Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Victorian Classic Papier Poudre

As i watched one of my favorite Youtube guru, Lisa Eldridge, when she interviewed Madeleine Marsh, i the papier poudre sitting on Madeleine's collection, it just reminded me of the review about it that i haven't posted yet. I already made a bit of research before about history of cosmetics before i fell in love with make-up.

I love reading historical romance books all those duke & marquis, knights & warriors ready to fight & woo their lady love! *eyes twinkling from all the romantic notion* -> *_*

I got so intrigued with all of those settings so i made researches about how do these ladies actually don their garments way way back. I think Victorian Era is one of the most fascinating era for women because it is when women are really supposed to act like women...what with all those corsets, petticoats, hoopskirts, numerous layers of underclothes & heavy dresses a Victorian lady is an epitome femininity.

Given my fascination to Victorian clothing, i would still not trade how we dress now to before. I would still prefer the casual dresses that we don compare to before. Anyway, why am i talking about Victorian dresses when i'm supposed to talk about this facial blotter?!.... goes to show to "talkative" i really am,huh?hehehe

Going back, I think Papier Poudre actually started somewhere in the early 20th century. As what the name says, it's just powdered paper to take the shine off. These days we already have oil films & other facial blotters.

But i like the simplicity of this paper powder on which it's just a booklet that you could slip on your purse or even wallet (like how i store mine!), tear the paper, press it on your face. It's good on the go. It's smaller than an oil film so it could easily fit anywhere!

No need to go to the trouble of struggling picking one film if the sticky tape doesn't work anymore...haha! I always have trouble with that...Sticky tape on my oil film is not sticky enough to pick one film after another which always ends up me pulling more films that i intend to use.

This booklet contains 60 "pages" as what i fondly call it. You just tear the paper then press it on your face to take away the shine. Et Voila! You would already have powder on that specific spot. It's very easy to use but i would just have to say that this contains talc. For those who are allergic to it or are not comfortable applying talc then this is not for you.

Papier Poudre has been around for a long time & it will still be around for a long time! This is a classic & a lot of ladies love this. I always keep this in handy together with my oil film. I use the oil film first to take away the excess oil then proceed with this to apply a bit of powder on my face - this is when i am on a hurry & i don't have my make-up kit with me. It always saves me a lot of trouble!

I think i bought this at Trinoma for less than Php100. I can't exactly remember but what i do know is that this is well worth for it's price! This wouldn't be a classic & a cult-favorite if it didn't "survive" all through up until early days,ne?

I think the original papier poudre is from Lehcaresor. I haven't seen it here in the Philippines though...or maybe i just wasn't looking hard enough? But then i'm satisfied with this so it's enough for me.

Have you tried Papier Poudre?

Hope that you are enjoying your day,ladies!
Jaa ne~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Nails:Funky Zigzag for short nails

I'm sure that many of you who can't have long nails would also want to have great nail designs. There are some designs that actually looks good in short nails. This design is one of them. It would look ok for long nails but it's a lot cuter on short nails.

Sorry for the messy-looking nails because i took this pic right after i did it before my top coat so i haven't cleaned the edges yet.

Choose your very own colors. This design is based on your own preference, you can have as many colors as you want or even just opt for a duo's up to you!

Since it's summer, i decided to opt for bright colors... bright pink, yellow, green & orange.

Enough with the talk...let's get to the tutorial:

1. Apply your base color/s. Choose the light color over the dark as base color so that the color will not change once you apply the second color.

2. Draw a zigzag pattern in the middle of your nail from top to bottom. I use a liner brush & yellow acrylic to draw the pattern on. Feel free to use anything that you feel like using. You can even use a marker with very fine tip, using a dotting line. Anyway, this is just a guide so it doesn't matter as long as you have a pattern to work on.

3. Then carefully apply your second color. You can even use the brush in your nail polish. If you're not confident in using it then you can use a smaller brush for that.

5. Wait for it to dry before defining the line in between. You wouldn't want to ruin the edge that you have because you're too impatient. You can use a glitter polish or even just a black or white polish in tracing the line. I just used a nail striping tape in this. Took me a long time finishing it but then it looks great!

6. Finish it off with a glossy top coat!

Then time to admire your nails!
This is perfect for summer~!

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~

Monday, April 18, 2011

blogger meet-up + my weekend nails!

I was so happy yesterday that i finally get to meet my fellow pinay beauty bloggers!

