Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolls and Trinkets~

Who loves cute things?
*raises hands*
I know that you all do!
We all have the same "kikay" (girly) blood that flows in our veins. I for one has a weakness for tiny, pink things. They always makes me squeal! I'm sure that you also do, don't deny it! I may not be the frilly-type of girl on the outside, but im all mushy & pink on the inside.

Now, this is something that made me go "ohhh", "kyah", "kawaii", etc all at the same time when i saw them!

Who wouldn't?!
They are all cute,right?
Cuteness overload!!!

These are all handmade with love & care by Aiyoh. You can visit her store DOLLS & TRINKETS to take a look at all her cute charms! They all make me wanna buy them because of how cute everything is!

I've actually interrogated her (haha!) about her products & she willingly accommodated me. Thanks for letting yourself be subjected to a boring chat,sweetie.hehe

Let's start first with the really really cute cellphone charm

It's a japanese doll~! Almost like an ichimatsu doll!
You all know how much i love the japanese culture,right?
I love this charm so much that i immediately discarded the neckband that i use. Actually, i don't really like using charms on my phone but this time i made an exception.

Just look at how cute this charm is!

Take a look at the accessories!
They are really made with love & care!
I so love this charm that i can't help but touch this every time i use my phone. It also makes finding my phone easy because of the color!

Aiyoh, how can you just make such an adorable charm?!
This is heart-meltingly cute!

Next is the necklace
It is in a black bead chain which i think is better because it just enhances the cuteness of it!

Isn't it adorable?
The wide & warm smile of 'her' just made me smile the first time i saw it.

I feel like this is something that will indeed give me hope & motivation when things are going tough. I just can't help but really smile every time i see this.

Another one is this Rillakuma charm!

Just look how dainty this is.
Sorry for the yellowed-nails, but it's for you to have an idea of how small this is.

When i saw this, i remember the song Boku wa Kuma by Utada Hikaru.
I think that is the first japanese song that i was able to sing easily. hahaha!
Rillakuma fans, you would be delighted with this!

Then finally, a cute contact lens case!

Kawaii de sho?
It makes me wanna head on over to my favorite pastry shop all because of how real-looking the sweets are!

I do wear contact lenses but just the clear ones. I very rarely use them though because for some reason up until now i am scared sh*t of sticking my fingers on my eyes. I can manage to put it on, but i'm really having a hard time removing it. That's why my right fingernails are always short compare to my left nails which are long.
I wonder when will i be able to overcome the hurdle of removing contact lenses....

Anyway, this is a really cute case!
It's something that i will proudly whip out for everyone to see!

What makes her charms special is that they are all handmade!
You can really see the effort, time, love & care that she pours into her creations.
Make sure you click this pic so you'll see what i'm talking about.

Did you see her fingerprints on it?
I think this is what makes it really endearing. I can imagine her furrowing her brow in concentration just ironing out little details such as the design on the shoes (did you notice that?) & the dress. It's just not visible in the picture, but i think i see a hint of blush on her cheeks!

All these, make her charms very very precious!
They might not look machine made-smooth but that's the special part. They are the imperfect perfect in my opinion!

Just imagine it, how much effort it took her to mold the clay, design, smooth, color, & dry the clay. I think this is something that will require a deep passion for creating these things.

Aiyoh said that she accepts bulk orders, so for those who are thinking of some small tokens as giveaway during special occasions then make sure you consider her. She could personalize your charms. I took a look at her albums & saw these really cute & very personal charms.

Isn't that really cute?!!!
Look at each of their hair. They are different! I bet that they are made just for the person!

I can't stress how impress i am with the craftsmanship of her works. They are just amazing!
Don't you all agree?

The "bestest" (haha!i know this is wrong. im a teacher,remember?) thing about all this is that she is selling them at a very affordable price! She said that her products starts at Php50 & up, depending on the clay consumption & difficulty of the design. I was really surprised that it is very affordable! All the more reason for us to support her,right?

If you make an order, make sure that you give her enough time to finish it, at least a week because she is still attending school & it would be hard to juggle her schedule. As what i said before, she accepts bulk orders but you have to give her a couple of weeks (2-3 weeks) to finish it. She also offer discounts!

How can this girl be so generous?!

As for international shipping, it might be a bit hard because she doesn't want to risk it being broken from the transit but i guess it just depends on how you will wrap everything, maybe it's possible. I quoted her. So this is great news for those who are outside the Philippines but would want to buy her products!

I had asked her to also make me my very own personalized charm, my thiamere version. I am not in a hurry though so i told her to take her time making it. Once she's done i'll show it to you!

If you are looking for something to give to your loved ones, this is really perfect!
It's handmade, very affordable & you can personalize it, plus the fact that it is made locally! How great can that get?

You can visit her FACEBOOK PAGE or her MULTIPLY PAGE for inquiries.

There ya go!
First post of this week.. haha!
I hope i get to post much more.

Hope you are all having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Products sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company.


JesRoque said...

Those are incredibly cute!!!

alencious said...

Waaah ang cute. Parang mini candies hehe

Askmewhats said...

Super cute!!! pangbata lang parang sa atin! LOL (sinama sarili) "D

ValerieDeoferio said...

Oh my, I love the Japanese doll! ^_^ Thank you for the post!! Ü ♥

eileen grace reyes said...

hi there girl, your blog was really cute!!! totemo kawai!!!!.... i remember when I went to one of the accessories stores in japan. you can see and buy those stuffs anywhere in japan. *sigh* why did'nt i got all of those??.. *zannen desu*
i wa'na have one of those cuties especially the japanese doll.

Pammy D. said...

Super cute! :P

saccharine0158 said...

awwww those are super cute! :3 will definitely check out her shop. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e
antay ko yung time na gagawa sya ng ichimatsu doll!

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it is!

Isabel said...

omg I like the Rilakuma one! sooo cuuuteee

Jade said...

Wow super cute parang ang sarap agawin sayo.. :P

Jennifer huang said...

Super cute trinkets <3 Love the contact lens case especially ^^ reminds me of deco-den ~

Nina Singanon said...

These are sooooo cute!!! <3

Thiamere Brea said...

it's really adorable!

Thiamere Brea said...

*hides away*
you'll never catch me!
pinasok ko na sa puso ko e

Thiamere Brea said...

actually she also sells deco-den
make sure you check out her page!

Thiamere Brea said...


Aiyoh said...

sis thia thank you so much for this post=), grabe kinikilig ako haha, sarap ng feeling kapag naaapreciate ng ibang tao yung ginagawa ko, kakatanggal ng pagod...=)...nga pala pwede pakisend sa akin yun pic na gagawen ko? dko makta ganu details sa fb, signs of aging? labo na mata ahaha! SORRY natagalan ha? ngayon lang kasi naayos net ko, hays, pasaway na globe lol...
thank you so much ulit sis Thia=)

Aiyoh ^.^

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweetie!
your work is really something to be commended
im just telling the truth

will email you later on!

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