Friday, July 23, 2010

shaving your bikini area? on!

Let's have a real feminine talk,girls.

We all share one common thing that separates us from the other gender. For us beauty mavens we always tinker about all the minuscule of details about our body & that includes our nether region. I have not yet made a post about removing unwanted hair in the bikini area, on which im sure most of you ladies have experienced or if not, have considered doing so.

There are a couple of ways on how to remove body hair. You can opt for the "a bit painful" or painless way. I'd rather do the painless way of hair removal, which is mostly shaving.

It is a must to shave the bikini area especially if you are going to don a swimwear. One of the most unappealing sight is to see a sexy lady elegantly clad in a 2 piece swimsuit with her pubic hair waving to everyone she passes by,ne?

Kimochi Warui!
Can someone please give the lady a disposable razor?!

Chotto Matte!
Don't just hand her the razor that you see on the aisle of the cashier that men use to shave their beard off. Did you know that using the traditional razor is not a good idea for it could result in nicks, cuts & even ingrown hair? Ingrown hair is the worst because it could result to bumps which would be painful & sore. If you ever get these, don't pop them! It might lead to infection..& to think that this is one of the most sensitive parts of our body...

This is where the bikini razors come in handy

How come these tiny razors can make a big difference to the shaving experience...i'll tell you..

As im sure you already know how the conventional razor looks like i won't post a pic anymore, these bikini razors are smaller. It's designed so to be able to easily maneuver it while using. It can reach certain areas that might not be easily reach for those big razors.

It only has 1 blade, unlike those that got 2 even 3 blades for fine shaving. But that doesn't mean that 1 blade can't do the job...For it does the job well!

See the bristle-like thing on top of the blade. It's especially designed for comfort & safety. Again, compare to the conventional on which if you accidentally twitch your body & moved sideways would result in nicks & cuts, these won't do so. That is mainly because of those plastic bristles. It sits right on top of the blade therefore protecting the skin. So, yeah, this is clumsy-friendly!

Most razors have lubricating strips at the top of the blade so to make shaving easier. Same with this one..this one just has a cuter design for you'll see the purple lubricant at the top. On which, when wet would make the skin's surface slippery so for the blade to glide smoothly.

Yes, at the box it says that you can use this for the face. If you do shave to get rid of facial hairs, this razor is good again for it won't cause nicks & cuts. I actually use this to shave my legs for i noticed before that when i use the conventional razor, it would result to nicks from time to time & worse, ingrown hairs!

Now, let's talk about shaving tips since we already have a tool that you can use.
  • It's better to trim the hairs first if it's long. Do so before showering.
  • It's better to shave when you're showering for it makes the skin softer therefore making the shaving process easier. It would also allow you to shave closer to the skin. 
  • You don't need to press down the razor to really have a fine smooth shave. Make sure that you also shave according to the direction of your hair growth. Don't go against it, doing so would just increase the risk of having ingrown hairs.
There are a lot of bikini razors like these available in the department stores, drugstores or supermarkets. They are not expensive to start with since this is a lot better than normal razors. It goes for a dollar or two for a pack of 2 or 3. This Watson bikini razor is priced at Php99.

This post is mainly dedicated to my friends who have been asking me about this topic. I'll not mention you,girls, for you already know who i'm talking,pusa? hehehe...oopps! i lied! XD

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

This is one of the worst week of my life!
Monday - Got a very bad sore throat, wasn't able to sleep well because it is really painful
Tuesday - Lost my voice completely so i had to cancel my classes..had to reformat my pc because it got a virus
Wednesday - PC Problem... hanged to windows 7 & had to change the power supply too.voice still not good
Thursday - Went to buy router & was harassed on the way...uneventful day!just the tip of an iceberg
Friday - Can't connect my phone to my messenger..can't do nail arts for it seems even my nail polish were on strike!
These are just some of the things...i can go on & on about the details, but i'll stop there... Here's to hoping that somehow making a post could turn my luck around. I still have 2 more days before this rotten week is over..what more bad things could be waiting?!

I hope nothing serious...

Hope i'll be able to safely pass this week without any additional trouble. Stay safe,sweeties!


Teeyah. said...

Aw. Hugs, thiamere! And this is an informative post. I do prefer getting a Brazilian though :)

trizh űű said...

Thank you for sharing. :)
I'm also not into painful waxing. hehe.

Sherry said...

so cheap sis! here.. I dont see this brand.

pUsa said...

ehem.. seems like this one is really dedicated for me! hehe. sweet anyway dear! Good advice and I'll make if sure to bring those shavies on my baggage before I go. But I'm sure I gotta change them more often since as you know.. I got a lot of hair! :D

Arigatou! ^_^


You guys have everything over there, so envious!!!

London's-beauty said...

thanks for the info dear :)
hope you were alrite on thursday!?
dww! your good luck will come! good comes after bad right. :)


DeBi said...

Hope your voice is all well...drink "salabat" or better yet, gargle warm salt and water solution 3x a day. :)

maki said...

hi thia.. oh you had a bad week too just like myself. i hope things start to pick up for both of us :D

Crystal said...

take care thiamere! things will get better :)

Khymm said...

aww.. try Bactidol. Works for me =)
very informative post! i didnt know meron pala ang watsons nito =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Wow, I didn't know there were razors for bikinis. hehe. Have you tried any other methods just as those creams that apparently get rid of hair, chemically or waxing? I'm thinking about getting a bikini wax but then, it's weird.... for others to see your privates and I probably can't do it myself. haha.

Awww, poor you =[ I hope you feel better soon and eff those harassers!

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