Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Nails: puzzle nails

A nail tutorial after months of not being able to do nail arts is a good thing for me. I think im getting rusty now because my hands are a bit shaky so i'm not able to draw fine lines like how i used to do.

De mo daijoubo, for i still had fun doing it. This is actually a pretty easy design!

Just like what i said the last time, i would do a tutorial for the puzzle nails. To make it easier i just use black & white so you get to see the contrast between the 2 colors.

Actually there are a couple of ways on how to do the checkered design. I just opted for the easier one, but feel free to experiment how to be able to achieve a better looking design.

Things needed:
  • Base & Top Coat
  • Dotting tool or Hairpin
  • Your choice of nail polishes
I already put the instruction on the pic itself.

Make sure that the polish is dry before you start with the 2nd step.

If you wanted to do a multi-colored design, then you could trace a line on it just using a pencil so that the color won't be as obvious compare to nail polishes.

It's better to use a brush with short thin bristles so for you to be able to control it better. Artist's brushes works best, especially those that got square-ends for it would be able to give a neater edge compare to the conventional nail polish brushes.

Then add the dots using a hairpin. Adding dots might be tricky. I just add dots at the top & right sides of the box (of the same color). You could also just add dots at the top & bottom of one color, then right & left sides of another this...

Don't forget to apply a top coat to protect your design.

If you plan on doing a multi-colored design like this:

Make sure that your apply the light colors first, then be extra careful when you add the dark color. Alternate the dark & light color, not just randomly applying it for putting 2 dark colors together would just draw attention to those two. But then again, feel free to experiment!

Well, i hope to see your version of puzzle nails!
Hope you'll have fun doing this design!

Have a nice weekend,y'all!
Jaa ne~!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautytreats Lipstick + weekend nails (finally!)

Want to know what i think about it? I think my smile would tell you how glad i am that i bought these.

I was in for a treat when i bought these babies. I am in love with these!

Let's get to know the brand first. The SA told me that this brand is from US. I tried looking for info about it & i saw that they have a website. I have not yet read reviews of this brand yet so i'm not really at all familiar with the products. I'm not sure if Beautytreats is available at all leading department store. I bought it at SM Manila.

The SA said that this finish have 7 shades. I only bought 2 though... I picked the shades Baby Berry & Hot Gossip.

Again, i swatched this just once

Hot Gossip is a nice red..blood red! I really love it!
Baby Berry is a deep pink..if there is a burgundy pink, then it's a good way to describe it.

I have only used this for a couple of times, but i know that i am ready now to be able to give my review for i reach this lipstick every now & then... Wanna know why?
  • They're dirt cheap but good quality! 
  • They are pigmented like matte finishes but glides like a butter (like amplified cream finish for MAC). 
  • They are creamy which makes application a lot easier with no tugging on the lips just so that you'll be able to apply it. 
  • Since they are creamy & pigmented you only need 1 swipe & you're ready to go!
  • Again, they are creamy so your lips won't feel dry unlike matte lipsticks (but it's still better to wear a lip balm underneath).
I was wearing Hot Gossip on the pic above. I love how it could make the whole face light up. This is what i call a to-go type of cosmetic product! 1 application & you could already conquer the world with your chin up,ne?

This also lasts a long time! If you wipe it, it would leave you with a nice natural red-looking lips. It's better to use a lip liner to line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. It's looks glossy enough so you can even skip lip gloss if you want to.

Now this is with Baby Berry... I wasn't able to take a good pic of me with it..but since the star of this pic is the Baby Berry, so it doesn't matter. I think i was able to at least pull the color. Love this color!

I didn't apply any blush in the pic..Just a light dusting of pressed powder & mascara.

Oh! & i forgot to add, the only thing that made me not in favor with this is the packaging.

While it may not look & feel cheap, the fact that it has that 'rubbery' texture would make it as a dirt magnet. It also doesn't have a box or anything. Actually when i bought it the tag price was just stuck on the side, which when i removed it part of the label was also stuck.

Well, with the price that i paid i guess i should not complain..but still...
*OC in me grumbles*

with Hot Gossip on

with Baby Berry on

I so love these lipsticks!

They have different lipstick finishes but i'm not interested so i did not inquire more about it. What i find so cute about them is their lip glosses, it looks like a giant flower. The cap is big because it has a lipstick underneath! And the price is also the same.. Php 205! How cheap is that?! I'm just not a lip gloss fan though.
    If there is 1 brand of lipstick that i would recommend especially if you have a tight budget then you ought to check this out.

