Monday, September 26, 2011

A cute start this week!

Guess what made my weekend so happy?!

My very own personalized clay miniature!!
Remember my post about Aiyoh's crafts?
Lookee HERE
I said that i asked her to make me something & it just arrived!

A friend from long ago drew this pic of me & i have been using this for a long time. Sadly, we lost contact. He saw a picture of me wearing the same dress, with my headphone on. He then drew my hair like that because he said my hair is true! mine is 'un tame-able" LOL!

But every time i see this pic i really remember him.
Addam, hope you are doing ok.

I asked Aiyoh if she can make me a memento using this & she said yes. I am so happy with the pics that she sent me informing me of the progress... especially on the hair. It's the exact replica of my favorite avatar!

The details of the hair is awesome!

Since i can't use it as a cellphone charm & much as i would like to, i can't. I'm already in love with my Japanese doll & Rillakuma charm. She suggested that i have it made as a pen holder so to make sure that my hair won't break or something. I can't bear the thought of something happening to my "thiamere charm" so i yes said.

She then asked me what's my favorite color aside from pink & i said black, so she added black roses.

I'm in heaven!!!

I'm so happy i could fly~!
Isn't this just the cutest thing that ever graced my blog?!

The best thing, this only costs me Php 180. Seriously?!
I am really expecting that price only for the charm itself, not the pen holder, but look at what i got.
And, No, it's not a "presyong kaibigan" (price for a friend). This is her regular price.

You're too generous,Aiyoh!!!!
Aiyoh-san, daisuki!
I love you,Aiyoh!

Now i have something that's totally mine!
It's more than just personalized, it's definitely ME!
The only one in the world!

If you are looking for something unique to give to your love ones, then i highly highly highly recommend Aiyoh's crafts.
Do i still need to tell why?!
The pictures said it all,ne?

You can visit her store HERE
Say hello to her facebook HERE
Text her at 09152841675

I'm telling you, you'll be very happy with her works.
I am & I will be the next time i avail her services.

Make sure you include her in your list of stores to visit,ok?
You won't be disappointed!

Something to also make so happy i could dance is that i won Benefit Philippines' facebook contest!
I was shocked when i saw my FB notification that they commented on my photo entry. 
Thank you, Benefit Philippines!
I really can't wait until you open your store!

Well, looks like my September will end in a really really good way!
Except for a tiny mishap because my debit card is damaged & i can't withdraw money until i have it replaced, but that's nothing since i have 2 big reasons why i can't wipe the grin off my face.

The start of this week is rainy, so make sure that you bring in your umbrellas with you, Hunnies!
Have a good week!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beauty Angel Turn Up Long Mascara Review

Have you tried fiber mascaras?
Or are you scared of using it for fear that those fibers would somehow poke your eyes? always resorting to false lashes when you want to have longer-looking lashes?

Well now, you won't have to!
I was able to try a lengthening & volumizing fiber mascara without the "fibers"!
Sounds confusing?

When i posted the Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer, i mentioned a fiber mascara that i was using. Well, this is it! is nice enough to let me try out this mascara.
It's housed in a gigantic tube, much like Fiberwig. There are several colors that you could choose from, i just choose a pink one, but they have blue & green as well. I think the only difference is the color of the packaging but they have same formula.

Honestly, at first i wasn't impressed with it but as i used it every now & then i changed my mind. This is definitely a keeper!

Let's start with the wand...

Looks so ordinary.. no fibers at all!
Told you, this doesn't have very obvious fibers so you won't need to worry about poking your eyes while applying.

I'm already saying in advanced that fiber mascaras are heavy. When i say heavy, it could weigh your lashes down therefore uncurling the lashes that you worked hard to curl... dame da.. not good!

There are 2 ways to make sure that your curls will stay.

  • You either use a clear mascara after curling. Just like hair gel, once you put it on, it will keep your hair place. Same rules apply to clear mascaras...
  • You can apply heat to make sure it will stay longer... think of curling iron. Using a heated eyelash curler or heating your ordinary curler with a hair dryer could also work as well.
I mostly just use a clear mascara (or in this case the Dr. Mascara Fixer) to make sure that my lashes will stay curled for a long time.