Travelling to the meeting place is not an easy task since i'm living in the boondocks (LOL!)... took me 1 1/2 hrs! So i was doubly glad when i made it to the meeting place all in one piece... make it triple when Sis Pammy called me up asking me where we can meet so that she can accompany me in getting to the dining place. Thanks, Sis Pammy! I would have gotten lost if i was left "unattended" (parang bagahe lang no?-just like a baggage,huh?)..hahaha!

Sis Argie arranged the place for us, which is in Va Pensiero, in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center Cubao. It's such a thrill meeting these lovely ladies! They're so pretty they don't even need any make-up at all! *jealous mode*

clockwise starting from the left: me, Sis Argie, Sis Pammy, Sis Gale & Sis Crystal

Look at these two Crystals!

...literally they are crystals...crystal perfect skin & their names are Crystal too!
im jealous!

Sis Argie, i won't post the pic of the 3 of us together with Sis Pammy. Ikaw lang ang maganda e! hehehe

Anyway, it was great meeting & talking with all these beauties about make-up & all kikay stuff. I don't get to talk about make-up & kikay things with people around me here so it's a bit boring. It's a breathe of fresh air when i can get to listen & talk about the passion that all of us share.

Va Pensiero is very homey. It has this welcoming ambiance that will make you feel like you are just dining casually. I like it! The waitresses are accommodating & polite too!

Amidst all the conversations, picture-taking & menu-choosing (is there even such a word?!LOL) we managed to take our pick of the food amongst all the wonderful names they have on their list.

I got so engrossed with the company that i have that i forgot to take the names of the foods that we ordered... meh!

We also got 2 complimentary bread basket with dip. I'm not a fan of any oil-based dip though but the bread is soft & fluffy!

As what i said, i can't remember the names of the food that we had but then it didn't really made an impact on me... I might be biased but i think my Penne Carbonara is better than this..LOL! XD

This pasta dish is better than the one with the white sauce. It's just ok...or maybe it's because i ate this a bit cold already.

I think this pizza is the most delicious among the 3. It's a thin crust pizza but it's not too crunchy that you would have a hard time biting into it worrying that the crumbs would fall on you. I like how simple & tasty it is!

The price is not bad considering that we are in a group of 5 & the bill only amounted to Php 900. I have to say that if you are looking for an affordable restaurant to satisfy your curiosity you might want to give this a shot. As for me, i will not say that it's bad but the ambiance & how accommodating the waitresses are makes this a place that i can frequent at.

I'm not a fan of Italian dishes to start with. I can cook some to satisfy my Italian dish cravings once in a while but i guess i can't say that i;m a professional when it comes to judging what is an authentic Italian cuisine to what's not. I just know what taste good & what's not.

We just went around the mall a bit after eating... went to Rustan's to just take a look & i just have to take a look at Essences what shades of polishes they have. I was actually praying that they won't have Orly Space Cadet because i will be forced to buy 5 of them...yes, 5!

Before we entered Rustan's i said in a loud voice that no one will buy anything.. if 1 of us will buy something we have to buy 5 so that each of us have something in return (penalty, as what sis Pammy said)! So i was glad that there is no Space Cadet..haha!

I was the one who had to bid goodbye first because i was worried that i might not be able to trains. I have take 2 trains just to get home. Luckily, i was able to get on to the last train before the last ride!

It was a great dinner!
I will be looking forward for more fun times,ladies!

By the way, this is my weekend nails.

I wasn't able to make a tutorial because my mum borrowed my camera the time that i made it but i will just be making a tutorial later on. It's sort of a blingy Argyle design if i may say so.

I had a great weekend... How about you?

It is already the start of the Holy Week as what we call it here in the Philippines.
For my fellow Filipinos, i wish that you would have a meaningful celebration of this holiday.

Have a great Monday!
jaa ne~!

Friday, April 15, 2011

late haul post~top coats!

I've been rummaging through my files when i came across these forgotten pictures. I've been meaning to post this but then i guess the time just got the better part of me. I ordered 2 top coats & the soft stamps a month or two ago. I have tried stamping but not the soft stamps & i am mighty curious of the soft stamp because i have read some not-so-good reviews of it.

I bought 2 ENAS stamps, the infamous Seche Vite Top Coat & China Glaze Matte Top Coat. The seller is kind enough to include some freebies~! Yay!

I have tried it & it's not that bad... I will make a separate posts of everything i have. I like the soft stamp though it will just take a while in getting used to... Heck! Even the original nail stamps get a while in getting used to using it!

I like how this Matte top coat makes my favorite green polish mattified. It gave it an edge!

For those who are interested, i purchased it HERE.