    Well, this is just a quick heads up for those who are looking for a good lipstick.

    Hope y'all have a great day,hunnies!
    Jaa ne~!

    After weeks of not being able to do nail arts, i was able to finally pull something off. I tried doing nail arts last week, but with my days going downhill even the nail polishes seem to be on a strike, i wasn't able to. Though this is not as neat as i want them to be, but i'm already happy for i think it's already a good start!

    I should have just done a black & white puzzle pieces,ne? I would do so the next time & i'll do a tut by then.

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    shopping is therapy for a wounded soul~

    Isn't it? Don't we all feel good whenever we burn our hard-earned money? hehehe

    For those who have read my last post, i said that i was having a very bad week & because of that i decided to do some shopping just to cheer me up.

    4 tubes of lipsticks, nail polish remover, castile soap, mascara, cotton puffs & so much more!

    It's been a while since i did a haul post... I just went shopping all by myself, but i met with bf during lunchtime. Good thing though because it was raining really hard & it's already flooded! I was originally planning to go to Shangri la Mall to buy MAC Lipsticks & also drop by at Marks & Spencer because i think they are on sale. But the heavy rain ruined my plan. See...i told you i was having a bad week. Everything is conspiring to ruin my plan.

    Anyway, we had lunch at Luk Foo. Bf is the one who did the ordering while he was waiting for me.

    Asparagus soup to start the meal

    Then Sauteed Mixed Vegetable

    Special Cold Cuts Combination (bf loves this one!)

    Then the Steamed Shrimp dumplings

    Forgot to take a pic of the Yang Chow fried rice though... Again, i was so full! Even if im big, im not really a big eater. I was already overwhelmed by the amount of dishes that bf ordered & it made me feel full looking at them already!

    Looking all full & satisfied! ^_~

    Anyway, going on with the haul

    Castile Soap which i bought at Healthy Options.

    I have seen a couple of reviews about this & i wanted to try this. It's vegan & even if it won't work for me i can use it as a dishwashing soap..LOL!

     Nail Polish Remover by Sally Hansen

    I would have preferred the The Face Shop Polish Remover, but since SM Manila doesn't have TFS (& i don't want Etude House's polish remover) I guess this might be a fine time to try other polish remover.

    Maybelline loot

    I was impressed with the Magnum Mascara so i decided to buy it, also the 2 colorsensational lipsticks. 

    Here's the swatch..(just wiped once)

    Sorry if the flash washed the color of the Pink Peach out. I'll try to take a better pic once i did a review.

    I was impressed with the Beauty Treats lipsticks hence i bought 2 shades.

    They're so cheap but really good! They only cost Php 205 per tube & they're really pigmented!

    See this?! Just swatched once!

    I love Hot Gossip! A true red lipstick!

    These are supposed to be Matte finishes, but they are not so. I think i can compare the finish to like a crossover between Satin & Amplified Creme in MAC. I think that's better for it won't make your lips dry.. But then this is just a swatch. i haven't really used it yet. i'll tell you all the final verdict once i made a review,ok?

    Last but not the least...

    Some nail art stuff... a nail art magazine, dotting tool, a yellow 2 way pen & a pump bottle!

    I was so determined to not let my whole week be ruined even if everything is going really bad. Shopping helped lift my spirits up! hahaha!

    That's the end of my weekend haul. Reviews of the products soon to follow!

    Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

    Jaa ne!

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    Friday, July 23, 2010

    shaving your bikini area? on!

    Let's have a real feminine talk,girls.

    We all share one common thing that separates us from the other gender. For us beauty mavens we always tinker about all the minuscule of details about our body & that includes our nether region. I have not yet made a post about removing unwanted hair in the bikini area, on which im sure most of you ladies have experienced or if not, have considered doing so.

    There are a couple of ways on how to remove body hair. You can opt for the "a bit painful" or painless way. I'd rather do the painless way of hair removal, which is mostly shaving.

    It is a must to shave the bikini area especially if you are going to don a swimwear. One of the most unappealing sight is to see a sexy lady elegantly clad in a 2 piece swimsuit with her pubic hair waving to everyone she passes by,ne?

    Kimochi Warui!
    Can someone please give the lady a disposable razor?!

    Chotto Matte!
    Don't just hand her the razor that you see on the aisle of the cashier that men use to shave their beard off. Did you know that using the traditional razor is not a good idea for it could result in nicks, cuts & even ingrown hair? Ingrown hair is the worst because it could result to bumps which would be painful & sore. If you ever get these, don't pop them! It might lead to infection..& to think that this is one of the most sensitive parts of our body...