Picture time...
click for your reference..

That's only two coats! I'm already quite satisfied with it.
I think it looks nice already!

I have been a fan of fiber mascaras because it is the only one that elongates my puny lashes giving me that feathery look that i've always wanted. But let me tell you one thing why i sometimes get annoyed with fiber mascaras. Most often than not, those tiny black fibers could result to fallout which looks like it's flaking. There were even times when i would just feel like something is in my eye which makes me very uncomfortable.

I have never felt any fibers from the mascara on my eye since this one doesn't have an obvious fibers on. Yay!

The best thing that i like about this is that since this is watery, you can have achieve well-groomed, uniform-looking lashes easily. Again, this takes a while to dry so you can take your time fixing how your want your lashes to look. You can run a lash comb to separate each lashes, or clump them together to have that falsies effect. You can't do that with fiber mascaras now, can you?

Another thing that i like about this is that since this a fiber mascara, you can easily take it off by just using water! But since i am using a waterproof primer underneath, it's pointless, but if you use it alone, removing it is just a breeze!

Now, one thing that turns me off the first time i used it is that it has a weird scent. It has this chemical-scent that i find a bit disturbing. It will go away later though, at least it's not something so awful that will give me a migraine. I'm ok with it since it disappears in time & not really overwhelming.

Another thing that makes me go meh! on this is the drying time. It doesn't dry as long as high end ones. Those waxy, good-for-nothing, "uncurling", mascara from most western cosmetic brands that i've tried dries forever. Well, this is not like that, fortunately, but this still takes a while.

Just make sure that you don't rub your eyes while this is drying,ok?
But once this is dries, it's really dry. No flaking or smudging!

Those are my issues, but this is nevertheless, a great mascara.
It's a keeper in my book!

As always, i'll leave the price to you.. it's sold for $12.10 at

  • funky & cool-looking packaging (you can choose diff colors)
  • no obvious fibers so no fear of it poking your eyes
  • buildable
  • lengthens & "volumizes" the lashes
  • no smudging & flaking (once it's dry)
  • can be removed very easily!
  • takes a while to dry
  • disturbing scent
  • could weigh the curls down (use either of the method that i mentioned)
  • available online (but they offer free shipping worldwide!)

I would put this on my products-to-try again list!
If ever you buy something at make sure you include this in your shopping basket,ok?

Have a great Saturday,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Nails:Black Lace Sticker

A quick post!

I'm glad that you all like my weekend nails on my last post. I also like it..haha!
I had searched high & low for black lace stickers & im just glad that La Una Loca Nail Art have those. It's my go-to store for my nail art needs.

What i like about this lace sticker is that it is flat.

Unlike the usual 3d stickers that protrudes, this one doesn't so it really sticks to your nail & won't be "lifted" very easily. 2 coats of top coat to seal it in will do the job. Compare to the usual stickers, you have to use like 4-5 top coats, but it will still be removed very easily. This one lasted on my nails really long!

This design is really easy!
Sorry, the pic at the bottom (with the dots) looks different because i had to redo the tutorial & now i can't find that specific lace pattern that i used here... so gomen ne.

I leave the choice of colors to you.
I used blue, yellow & green as my dots, but you can just use 1 or more colors depending on how you want it to look! I just figured that since my base is black,i'll just go for bright, fun colors rather than just one.

You can visit Lynette's page if you are interested in this kind of lace stickers. I bought mine for only 3pcs for Php 100.

Hope you all have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash Review

I'm sure you all have come across mascaras that weighs your curl down. I think this is especially common for those who have typical "asian" lashes, the short, thick (not in my case though), straight-as-a-nail type of lashes. I have several mascaras that can really lengthen the lashes, even volumize them but sadly, weighs it down, so what's the point of using mascaras that can't even keep your lashes curled when you use it to enhance your eyes,ne?

Now, you won't have to worry about your curls weighing down. Etude House has formulated a lash primer that will keep the curls of your lashes! Introducing the Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash!

 Sorry about the chipped nail design. I've had this water decal for days when i decided to take a picture of it... gomen nasai.

