Monday, September 19, 2011

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash Review

I'm sure you all have come across mascaras that weighs your curl down. I think this is especially common for those who have typical "asian" lashes, the short, thick (not in my case though), straight-as-a-nail type of lashes. I have several mascaras that can really lengthen the lashes, even volumize them but sadly, weighs it down, so what's the point of using mascaras that can't even keep your lashes curled when you use it to enhance your eyes,ne?

Now, you won't have to worry about your curls weighing down. Etude House has formulated a lash primer that will keep the curls of your lashes! Introducing the Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash!

 Sorry about the chipped nail design. I've had this water decal for days when i decided to take a picture of it... gomen nasai.

Here is the back... can someone please translate it for me?

Wand looks like any of your ordinary clear mascaras, but the formulation of this is awesome!

Since i can't read the description so i'll not go further with discussing ingredients & all of those hullabaloos, but go straight to the pictures & my thoughts.

Let's start with a picture of my curled, but barely-there lashes...

My lashes always look like it is in a riot every time i finish curling...

Then with one coat of the mascara fixer.

See how it was able to fix my riotous lashes in order.
If i want it to be extra tidy, i go over my lashes with a lash comb, but you have to work quick because this one dries fast! Once it's dry, it won't budge anymore! Your lashes will stay how it look like once it dry.

Now, i have a fiber mascara that i have been trying out for the past couple of weeks. I like it so much but one issue that i have is that it weighs the curl of my lashes down.
Since i have the mascara fixer, i was able to wear it & had no problem ever since!

Here is the picture...

See the difference?
This is using 2 coats of the fiber mascara!
Sugoi,ne? Amazing,huh?

To think that this mascara is really heavy! I'll make a post about this mysterious mascara within this week.
I mean, i think fiber mascaras really do have the tendency to make the lashes uncurled. The DMF (dr mascara fixer) was able to keep my curls intact all with just one coat! I'm amazed!

I know this has another variant, which is Natural Lash, but i heard that it's almost like any other clear mascaras so i'm not interested in trying it. While this one is like a clear mascara that is like a waterproof version & i whole-heartedly agree with it!

Since this is almost like waterproof, removing it could be a pain. You have to use an eye make-up remover just to completely remove it. What i like about fiber mascaras is that you can remove it easily by just water. It will come off very very easily, but with this on you have to resort to make-up remover.

A small price to pay since you can have curled & full-looking lashes for the whole day,ne?
Speaking of price, as always i'll leave it to you to judge if it's a pro or con. It's priced for Php348.


  • holds the curls of your lashes for a long time
  • locally available
  • might be hard to remove
I'm very impressed with this primer, but i won't say that this is a must buy product for me.
I mean, why bother with a separate lash product when you can just buy a mascara that can do what this can also do? But then, i know that some mascaras has different effects. Mascara is one of those hit-or-miss type of products. One could love it, while another could hate it.

This could be a good back-up if there is a time when you have a mascara that works for you but just can't keep your curls intact. As what i said fiber mascaras tend to weigh my curls down, DMF helps keep my curls, but i know that there could be other ways to have the lashes curled using a heated lash curler. 

I have to buy one for myself... i'm actually looking for a panasonic lash curler, much like Eki's curler.
Do you know where i can buy it here in the Philippines?

I could say that this made it to my "great products you should try" list!

By the way, this is my weekend nails.

I tried using 3d lace stickers & i have to say that i am liking them!
I never did like nail stickers, but this one time where i could say that i don't mind using them!

Hope you all are having a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy D. said...

Those nail stickers look really pretty! :)

And that mascara fixer sounds like a good product especially since it holds curls well.

ValerieDeoferio said...

Oh I've seen this product before but never bothered to check it out :P Thank you for the review!

I've been wanting to check the Panasonic curler out too! :D Would you mind messaging me if you find out where to get it? I'll let you know too if I do! ♥ ^^

Jackie A. said...

Thanks for the review. I have problematic lashes, too. I often hurt myself using eyelash curlers. =))

cute nails! the lace accent is so cute.

MereMakeupManiac said...

i've always wanted a product to hold up my lashes' curls. how long did this product last before it started weighing down? or it never did until you took it off?

very pretty long nails! i don't know how you keep it and type at the same time hehe.

De Frozen said...

seems to be a good product .. by the way nice nails too :)

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it does!
im actually surprised with it


Thiamere Brea said...

i haven't really seen it being sold locally e...
i'd rather have the panasonic one because it seems like a great tool e
will also inform you once i found it!

Thiamere Brea said...

maybe you're crimping them near the base of the lashes?
just position your curler halfway & not go near the base


Thiamere Brea said...

the amazing thing is, the curls stay intact up until i remove it...most often than not, my lashes will even stay curled after i've removed it! just wonderful!

only my left fingernails are long. i can't have long nails on my right hand because i use contact lens & it would be impossible to remove it with long nails.

Thiamere Brea said...

it is!
especially for those that got asian lashes!


aiMee Bunbun said...

hontoni sugoooi ne sa :D lovely review and nails too ^_^

Thiamere Brea said...


Jennifer huang said...

Love the nails :) Where did you get the nail stickers? I've always had trouble with nail stickers that protrude too much :(

Thanks for the mascara fixer review ^^~ Haha will definitely give this a shot for my horrible asian lashes :D

Thiamere Brea said...

i bought it a nail art store near my place. i don't know about international stores though. i have tried a couple of 3d stickers & i also have an issue about it protruding but this one isn't. in fact, this is still on my nail as i write, to think that i made this last friday. it is still intact & the sides are not even coming off!
i'll try & do a separate post about this nail art design within this week & will be linking sites where it's being sold

hope that the DMF will work on you too,sweetie!

Maggie said...

Wahhh I love the nail stickers. So cute. THanks for the review. I'll check this out next time I visit EH counter! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

i hope that it would also work on you as it did on me,hun

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