    This is where the bikini razors come in handy

    How come these tiny razors can make a big difference to the shaving experience...i'll tell you..

    As im sure you already know how the conventional razor looks like i won't post a pic anymore, these bikini razors are smaller. It's designed so to be able to easily maneuver it while using. It can reach certain areas that might not be easily reach for those big razors.

    It only has 1 blade, unlike those that got 2 even 3 blades for fine shaving. But that doesn't mean that 1 blade can't do the job...For it does the job well!

    See the bristle-like thing on top of the blade. It's especially designed for comfort & safety. Again, compare to the conventional on which if you accidentally twitch your body & moved sideways would result in nicks & cuts, these won't do so. That is mainly because of those plastic bristles. It sits right on top of the blade therefore protecting the skin. So, yeah, this is clumsy-friendly!

    Most razors have lubricating strips at the top of the blade so to make shaving easier. Same with this one..this one just has a cuter design for you'll see the purple lubricant at the top. On which, when wet would make the skin's surface slippery so for the blade to glide smoothly.

    Yes, at the box it says that you can use this for the face. If you do shave to get rid of facial hairs, this razor is good again for it won't cause nicks & cuts. I actually use this to shave my legs for i noticed before that when i use the conventional razor, it would result to nicks from time to time & worse, ingrown hairs!

    Now, let's talk about shaving tips since we already have a tool that you can use.
    • It's better to trim the hairs first if it's long. Do so before showering.
    • It's better to shave when you're showering for it makes the skin softer therefore making the shaving process easier. It would also allow you to shave closer to the skin. 
    • You don't need to press down the razor to really have a fine smooth shave. Make sure that you also shave according to the direction of your hair growth. Don't go against it, doing so would just increase the risk of having ingrown hairs.
    There are a lot of bikini razors like these available in the department stores, drugstores or supermarkets. They are not expensive to start with since this is a lot better than normal razors. It goes for a dollar or two for a pack of 2 or 3. This Watson bikini razor is priced at Php99.

    This post is mainly dedicated to my friends who have been asking me about this topic. I'll not mention you,girls, for you already know who i'm talking,pusa? hehehe...oopps! i lied! XD

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

    Jaa ne~!

    This is one of the worst week of my life!
    Monday - Got a very bad sore throat, wasn't able to sleep well because it is really painful
    Tuesday - Lost my voice completely so i had to cancel my classes..had to reformat my pc because it got a virus
    Wednesday - PC Problem... hanged to windows 7 & had to change the power supply too.voice still not good
    Thursday - Went to buy router & was harassed on the way...uneventful day!just the tip of an iceberg
    Friday - Can't connect my phone to my messenger..can't do nail arts for it seems even my nail polish were on strike!
    These are just some of the things...i can go on & on about the details, but i'll stop there... Here's to hoping that somehow making a post could turn my luck around. I still have 2 more days before this rotten week is over..what more bad things could be waiting?!

    I hope nothing serious...

    Hope i'll be able to safely pass this week without any additional trouble. Stay safe,sweeties!

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    giveaway extended

    I'm really so happy with the entries that i have received for my giveaway. I thank everybody who had shared a part of them. I feel so honored getting to know each one of you. Actually there are times when i feel like blogging takes too much of my time but everytime i see the my Wowzio widget which records the traffic on my blog & how some people are able to find on google about my posts, it just keeps me going on.

    I also do research first before buying things & i'm glad that people find my posts helpful. This is the main reason why i keep blogging. And this giveaway has helped me get to know the ladies who inspire me to blog. This giveaway is a thank you to each & everyone of you who took the time to enter.

    I know i said that i'll be ending the giveaway tomorrow which will be July 16, but since i'll be too busy for the next few weeks i won't be able to draw the winner immediately so i'll just be extending it until the end of the month. I know this might seem unfair for some for i said that i'll end the giveaway this July 16. It's just that i have a couple of things that needs my attention. This is also the reason why i am not able to make some posts.

     But then, i would try my best to keep my blog alive. Im sorry for the delay,hunnies, but i think this is better than just having to just keep everyone waiting for the outcome.

    Meanwhile, i'll be doing a random drawing for the winner too because everyone's entry is great & i can't seem to choose the winners. As much as i would want to give everyone a prize, it would be impossible.

