Monday, February 16, 2009

how to make your blush stay longer....

As a person with oily skin, one of hundreds of problems (lol!) that i need to address is the fact that my blusher/bronzer doesn't stay. It would just stay there for an hour...& afterwards it would just disappear. I hate adding one layer of blush on another, that's why one of the major must-haves for my kit are make up remover & wet wipes. Instead of layering powder on my face (blush & foundation), i prefer to just apply again. It's just that i feel like my pores are clogging if i apply it again & again...

Then in comes the Lip & Cheek saves a whole lot of time, effort & products for me!

What i do is put it on my wet sponge wedge. I tried putting it directly on my skin first, but it leaves this ugly little red dot where i first apply the liquid on. So i figured that its best if i apply it using a wet sponge wedge. I bought the Bench lip & cheek tint yesterday & im loving it! I tried it & it made my cheeks look naturally flushed! What's great about it is that since i bought a local product its very easy to purchase if ever i ran out of it. I top it with a little blush & its really goes a long way.

There are lots of lip & cheek tint available from Benefit (Benetint), Lorac, Sephora (lush flush), Sonia Kashuk, The Body Shop, Revlon, etc. Locally, you can buy it at Bench, Ellana, Ever Bilena, etc.

Lip & Cheek Tint/Stain are not the only one that can make it last long. You can also use either a Cream Blush or Blush Stick. Simply pat it on the apples of your cheeks first, then apply the blush afterwards. It will make your cheek color stay longer.


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