Here is the back... can someone please translate it for me?

Wand looks like any of your ordinary clear mascaras, but the formulation of this is awesome!

Since i can't read the description so i'll not go further with discussing ingredients & all of those hullabaloos, but go straight to the pictures & my thoughts.

Let's start with a picture of my curled, but barely-there lashes...

My lashes always look like it is in a riot every time i finish curling...

Then with one coat of the mascara fixer.

See how it was able to fix my riotous lashes in order.
If i want it to be extra tidy, i go over my lashes with a lash comb, but you have to work quick because this one dries fast! Once it's dry, it won't budge anymore! Your lashes will stay how it look like once it dry.

Now, i have a fiber mascara that i have been trying out for the past couple of weeks. I like it so much but one issue that i have is that it weighs the curl of my lashes down.
Since i have the mascara fixer, i was able to wear it & had no problem ever since!

Here is the picture...

See the difference?
This is using 2 coats of the fiber mascara!
Sugoi,ne? Amazing,huh?

To think that this mascara is really heavy! I'll make a post about this mysterious mascara within this week.
I mean, i think fiber mascaras really do have the tendency to make the lashes uncurled. The DMF (dr mascara fixer) was able to keep my curls intact all with just one coat! I'm amazed!

I know this has another variant, which is Natural Lash, but i heard that it's almost like any other clear mascaras so i'm not interested in trying it. While this one is like a clear mascara that is like a waterproof version & i whole-heartedly agree with it!

Since this is almost like waterproof, removing it could be a pain. You have to use an eye make-up remover just to completely remove it. What i like about fiber mascaras is that you can remove it easily by just water. It will come off very very easily, but with this on you have to resort to make-up remover.

A small price to pay since you can have curled & full-looking lashes for the whole day,ne?
Speaking of price, as always i'll leave it to you to judge if it's a pro or con. It's priced for Php348.


  • holds the curls of your lashes for a long time
  • locally available
  • might be hard to remove
I'm very impressed with this primer, but i won't say that this is a must buy product for me.
I mean, why bother with a separate lash product when you can just buy a mascara that can do what this can also do? But then, i know that some mascaras has different effects. Mascara is one of those hit-or-miss type of products. One could love it, while another could hate it.

This could be a good back-up if there is a time when you have a mascara that works for you but just can't keep your curls intact. As what i said fiber mascaras tend to weigh my curls down, DMF helps keep my curls, but i know that there could be other ways to have the lashes curled using a heated lash curler. 

I have to buy one for myself... i'm actually looking for a panasonic lash curler, much like Eki's curler.
Do you know where i can buy it here in the Philippines?

I could say that this made it to my "great products you should try" list!

By the way, this is my weekend nails.

I tried using 3d lace stickers & i have to say that i am liking them!
I never did like nail stickers, but this one time where i could say that i don't mind using them!

Hope you all are having a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, September 16, 2011

eyelook: Pin-up + liquid lining

I consider Pin-up as a classic & very lady-like amongst all make-up look. There's something sexy & beautiful about red lips & clean yet elongated eyes. For some reason red lipstick works better on me rather than pink ones, so i guess that's the reason why i'm biased with this look. I think i mostly wear red every time i go out.

I've always preferred the pin-up look because it's all about being natural. I mean, you just have to enhance what you have but not to the point of altering it already. Strong brows, lined eyes, full lashes & red lips... these are the things that you just need to enhance.

I know i look haggard. ggaaahhhh!!!!
Blame it on lack of sleep because of the dogs. Charlie, our choco lab keeps on going outside of room to check on his buddy, Tippy, our aspin dog. I can't let TP in my room because he got fleas & i don't want to sleep on a flea-ridden bed.
*shivers at the thought*

Last time, i focused on highlighters. I also made a separate post about how i apply red lipstick. So this time it's just a separate post on how i apply liquid liner.  I'm sure there are tons of ways on how you can apply them but i hope that somehow this post will be of help for those who are having difficulty with it.

