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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Benefit "That Gal" review

Remember when i said, i'd try out Benefit's "That Gal'?

Well,yesterday i went out & had to put make up (of course!) & tried it. As what i said, i have an oily skin & i do perspire a lot, which is why im not so keen on using primer because in the end ill just wipe it off with my constant patting of hanky on my face.

First thing that i like about it is the scent. It really smells so good. It's flowery & fruity but not overmuch...I just love it.

Then the's pink!Isn't that a lovely pink shade?!
It's so girly....just like what other people said, i was also worried that it will give me a tint of pinkness if i applied it. After i put on my moisturizer, i waited for a couple of minutes then i put it on. It feels a little "greasy" without being greasy...(get it?) I heard that even in Smashbox Photofinish it feels like that too....Anyway, I like how it feels, it kinda give the feeling that it locks in your moisturizer plus it makes my skin feels velvety soft & smooth too!

Ok, Upon applying my, cheek tint, blush,etc..i did notice a difference. It made my makeup look flawless, like its coming together nicely for the first time! (uh..that makes it sound like i always end up looking like a mess before the "no primer" days,huh?)

I like how it gives me that "flawless made up" look. Before i use primers, i look ok, but sometimes, while im putting the rest of my make up i can see some spots where my foundation is not doing a good job of covering (like dark spots). Now, my foundation is even & it actually makes it look like i don't even have large pores anymore! (well,i exaggerated a bit...i still have some, but its not that visible anymore...not unless you really look at me too closely)

Good Points:
-'readies' your skin with all the makeup you're going to put
-smells nice (if you like a flowery-sweet smell)
-its pink! (i love pink!obviously)
-its hygienic

Bad Points:
-expensive (sooooooo expensive..wallet not happy at all ;_;)
-not available in the local Department Store

So,the verdict? I definitely love it!

I'll buy it! Maybe i'll just buy it straight at & throw in the Erase Paste & other stuff too but then again,its ridiculously expensive! Im an ebayer & i actually got that sample from one trusted ebayer too. I know that there are lots of fake stuff you can buy at Ebay, but there are also good ones. you just need to make sure that the seller got good feedbacks.

1 comment:

Louie said...

i will not ask how much it is?! baka faint lang ako lol.


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