Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyday Minerals Haul!


My Everyday Minerals Haul already arrived... T_T

I received the notification yesterday & I've been itching to actually go to the Post Office to pick up my package. I usually wake up at 10-ish in the morning, but today, i make it a point to wake up early so that i can go get it asap. I don't wanna be there after lunch because the Customs Officer is really taking his time on his lunch break. What's up with the that?!

Anyway, as soon as i got there, i greeted the person in charge. He already knows me! hehehe.... then i do the usual. The Customs Officer had to actually inspect the package before i can take it home. Much as i hate opening it there (i love surprises,that's why!), i have no choice. I popped the box open, & was about to remove the stickers to 'unveil' my treasures but the officer said "its ok, you can take it home".....waaaahhhhh!!!!!!! I was so happy I could've kissed him! lol

He said if i want to, i can even leave the box right there, but i said ill take it home for i wanna take pictures.

As soon as i got home, i excitedly went about my room & opened the package. I'll let you take a peek at it.

Here's the box...of course!


Then these are the contents of the box..actually there are a couple more paper wraps inside when i opened it, but it didn't

EM invoice
EM invoice

Ok, What i actually ordered is the:


The Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 6 EM items, on which you can actually order any of the stuff they have, no matter what the price is. The time that i ordered i was debating if Im gonna get the Super Personal Custom Kit-Full, which includes 12 items. In the end, i just decided that i stick to the PCK (Personal Custom Kit), so that if ever im not satisfied with the products, i won't have regrets or whatever from spending too much.

As what you can see on my Invoice, I ordered the PCK, then also a Cosmetic Cellulose Sponge, since im already paying for the shipping, i decided to also add the Free Sample Make-up Kit. read it right...

When i ordered i was able to get a discount because of the discount coupon code that i got from EM, which i think was 'goldenglobes' at that time. I think i got a 7% discount & i got 2 free limited edition eyeshadows, the Matinee & After Party.

Ok,on with my rants...

Then.....*drumrolls*........the TREASURES!

everyday minerals
everyday minerals

yay! isn't that pretty *sniff*

Ok,ill try to separate all of it according to what i just said a while ago.

I'll start with the PCK first.

Personal Custom Kit - Full
Personal Custom Kit - Full

My PCK is consist of 2 brushes, 2 foundations, a pressed powder & a finishing powder.

Then the Sample Kit:

Free Sample Make-up Kit
Free Sample Make-up Kit

Which includes 3 foundations, a blush & a concealer.

Then my free stuff:

free eyeshadows from EM ^_^
free eyeshadows from EM ^_^

Actually on the pic, the eyeshadows are free, but i included the cosmetic sponge too....

The eyeshadows are said to be limited. First is the After Party, which got a golden taupe shimmer (it looks so pretty!), then the Matinee, which is a purple shimmer (also gorgeous!). I'll do some swatches sometime... & also reviews after a couple of days.

For those who are interested about the shipping details, you can just leave a comment here & ill try to answer it as much as i can.



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