I have said countless times that i prefer to use liquid liner compare to other liners. I'm not a fan of gel even though i have been hearing good things about it. I find it a nuisance to use a separate brush, dip it, use it then clean it afterwards. It's hard to take gel liner off your brush, not if you use oil first, but i just didn't like extra work..haha.. just call it laziness.

There are 3 Ls that you have to remember when you do the pin-up look.
LINER - cat-eyeliner for that smoldering & mesmerizing look. meow!
LASHES - bat your eyes to melt your guy's heart out.
LIPS - red lips for that seductive smile. rawr!

Start with your foundation (i'm sorry, i still haven't even started my post about's just that i want everything to be really detailed), making sure that you have a nice clean base. Having a flawless skin is one of the key factor in achieving a very nice pin-up look.

Making the cat-eye look is difficult for a lot of girls. Heck, I still sometimes struggle with it, making sure that my eyes look even! I learned form my experience that it's better to do it with your eyes open rather than lining with it closed.

You have your eyes open the whole time, except for when blinking but you can't really count that, can you? So, why apply something that could change the shape of your eye with it closed when you spend your waking hours with it open. You'll be able to see what you are doing clearly, notice any stray marks, smudges & flicks very easily if you have both of them open.

You just have to be gentle & take the time perfecting your eyeliner. You can't just do a single swipe of it & expect it to be perfect?! I guess if you are a professional eyelining chick (LOL! can't think of a word to describe it) then it's no sweat. Even professional make-up artist knows how important it is to take time even-ing out your eyeliner!

Tell me, what's the difference between the two?
I think it's quite obvious already how eyelining can alter the shape of your eyes... in this case the strong brows also plays an important part because the high arch was able to give out the illusion that i have bigger eyes.

When lining the eyes, make sure that you have a steady table where you can rest your elbows. It would help give you a better & steady grip on your brush. I took countless of pictures & done this look many times just to be able to give you better pics so sorry if they somehow looks different because there are some good pics in one batch.hehe.

If you are using an eyeshadow primer, bring it up to your brows so to ensure that your brows will also last long. Choose an eyeshadow that is almost like the color of your skin. You can even just bring in your foundation all over the lids. You have to cover any uneven color on your lids. Then using something that you would contour your face (or a foundation 2 shades darker than your tone). apply it on the contour of your eye.

That's it.
You wouldn't even need to bring the contour on the edge of your lash line. You just need to create the illusion of a deep-set eyes. It would enhance the vampy-look of your liner. Now let's get to lining...

What i do first, instead of dragging the liquid on my lash line is to pat it in, work it in to make sure that i also cover the space in between the lashes. Start from the middle going outward, then slowly bring the line in the inner corner of your eyes.

Even if you tightline (lining the waterline), there is still that small "unlined" space, which somehow destroys the whole look. Patting in the liquid will also enable you to somehow line that space.

Make sure that you also line the inner lash line,ok?
Again, keep your eyes open to see what you are really doing. Just be gentle & it will be ok.
Once you have already lined it, then it's time to do the flick.

I made the flick deliberately thicker here to make sure that you'll be able to see it clearly, but it's really better to start with a thin line. I have heard that to make the perfect flick you have to just follow the shape of your outer lash line going to the end of your brows... like so.

I do it differently, though. I mostly just follow the natural curl of my lashes. My right eye has a slightly different shape to the left eye so following the lash line mostly just makes me look weird. I stare at the mirror then i slowly draw the flick under my lash.

Make sure you bring in a darker color on the lower lash line to define your eyes.

Now, the most difficult part is making sure that your right eye looks the same with your left eye.

Again, im stressing on the importance of looking straight in the mirror to see if they look even. If you are not yet sure about using liquid liner straight on your eyes, then use a pencil liner first. Trace the line that you will do to see if it looks the same with the other eye. If not, then you can easily erase it using a Q-tip soaked with a non-oily make-up remover. Roll the Q-tip away to get rid of the line, roll, not rub.

Take your time, im sure you'll eventually get them looking equal.

Let's move on with the brows.
Using your favorite brow powder, gel or cream, load your angled brush with it. Start in the middle to define your arch. Don't exceed your natural arch. You just need to strengthen the look of your brows by applying a darker color, but not by exceeding your natural brow shape. I think it would just look very unnatural.

