Friday, February 13, 2009

cosmetic tools haul

I went to just return the PS2 controller that i brought at Drag & Drop because its not working…. >_<

It’s hella annoying when that happens..*sigh* until now, i don’t even know when ill be able to have a controller & i have to wait for the store’s text message…
Anyway, before i go home, i just decided to take a look around the Department Store & of course, i went straight to the cosmetics section. I didn’t plan to buy anything, i just wanted to walk a wee bit.
I was looking at some make-up brushes…i already have a complete make-up brushes but hey, a girl never have enough brushes when doing makeups…lol
I saw a crease brush that looks so soft & the handle is short.

I decided to touch it & when i did, i said to myself that i have to have it. Plus its so cheap…it’s just P44.75 (almost a dollar), which led me to buy 2 more. I also included an angled brush & a lip brush.

I already have a crease brush by Life & Companion too, but mine is a bit stiff & densely pack, which is good for making a more defined look. The one that i bought is loosely packed & is good for making a soft look. Ill post a picture the next time if i have the chance.

The angled brush is soft too & its good for making a thin line. The lip brush,although small works okay too.

Then after paying for that, i decided to go home. But before i can get to the jeepney terminal, i have to pass by Watson’s. So i went in,just to buy a bottle of water & i pass by a roster of cute pink plastic packages of cosmetic tools. The sea sponge caught my eye…& without thinking at all,i just decided to buy it, along with some sponge wedges.

Actually the packaging sold me…lol

Then paid for it & really went straight home…while on my way,i was caught in a traffic jam that i decided to take a peek at the sea sponge. I thought that it’s like a cosmetic sponge like the one that i got from Everyday Minerals, but its not. It’s a sponge that you can use to exfoliate your face…i was like “huh?” then i just shrug my shoulders then put it back & just waited to get home.

Anyway, these are my mini haul:

I haven’t tried everything yet, because ever since i brought it i haven’t had the chance to go out so i don’t need to wear make-ups. I tried the sea sponge & it works great in exfoliating the face (though i still prefer my good ‘ol trusty baking soda to exfoliate). ;)

Soak it first to hot water, then let it dry. Afterward, wash your face using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or even a baby milk bath, then use the sponge.

Don’t dump it in water, because if you do,it will just go soft like any normal sponge. With your hands wet, just wet the part where you will be most likely be using then gently massage it in your face in a circular motion.

Then rinse your face….voila!feel your soft exfoliated skin



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