    Gomen ne~

    But for those who have entered before the deadline (which is today, July 16), you will all be earning 2 entries, making your chance for winning a bit higher.LOL

    Again, thank you for joining my contest. Sorry if im not able to reply back for lately i have a lot of things doing, but i'll try to get back to your mails asap.

    Hope to see more of your entries,ladies.
    Thanks for joining. It's been my greatest pleasure to be able to get to know you.

    Jaa ne~!

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Rockwell Bazaar event

    As i said on my facebook, i was bullied by my friends to attend the Bazaar in the Rockwell Tent. I seriously don't have any plans to attend though but i was not given a's either to go or go...i said i'd choose OR...hehehe

    Anyway, I had a bad start for my day for i woke up late, traffic was insane for i didn't know that the road is being repair from where i'm living, i rode the wrong jeepney, got lost & have to walk under the scorching sun just to be able to get to the train.

    Not a good start for my first bazaar,huh?

    While i was walking, i was really contemplating whether im going to attend or not but because i was thinking of really checking out the Dollface Palettes for Sis September & i don't want to let her down so i did & after being late for 1 1/2 hour i was finally able to meet with my friend.

    Now, on to the bazaar...

    It was a hot day but there were a lot of people!

    This is how it looked like inside...

    Ah! Finally! An air-conditioned room!

    I thought that i would die because of the heat outside. The registration fee is Php100 on which you are entitled to a raffle stub & a free eco shopping bag.

    There are not a lot of beauty products there, most are accessories, shoes & dresses. I took pics of the beauty products that are being sold there so that you guys would know what to expect if you plan to drop by tomorrow.

    I was seriously contemplating whether i'm going to buy the Emu Oil, but in the end decided not to because if i do buy it i have to start using it asap. I want to give my face more time to recuperate before i doing a different regimen again.

    The lady here was so nice & gave me warm smiles even though i asked a lot of questions..hehe. Sadly, i'm not much of body cream/lotion user...

    I already have the 88 palette so i'm not interested in buying any palettes from them, but the brushes are nice! They offer the same price with their online shop.

    They offer body moisturizers, which they call as Whipped Cream & all of them smells utterly YU-MEE!

    Look at all the 'flavors' that they offer! Dark Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Parfait, etc. How about a White Chocolate Mousse?

    Again, im not a lotion user so i'm not that interested in it but their scents are just to die for. I mean, seriously! If you put yourself in a dessert-free mode, this would be a better alternative..let your nose take all the calories they can get, guilt-free! LOL!

    I know that they only offer dresses for pregnant women but you know with me, being a plus-size lady, i also check out the Maternity dresses for sometimes i can find good dresses there that fits me. I did a serious inspection of their goods & believe me, they are the same quality with those you can find in boutiques!

    They only have a few selections for (if i remember it right) the sweet lady told me that their stocks will just be coming in. Actually, the first thing that i notice was the brush set!

    Oh,and i notice this mirror. I think it looks cute,ne?
    Look at the different designs they have.. I'm sure there's one there that would suit your style.

    Sadly, i did not bought anything for nothing really caught my interest except for the Emu Oil, on which i just decided to pass up for the meantime but i will definitely buy it in the future.

    When we went out, i saw this stall that offers vegetable & fruit juice.. Yep, vegetable & fruit! How healthy!

    They have 4 flavors to choose from...

    You choose your flavor & they will make it for you with you really seeing all the vegetables they are including in. They offer a free taste so feel free to try it first. Oh, & everything is organic.

    I ordered a medium-sized Hella Green flavor, which is consist of Lettuce, coconut, mango & banana. You know what, i did not feel the craving for food for like the whole time that my friends & i were strolling the Powerplant Mall!

    We keep on walking for like 2 hours before we decide to go in a cafe to have coffee. I was hungry, but not the kind that would really make you feel like ordering up a whole plate of Rib Eye Steak with 2 cups of rice & whole assortment of side dishes. I just ordered a watermelon shake to satisfy my hunger pangs & i lasted the whole evening! If i get the chance to try this again, i definitely will try it again!

     I still have the stamp mark on as i'm actually making this post.

    It was a very tiring but fun day for me.

    Goodness! Oily-face alert! hahaha
    Hanging out with girlfriends are fun,ne?

    How's your Saturday?

    Hope you are having an enjoyable day/evening!

    Jaa ne~!

    Believe in B.liv's Dump Off Drawn! I do!

    I was contacted by B.liv weeks ago to try out their products. I have been so lazy in applying any skin care products lately that i can alrea...