Lightly fill in the gaps of your brow using a feathery stroke. You wouldn't want any harsh lines. I prefer using powder because it wouldn't create any harsh lines with it. Once you get to the inner area, just use the tip of the brush... using feathery strokes.

I didn't really use falsies because i can't find something that would fit this look on my stock of lashes. I have to go to the Beauty Bar once more to stock up on my favorite Andrea lashes! So i just cut the falsies that i had here with me & added it on the outer area for the much needed flair!

Finally, for the blush, just choose a light peachy pink blush. Something that will add a hint of healthy color, not something that will draw the attention away from your lips.

That took a lot!
Gosh, i'm not even sure if you understood my explanation back there! hahaha!
I hope to God that you just did because i won't go into it again.
Did you know that this post had been sitting on my draft for more than a week now because i just can't seem to find the right words to explain it?!
Now, i need to just publish it because i feel like i've reached my limit.
Mou genkai nan desu~
It's hard to be a perfectionist!

Anyway, if you are really having a hard time lining, practice, practice, practice.
You'll get the hang of it. I'm sure!

Hope you all are having a great evening/day,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

HBC 3-day Members only sale!

Good news for HBC Exclusives Members out there, it's time to replenish your stocks of your HBC products!

HBC is having a 3-day sale exclusively for you!

Isn't that great?!
Make sure you grab the Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream,ok?

Happy shopping,missies!
Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweets: Matcha Pudding~

A little break from beauty blogging...
let's about something sweet!

I love matcha!
Every time i go to a coffee shop, i always look for matcha lattes/frappuccinos. The best one i've tasted so far is the one from Bo's Coffees. Make sure you try it when you are in Bo's. I think i've tried Starbucks before but since i can't even remember it then i guess it didn't made an impact.
*shrugs shoulder*

Anyway, i bought this at Choto Stop last thursday. It is in a pack of 3 & i gave the other 2 to my brothers.

It's a very light & sweet pudding!

I'm actually expecting that it would have a bitter sweet taste just like the regular japanese pudding, but since it doesn't have a caramel so there isn't.

It's very sweet!
Unfortunately it doesn't even have the matcha taste that i am looking for. If there is the sweetness of this hid the matcha flavor. sad....

My brother actually gobbled it in just 2 bites!
I'm sure kids will love it!

While, I, on the other hand tried to really relish it by taking small bites in order to really experience the full taste. I won't recommend it if you really want a strong matcha taste, but for something light that can clean your palette from the heavy meal that you've eaten, this is good!

I bought a pack of 3 for Php80 at Choto Stop.
Now, i have to make my own matcha pudding!

Hope you are enjoying your wednesday,darlings!
Jaa ne~!

I will post the pin-up look (for those who had requested it on facebook) within this week. I just can't find teh time to finish it up because i am not satisfied with how i explained it on my draft..haha!
But i will post it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolls and Trinkets~

Who loves cute things?
*raises hands*
I know that you all do!
We all have the same "kikay" (girly) blood that flows in our veins. I for one has a weakness for tiny, pink things. They always makes me squeal! I'm sure that you also do, don't deny it! I may not be the frilly-type of girl on the outside, but im all mushy & pink on the inside.

Now, this is something that made me go "ohhh", "kyah", "kawaii", etc all at the same time when i saw them!

Who wouldn't?!
They are all cute,right?
Cuteness overload!!!

These are all handmade with love & care by Aiyoh. You can visit her store DOLLS & TRINKETS to take a look at all her cute charms! They all make me wanna buy them because of how cute everything is!

I've actually interrogated her (haha!) about her products & she willingly accommodated me. Thanks for letting yourself be subjected to a boring chat,sweetie.hehe

Let's start first with the really really cute cellphone charm

It's a japanese doll~! Almost like an ichimatsu doll!
You all know how much i love the japanese culture,right?
I love this charm so much that i immediately discarded the neckband that i use. Actually, i don't really like using charms on my phone but this time i made an exception.

Just look at how cute this charm is!

