Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nivea Giveaway Winners

I'm sorry it took me a long time announcing the winners. I just got so busy with everything since it's the end of the month & i had to do class records.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who had joined the contest. I'm so overwhelmed with the answers that you have given. If i can just give everyone of you a giftpack, i will!haha.. but im too poor to do so.

Let's not delay it any longer....

1st winner (from the facebook discussion) is Alen Banez-Gallano 
(sorry,sweetie. i don't know how to type the "enye" e)

What I usually do to make myself healthy is that I avoid eating junk foods (this is really hard for me to do because I love eating chips but I try anyway) and do some light exercise since I cant exercise when my baby is awake. i google home exercises on youtube and I find that alloting even 10 minutes of my time doing simple exercises makes a lot of difference. I also try eliminating salt on my diet. For starters, the food definitely tastes bland but after a week, you will get used to it and wont be bothered by the bland taste anymore. I substitute pepper, cinnamon, paprika, to salt. I also try getting a good 8 hours sleep. I tried using organic products on my skin before but weird as it may sound, they dont suit me. I breakout whenever I try using them (I only tried using human heart nature though) so I just use mineral make ups as much as possible (again, I break out everytime I use mineral makeups so I use them once a week only). I also run if I have the time but mostly I play with my daughter (I'm a stay at home mom so its almost nonstop playing/workout)

Junk Foods...
We know how bad it is, but we can't just seem to avoid it,right?
Kudos to you,sweetie for making it a priority to avoid it!

I am really trying to eliminate salt in my food also. I'm actually quite used to bland foods na, but it's hard especially when you eat out. It's a great idea to substitute salt with natural flavor enhancers! I like the italian spices on the bottle. We actually have oregano growing in our backyard & i do try to buy herbs & spices when i go grocery shopping. I love cilantro!!!

2nd winner (by emailing the answer) is Annie

Living a natural life is a choice. I choose to live a natural life by:
1. eating vegetables every meal time. i can't eat a meal without any vegetables at all!
2. taking 15 minute breaks everytime i'm stressed. i have a little post-it note on my table that says "stop & smell the flowers"
3. exercise regularly. i do brisk-walking as much as i can
4. ban fast food restos. good bye mc donalds!
5. no to msg. salt & pepper is already fine
6. keep a positive attitude. if you are happy, it will show.
7. always smile. when things are getting tough, all the more reason to smile. it just means that you are being tested & once it's done you are a new person already!
8. buy natural,organic & homegrown products. i try to support pinoy products as much as possible.

I also can't eat a meal without any veggies. I always ask my mom "wala tayong gulay?" everytime i can't see any colors on my plate.

Artificial flavorings has long been a part of our life & i think it's almost impossible to find a resto that doesn't put MSG on their dish. So yes to home cooked meals!

Homegrown products,eh?
Why not?!
It would be fresh & i guess healthy too. I have read tons of news all over the world about veggies being contaminated with lots of pesticides. I haven't heard of anything like there happening here,ne?

3nd winner (by commenting on my blog post) is Ai Chusyu
Here are the ways I keep myself in check:

Living Healthy and Active!
Sedentary life is killing me and making me lose my active, happy, cheery outlook in life and that's why me and the boyfriend are hitting the gym 3x a week and religiously at that! He never lets me skip a day.

Supplementing and Vitamining! :)
We are taking 1000mg vitamin c everyday and another tablet of multivitamins as well too. It keeps us totally uplifted once we start our day. I ensure we never forget, since he always does.

Keeping Away from Parabens
I am so into skin care and I have a lot of products for my face. I have a tendency lean towards natural lines and organic brands so that's a plus. But I know that Parabens are not always all evil. In fact, parabens are the ones that ensure that our prettifying products don't go stale just a couple of days after opening, because that would totally suck on my budget.

Eating well
Oatz oatz oatz! A great boost in the morning! This is my favorite breakfast of all time because it has kept me in shape and made me feel full. I especially love oats with cocoa powder or natural peanut butter coupled with fresh fruits like apples and banana. Natural all the way!
There are lots of great answers that was posted on my blog entry but i choose this answer because she gave specific tips on how she does it.

Cheers to your bf for making sure that you are in shape, & what's more, doing it together with him! Wow!

I know about the parabens...
I try to stay away from it as much as i can, but as what you said, it's an important ingredients in cosmetics.

Eating oats is really a great boost in the morning, packed with loads of fiber that could help in detoxifying the body. Partner it with fresh fruits & it's sure to give you a good wallop to jump start your day!

It was so hard to choose the winners because everyone gave great answers!
Don't worry, i'll be having more giveaways in the future.

Winners, please email me with your shipping details within 48 hrs, failure to do so i will be choosing a new winner. Make sure you email me,ok? (thiamere@kuririnmail.com)

Hope that the the start of your week is good!
Jaa ne~!


Linda Tran said...

congrats to the winner and I hope you wasn't so stress out dear!

alencious said...

Thanks sis :) nga pala, nakita mo na ba yung parang Newspaper nail art/print? Nakita ko lang sya sa youtube and baka lang you're interested on doing that, cute din kasi hehe.

Congratulations sa lahat ng winner. :)

Shezzy Serenity said...

congrats to all of you...

Ai Chusyu said...

Super thank you for hosting this!!!

I can't wait to try the products! :)))

Thiamere Brea said...

i just shipped out your prize a while ago,sweetie!
i'm not sure when you'll get it though
do tell me once you got it,ok?

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