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Friday, February 27, 2009

February Splurge & Save

I thought that i would make a post at every end of the month about the products that i have brought & what i think about them.

There will be the Splurge & Save category on that post to see what products are considered as a luxury & what is not. Some i have tried, others not (but is already on my "stuff-to-buy")

I just decided to put 3: a foundation primer, foundation & eyeshadow palette.

*For coverage that would provide a cooling sensation:
Splurge: Smashbox Cooling Tint
- provides sheer coverage & that oh-so-refreshing feeling!
-pros: tinted moisturizer,sunblock, & foundation in one
-cons: smells like sunblock
Save:Wet & Wild Ultimate Cover Foundation
- provides sheer coverage that also provides a mild cooling sensation
-pros: cheap
-cons: strong plant extract smell

*For face primer:
Splurge: Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
- makes a smooth layer on your skin before you put makeup
-pros: can even be used to tame frizzy hair or brows
-cons: expensive
Save: Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
- primes the skin before putting makeup
-pros: available on most drugstore
-cons: flowery scent

*For eyeshadow color:
Splurge: Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Shadow Palette
-vibrant, highly pigmented shades for lips,cheeks & eyes
-$ 70
-pros: convenient to bring along
-cons: pea-sized pans
Save:Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup Palette
-a wide array of cute but very pigmented colors
-pros: very affordable
-cons: can only be ordered online

Since im not yet done testing out some of the products that i have bought, i guess ill just do it for the next month..
Oh no..looks like my product reviews are slowly accumulating... Hope i'll be done in no time at all..

Hope this will help out some gals out there!


Cris said...

I wanted to get the 56 palette (I can't shop online, and the 56's the only one I can find in stores), until I read on some girl's blog that she had a severe allergic reaction to the shadows :(. So I won't risk it...I own many eye colours anyway, lol.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's scary... :-O

now i'll be wary of buying way too many eyeshadows too...


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