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Friday, February 13, 2009

on the hunt for face primer....

I first heard this from my friend...She just mentioned it in passing that this is what she is currently using. Since i perspire a lot, i was thinking that i don't actually need a face primer, because later on in the day, when i wipe my face with a hanky, no matter how softly i pat it my foundation will just be im thinking..."why bother putting primer?".. *shrugs shoulder*

But lately as i was doing some beauty/makeup researches, i always come across face primers. I am using eye primer & it really works..but my lids are just oily..they're not sweating (lol!) so i only use eye primer. My curiousity piqued when lots of people are actually saying that a primer will definitely change putting makeup on.....hmmmmm...isn't that something?

& with that i began my hunt for face primers, currently what im eye-ing is the Photofinish from Smashbox & That Gal from Benefit. These stuff are not exactly budget-friendly... :( So, im actually looking for some samples for me to try on first & see if it actually works...

I was able to get my hands on Benefit's "That Gal" brightening face primer...I haven't used it..but i will definitely use it..maybe on saturday because i will go out & i need to put makeup. But i opened it & smelled it...& it smells so nice!I really like how the way it smells. It's sorta flowery & sweet...i just hope that the smell won't linger when im putting makeup...i don't wanna break out because of the fragrances included on the product itself.

Now...all i need is to get my hands on Smashbox's Photofinish...hmmm....ill not buy it unless i have actually tried need a sample first....wonder where i could get one?

As soon as i've tried "That Gal", i'll let you guys know about it....

Have any of you tried both of it?Which one works better?

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