that there are a couple of scents that changes after a couple of minutes, but with this..i did not expect a sandalwood to come out from a fruity scent....much more something that started off with a coconut-ty scent.

It definitely reminds me of summer. I don't know if its just me but i can't actually smell any hint of orange does smell creamy..kinda like Pina Colada...

It really does moisturize....i applied it twice just on the back of my hand & i feel that its really smooth & moisturized. So, that's great,right? I'll just bring this with me when im gonna do some sleep overs or when im gonna go on the beach. Just something to moisturize my skin.

If you are looking for a fruity-summery scent..then im pretty sure that RL Rocks will suit your taste...Actually now that i have the Body thinking of buying the Eau de toilette...but maybe not still waiting for my Sonia Rykiel... :(

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