By the way, who said that short nails can't have funky looking nail design?

I had these last week & i freakin' love it!
So are the people who kept on saying that i have gorgeous nail design!

This isn't a decal, it's a free hand design.
Want me to make a tutorial for this?

Hope you all have a great friday,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Monday, April 11, 2011

China Glaze GR8 as my weekend nails~

 I got the chance to own China Glaze GR8 & i'm so happy that i was able to! It looks uh-may-zing!

I think the picture already speaks for itself, right? Look at that linear holo goodness!

What i notice is that this works better alone....without a top coat. I tried applying top coats on it but you don't get to appreciate the full holo-ness of it with a top coat on. It looks kinda dull without top coat (no shiny-ness) but once it's under a good light you get to see the holo.

This is a part of their OMG collection... though i would really love to own Sexagon from the Kaleidoscope collection ever since i saw it. But i'm still happy that i was able to try this one!

Oh, & yes,  i did clipped my nails. I am getting tired of seeing my long, yellow (bare) nails all because i got so lazy one time that i did not use a base coat on my water decal.

It looks horrendous that even though i love my nails (even Walter kinda miss seeing me with long nails) i just had to cut it. Anyway, it proved to be productive because i was able to clean our house from top to bottom! hahaha!

I was able to do much cleaning without worrying that too much work may chip my nails or something... plus the fact that i now get to massage my scalp as long as i want to using the pads of my fingers. Feels great!

We were able to buy PS3 yesterday!

Woot, woot!
Although my brothers are already playing Final Fantasy XIII & Dead Space, i just don't feeling like joining in the excitement yet. I'll let them have their fill for now because i start playing, there's no stopping or sleeping! LOL

I think i'll start with Resident Evil 5 first... or maybe Tomb about trying Final Fantasy XIII too? I saw a clip of it & the graphics are to-die-for! PS3 is awesome! I tried playing Resident Evil 5 for a few minutes & you can see everything! blood & mutilated body parts included...LOL!

Hope you all will have a great week,hunnies~!

Friday, April 08, 2011

playing with lower lashes~

This is supposed to be a tutorial for a silver-blue gradient eyelook but i decided to go all-out instead. It's all because i so love my falsies that i ended up going for a simple eyelining to a more dramatic lining just so that you could get to see how you can use A400 not just for a simple look-like how i did on my previous post but also as a dramatic one.

I want to be able to use the lower lashes, especially the MOC lower lashes has dark band so i need to do an eyelook that would also have dark lower lash make-up.

I like that this gives a naturally full lower lash look. If not for the dark lash band i might be able to use it for a gyaru eye make-up, but nevertheless this is better suited for a dark smokey eye make-up.

I know it could look daunting here but then the colors that i used here are light so it makes my lashes really stand out. If you use a darker color like black, or dark browns then you could easily rock this lower lash.

As what i said before, A400 can also be dramatic, it just depends on how you apply it. You could push it downwards (blending in with your natural lashes) while the glue is still wet to have a natural-look & also to push the lashes upwards to have a really flirty-long lashes like so.

I only applied foundation & nude lipstick... no blush whatsoever so i look pale... nyahahaha!

I did not apply foundation on my neck & chest area though i usually do just because i'm inside the house. Anyway, the main point of this is the eye make-up itself so i didn't bother to. XD

For those of you who are interested in purchasing these lashes, you could go over at to take a look at their range of lashes. I highly recommend the ES lashes since they are 10 pairs of lashes at a very affordable price.

There ya go~!
It has been a while since i made a blog post with my pic on (with make-up,of course!).hehehe

I'm so glad that it's almost the weekend!
I am so looking forward for the weekend for we will be buying PS3 &  I, being a true-blue gamer, am really excited! I can't decide what games i'm gonnabe getting. I just know that Resident Evil 5 & Final Fantasy XIII will be on my priority list! Oh, if only Fatal Frame 4 is available in PS3 & not in Wii.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

playing with falsies~

It has been a while since i did a make-up look post. This post had been sitting on my draft for like forever. I feel guilty for not posting this asap. Well, now i get to have a bit of a free time so i was able to do a bit of blogging. I'm sorry if this had been delayed for months!

I was quite busy cleaning our house the past couple of weeks so i wasn't able to blog properly. I moved to my parent's room because i don't like sleeping in an air-conditioned room anymore. So now my room is only being used by my 3 younger brothers, i only stay here every time i use my pc though. So this is already their room & now i'm in a bigger room all by myself. Yay!

