Friday, February 20, 2009

Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint

Im a sucker for products that have cool, icy-effect...

probably because its so hot here & i have weird body temperature. I read some reviews about the Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint that it gave that nice icy feeling for 15 minutes. So, i said to myself that i have to have need to have it!SO,again..much as i hate spending that much but since i decided that i have to have it, so i had to shed out some bucks again ;_;

I had to buy 2, not just one, because this product is already discontinued & I don't wanna have regrets whatsoever if i let this chance go. if i don't like it, i can always give it to my mom...

Ok,so on with the review...According to Smashbox, this is:

This sheer, lightweight foundation gives skin a natural, radiant finish. Contains a revolutionary cooling agent that causes an energizing sensation for up to 15 minutes leaving you completely refreshed, while aloe, green tea and vitamins nourish skin.

This is a great product for those with oily skin or who are prone to breakouts. Apply a small amount of BACKDROP to the back of your hand, then apply product to the center of your face and blend outward using FOUNDATION BRUSH #13.

Its true about the "revolutionary cooling agent that causes an energizing sensation", it really gives you that icy, refreshing feeling. Which i definitely love love love! It makes you feel awake...At first i thought that the 15mins is just something to add for advertisement, but much to my surprise its actually true! yay!...i put it on & i experienced that cool sensation longer than 15 minutes. double yay!

One more thing that's great about this product is that it got SPF....SPF 15...triple yay!

According to it, its a "moisturizing & energizing tint"...when i put it on, i still put moisturizer first..i haven't tried putting it without any moisturizer yet..maybe ill try it, but if it does have moisturizer...then thats definitely a plus factor,ain't it?...a moisturizer, cooling tint, sheer coverage & a sunblock..isn't that something that we definitely needed especially for the summer!

Because of the icy cool feeling, this is specially suited if you're going on the beach or hiking. you can go 'bare' but at the same time protecting your skin while enjoying your activities.

I like it a lot, though one thing that i don't like about it is the scent. It smells just like a real doesn't even have any scent at all...When you put it on, it feels like you're putting a tinted sunblock. The smell is so sunblock-y, it also feels a bit 'greasy' (just like how a sunblock feels like though not that much) though it doesn't leave that 'shine' that you get from putting sunblock on your skin.

Good Points:
-will make skin feels refreshed & energized
-has SPF
-a moisturizer & provides sheer coverage
-the tint is suitable for anybody since its just sheer (especially number 2)

Bad Points:
-smells like a sunblock
-feels a bit greasy
-already discontinued <- this is the worst of all! *sniff*

Well,i guess that's all i can say for now..Maybe ill do another review if i have something bad to say about it, but for now im currently liking it..hope it stays the same & will not make me really hoping for a positive experience since i know that smashbox is a great brand.

Hope that it works for me!

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