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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

I got this very cute Lip Plumper set from an Ebayer, doesn’t it look nice?

Ok, im not exactly into Lip Plumpers but this one sold me because of the different pretty shades. Actually i have this for quite sometime now & i’ve been meaning to do a little review of this but i just always forgot to.

Anyway, it’s my friend who introduced Sally Hansen Lip Inflation to me way back. That was the first time that i’ve ever heard of Lip Plumpers & i was like “huh?…how will that work?” so then my friend & i went in a store & gave me the tester. I was having doubts about it, so i decided to put it on. Then the moment i put it on, i felt that burning-minty sensation which i think is how lip plumpers actually work.

I was like “what the…?!” at the first few seconds & i almost immediately wipe it out, but at the last moment i decided not to & just let it sit there on my lips. It takes a while for me to feel comfortable in wearing it because everytime my lips were hit by a gust of wind, i feel like my lips are so cool & swollen. After a few more minutes, i said to myself that it wasn’t that bad….

& i forgot all about that experience, until one day i stumbled across this cute find. I said to myself, “well,why not?!it’s one box with 12 glosses. i think this is worth a few dollars”…so i bought it & after a couple of days i already had it with me. & the first swipe of it, i suddenly remembered my friend, who is now in australia…. i miss ya,janet! *hugs*

The Plumping Effect doesn’t really stay that long. I give or take, it will last for an hour. But then i think for those cute colors right there, its well worth it. From a reddish-purple to peachy to clear gloss, this is good enough for me, who is not exactly much into lip stuff.


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