Friday, July 16, 2010

giveaway extended

I'm really so happy with the entries that i have received for my giveaway. I thank everybody who had shared a part of them. I feel so honored getting to know each one of you. Actually there are times when i feel like blogging takes too much of my time but everytime i see the my Wowzio widget which records the traffic on my blog & how some people are able to find on google about my posts, it just keeps me going on.

I also do research first before buying things & i'm glad that people find my posts helpful. This is the main reason why i keep blogging. And this giveaway has helped me get to know the ladies who inspire me to blog. This giveaway is a thank you to each & everyone of you who took the time to enter.

I know i said that i'll be ending the giveaway tomorrow which will be July 16, but since i'll be too busy for the next few weeks i won't be able to draw the winner immediately so i'll just be extending it until the end of the month. I know this might seem unfair for some for i said that i'll end the giveaway this July 16. It's just that i have a couple of things that needs my attention. This is also the reason why i am not able to make some posts.

 But then, i would try my best to keep my blog alive. Im sorry for the delay,hunnies, but i think this is better than just having to just keep everyone waiting for the outcome.

Meanwhile, i'll be doing a random drawing for the winner too because everyone's entry is great & i can't seem to choose the winners. As much as i would want to give everyone a prize, it would be impossible.

Gomen ne~

But for those who have entered before the deadline (which is today, July 16), you will all be earning 2 entries, making your chance for winning a bit higher.LOL

Again, thank you for joining my contest. Sorry if im not able to reply back for lately i have a lot of things doing, but i'll try to get back to your mails asap.

Hope to see more of your entries,ladies.
Thanks for joining. It's been my greatest pleasure to be able to get to know you.

Jaa ne~!


rhaindropz said...

hi dear, buti na lang may internet na hihi


hugs and kisses

London's-beauty said...

heyy! i tagged you on my blog

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