Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simple Joys' cute kit

A cute find!!!
Guess what it is....

No……It’s not the Urban Decay Primer Potion….

…..guess again……

No……It’s not the Fanny Serrano Gel Liner…..

……you got it?…….

No……It’s not black makeup set at the

But its the bag! Isn’t it gorgeous?! It got those little pockets all around it & you can put anything…& how much is it? It’s only P200, which is around $4.25. Isn’t that a cheap find?….I so love this very cute bag.

So how in the world did i found this bag?

Bf & i went to the SM Mall of Asia last Sunday. We went to church together, ate breakfast at Mc Donald’s & was on the train when suddenly my eyes felt a little itchy, so i dug out my bag & was horrified to know that i left my make up kit….eeekkkk!!!!! a make-up addict without her make-ups… :( …at least i have my Sally Hansen Lip Inflation (good thing i followed my instinct!).

Im beginning to feel bummed out…i keep on asking my bf .. “Ny,is my eyeshadow still ok?”…everytime i do that he will say “Yeah,don’t worry.You’ll always be pretty.”…awwww….times like that when i really really love my bf… *starts to get mushy*….Ahem! *clears throat*

Ok,on with my story, I always believe that a girl’s weapon is make-up. I actually got that from the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari ( serious!). I told bf that i need to have a kikay kit no matter what (makeup kit) which would include foundation/powder, mirror, makeup remover, lip gloss, & a blush. So, upon arriving to the mall, we went straight to the department store & bought my necessities. Yay!im back on track once more…I don’t have any plans on buying a kit because i already have lots of bags at the house, but when we passed by Simple Joys, & i saw this very cute bag, i just can’t let it go…

It’s too cute to be left all alone… actually there is a bigger one than this, but i prefer the smaller one because it looks so girlie..

Anyway, here is a close up pic of how the inside looks like

See how many pockets it has? There are pockets on almost every side so you can easily put everything on it. Those yellowish-brownish-dirty-ish (lol) color below is actually my EM brushes together with a facial wash…just so that you have the picture how small it actually is.

The bigger one cost P250 (around $5.30), which i think is also cute, but i just decided to get this one instead & i never regretted grabbing it. I love love love it! :P


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