Anyway, going back, i decided to play with the false lashes that i got months ago from

I got a box full of upper lashes & 4 lower lashes (as per my request). I have always wanted to try wearing lower lashes & now i get to try all i want!

This post is not a full make-up look though. I haven't got enough time to do a full make-up.. but i'll get to it someday.hehe

The sample that they sent me was A400. It's a full set of 10 pairs, i just played with one of them the time i got it that's why one is missing..hehe

This is how it looks like.

They are actually quite long compare to the traditional lashes like Ardell, Andrea, etc. At first i thought that i won't be able to use it because it seems like it would give me a very dramatic look even though it's supposed to look natural but i'm mistaken. It still gave me a nice look~!

Once you remove it from the box, it would have these extra strands on them that you would need to cut. If the lashes are too long for you you can just trim it on the sides to fit your eyes. Luckily, i don't need to trim it.

So, first thing to do is to properly line the eyes...
Lining your eyes can give a different eye shape. See how different my right eye looks compare to my left eye? It looks bigger,ne? It's because i made the middle part thicker compare to the sides, plus i winged it out so that it would lift my eyes even though i made a thick line at the top. This a nice trick to make your eyes look bigger even though you don't have geo lenses.

With that done, it's time to add color to the outer lower part of the eye area.

Go for a dark color. I was just feeling lazy to look for a darker color that's why i opted for this color, but it would be a lot better if you would have a chocolate brown or even black to give definition to your eyes. Doing so would make your eyes seem bigger.

Did you notice the difference between the eye shape?
My left eye looks small & droopy (i hate to use this term but for the lack of it, i'll just go for this..), but my right eye seems bigger. Make sure that you apply a white eyeshadow at the inner eye area so to give that "awake" look. I just forgot to do so when i took this...hehe

Going back to the lashes, make sure that you trim the excess strands

When i apply glue to my falsies, i do not apply it directly from the tip of the tube because somehow my clumsiness always gets the better part of me that i ended up also applying glue to the lashes itself therefore ruining it before i even get to use it. I have destroyed a couple of lashes all because of that.

Pardon me for the blurry pic, i was having a hard time getting my camera to focus.

So now i put the glue on the edge of something then i just run the edge of the lashes on the glue while holding it with a tweezer. It always makes my work easier & no danger of putting too much glue on the lashes.

This is how it looks like when applied...

I used mac woodwinked on the lid & mac sugarshot as the highlighter. Even though it's long, it still looks natural & this feels light. Most synthetic lashes makes me feel sleepy every time i apply it i guess it's because it's somewhat heavy, but not this! in fact it almost feels like it's made of natural hairs~!

Me like it a lot~!

See how long it is?!
You can even see my real lashes on that pic. It would be the straight lashes below the curl of the falsies. Again, even though this is long, it still feels light & airy!

This is good for natural or dramatic look as well! Pardon the picture, i did not apply any face make-up hence you could see redness on my cheek area. I only applied pink lipstick though. It's Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink.

If only this is available locally i would buy lots & lots of them but, unfortunately, this can only be bought online. You can buy it at for only $6.84. I have to say that this is really cheap but the quality is good~!

I highly recommend this!
I would definitely buy this again...once i got over the fear of Customs tax...LOL!

Anyway, moving on to the lower lashes. You have to help me in on this... What lashes do you think suits my eye? I did not stick them on with glue though~!

Let's start first with eyelash number 8

This is how it looks like on my eyes.

I think this would be good as outer lower lashes only but i'm still not sure if it's ok as a full lower lash...hmmm... what do you think?

Next is would be the eyelashes number 6

This is how it looks like on my eyes

I think this would be good for those who prefers dark smokey eye... especially if you like to also line your lower lash area with dark color, but not with natural look,ne?

Then the 3rd one would be this

This is how it looks like on my eyes...

I think this would better suit those who do gothic eye make-up. A really heavy dark eye make-up would definitely make the eyes looks bigger with this. Pair it with a heavy lash, then you would be able to rock the perfect gothic look!

Last would be this one...

This is how it looks like on my eyes...

I think that this would look great naturally if only the lash band would be transparent. Unfortunately, this has a dark band so it will not be good for a natural look.

I'll be doing a full make-up look with each lashes.
This is just a preview of how each of them looks like.

Anyway, what do you think?
What lower lashes suit my eye the most?

I missed playing with my eyeshadows~!
I have to do a make-up look sooner or later!

Do you use false lashes?
What kind?

Hope you all have a great evening/day,hunnies~!
Jaa ne!

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