Take a look at the accessories!
They are really made with love & care!
I so love this charm that i can't help but touch this every time i use my phone. It also makes finding my phone easy because of the color!

Aiyoh, how can you just make such an adorable charm?!
This is heart-meltingly cute!

Next is the necklace
It is in a black bead chain which i think is better because it just enhances the cuteness of it!

Isn't it adorable?
The wide & warm smile of 'her' just made me smile the first time i saw it.

I feel like this is something that will indeed give me hope & motivation when things are going tough. I just can't help but really smile every time i see this.

Another one is this Rillakuma charm!

Just look how dainty this is.
Sorry for the yellowed-nails, but it's for you to have an idea of how small this is.

When i saw this, i remember the song Boku wa Kuma by Utada Hikaru.
I think that is the first japanese song that i was able to sing easily. hahaha!
Rillakuma fans, you would be delighted with this!

Then finally, a cute contact lens case!

Kawaii de sho?
It makes me wanna head on over to my favorite pastry shop all because of how real-looking the sweets are!

I do wear contact lenses but just the clear ones. I very rarely use them though because for some reason up until now i am scared sh*t of sticking my fingers on my eyes. I can manage to put it on, but i'm really having a hard time removing it. That's why my right fingernails are always short compare to my left nails which are long.
I wonder when will i be able to overcome the hurdle of removing contact lenses....

Anyway, this is a really cute case!
It's something that i will proudly whip out for everyone to see!

What makes her charms special is that they are all handmade!
You can really see the effort, time, love & care that she pours into her creations.
Make sure you click this pic so you'll see what i'm talking about.

Did you see her fingerprints on it?
I think this is what makes it really endearing. I can imagine her furrowing her brow in concentration just ironing out little details such as the design on the shoes (did you notice that?) & the dress. It's just not visible in the picture, but i think i see a hint of blush on her cheeks!

All these, make her charms very very precious!
They might not look machine made-smooth but that's the special part. They are the imperfect perfect in my opinion!

Just imagine it, how much effort it took her to mold the clay, design, smooth, color, & dry the clay. I think this is something that will require a deep passion for creating these things.

Aiyoh said that she accepts bulk orders, so for those who are thinking of some small tokens as giveaway during special occasions then make sure you consider her. She could personalize your charms. I took a look at her albums & saw these really cute & very personal charms.

Isn't that really cute?!!!
Look at each of their hair. They are different! I bet that they are made just for the person!

I can't stress how impress i am with the craftsmanship of her works. They are just amazing!
Don't you all agree?

The "bestest" (haha!i know this is wrong. im a teacher,remember?) thing about all this is that she is selling them at a very affordable price! She said that her products starts at Php50 & up, depending on the clay consumption & difficulty of the design. I was really surprised that it is very affordable! All the more reason for us to support her,right?

If you make an order, make sure that you give her enough time to finish it, at least a week because she is still attending school & it would be hard to juggle her schedule. As what i said before, she accepts bulk orders but you have to give her a couple of weeks (2-3 weeks) to finish it. She also offer discounts!

How can this girl be so generous?!

As for international shipping, it might be a bit hard because she doesn't want to risk it being broken from the transit but i guess it just depends on how you will wrap everything, maybe it's possible. I quoted her. So this is great news for those who are outside the Philippines but would want to buy her products!

I had asked her to also make me my very own personalized charm, my thiamere version. I am not in a hurry though so i told her to take her time making it. Once she's done i'll show it to you!

If you are looking for something to give to your loved ones, this is really perfect!
It's handmade, very affordable & you can personalize it, plus the fact that it is made locally! How great can that get?

You can visit her FACEBOOK PAGE or her MULTIPLY PAGE for inquiries.

There ya go!
First post of this week.. haha!
I hope i get to post much more.

Hope you are all having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Products sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

finally a new layout!

A bright layout for a bubbly me!

Sorry for that.. i'm just so giddy that i found the perfect layout for me. You just don't know how choosy i am when i am choosing layouts. I want to stick with one as much possible but due to some circumstances, i am forced to change it, but not this time.

Thanks to my favorite reader, girlfriend, chatmate, nail art buddy, blog supporter, all rolled into one, Kix!

She helped me found the perfect background that i am looking for!
No more staying late-to no sleep at all because i can't find the perfect layout.
Thank you, thank you,girl!
I am in your debt!
I'm so grateful right now that if i can have a baby now, i'll name it Irish!

So you don't need to worry about seeing new layouts in the near future because i will be really sticking with this one now! hehe!

By the way, i made a poll at the right sidebar for you guys. Help me get to know you so that i would know what things you want me to make a post about.

I'll try to do a pin-up look on my next eyelook post. It's just that i wasn't able to get a better picture of how i do my eyeliner & i think eyeliner is one of the things that makes up that look. I'll try my best to take better pics!

It's Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving holiday) already...waaahhhh!
Time flies by so fast!
I can't believe it!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Jaa ne~!

Friday, September 09, 2011

salamat to + korean & japanese food!

The best things in life are as what the saying goes.
It's great that there is a company that actually believes in that & really gives out some of the best things in life for free! I'm talking about

I went to Makati yesterday because i have to drop by at's office to claim the GCs that i was able to grab  from their site. For those who have been asking me if their site is real, yes it is! Most discount/group buying websites will require you to pay in credit cards or paypal. How about for those who doesn't have any? Well, fret no more, wouldn't require you to any of it since you just need to download the coupon for free then present it to the merchant! How easy is that?!

Yes, it's true!
You can check it out HERE.

Here are my GCs that i got from their website.

Their office is located at the 6th floor of Multinational Bancorporation Center along Ayala Avenue in Makati.

Here are their gorgeous ladies, April & Mylene (i hope i remember that right!), who accommodated me. They are very friendly! Thanks,ladies!

I'll be bringing my mom when i drop by at Skin Metro to avail of their services. Yipee!
Guys, do check out their site because they offer great deals. Make sure you also take a quick look at their community board to find out the latest promos happening.

I'm not affiliated with the company, i'm just sharing my experience as a user.

Then, i decided to drop by at Choto Stop to buy some japanese foods. I just decided to walk from Ayala to their store..yes, i was able to make it through. haha!

I first passed by Teppen to buy a couple of Gim (Korean Seaweed Laver) because i prefer it over Nori.

I'm actually bad at directions, but since i was just walking i thought that i won't get lost...luckily, i was able to reach my destination..haha!

I was just planning on getting some furikake since i want to make some onigiris. I bought that onigiri/kimbap wrapper because i remember watching it at Aeris' video before, so furikake to make my onigiri better is what i need. But when i browse around the store, i found out that they do have Maxim Strawberry Latte!

Cho Ureshii~!
I have been craving for this & i have been seriously checking out even though i have put myself on an online shopping ban. The urge to drink it again is so overwhelming. I wanna scream when i found that they have a lot of boxes!

I died & went to Maxim Latte heaven! My original plan of buying 3 furikakes, enokitake, & dashi powder all vanished just because i saw pink in my eyes!
La la la la la~!

I also saw one Matcha pudding hidden in their freezer & i immediately grabbed it!
I can't believe that i am lucky!
I asked if they do have Maxim Matcha Latte but they said that they are out of stock but they do carry it. I have to really drop by every now & then.

For those wondering how much it is. Most items in Choto Stop are sold for Php80 each... except their instant noodles which are Php50 each.

I'm so happy i could fly!

Then when i got home, a package greeted me & when i opened it, i saw a cute purple box full of Nivea goodies!

What a way to end my day!

I love Nivea products!
I have tried their eye cream & it does work! Take a look at my post to see the difference.

Did you all know that Kate Middleton actually uses Nivea Cream?
Yes, it's true.
You can read it HERE.

No wonder she looks amazing! I tell you, Nivea products are amazing!

I'll do a review for their creams most probably next year. I am using collagen as my night cream & i can't stop it yet. You'll only see the effects of topical collagen products with at least 6 months of using it, as what i read on an article before.

I usually hate thursday, but this time, it's an exception.
I'm so happy yesterday!

I'll be making a pin-up look today, if i could do it because of my busy schedule so just wait for it,ok?

Hope that you'll have a nice friday,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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