Sunday, July 25, 2010

shopping is therapy for a wounded soul~

Isn't it? Don't we all feel good whenever we burn our hard-earned money? hehehe

For those who have read my last post, i said that i was having a very bad week & because of that i decided to do some shopping just to cheer me up.

4 tubes of lipsticks, nail polish remover, castile soap, mascara, cotton puffs & so much more!

It's been a while since i did a haul post... I just went shopping all by myself, but i met with bf during lunchtime. Good thing though because it was raining really hard & it's already flooded! I was originally planning to go to Shangri la Mall to buy MAC Lipsticks & also drop by at Marks & Spencer because i think they are on sale. But the heavy rain ruined my plan. See...i told you i was having a bad week. Everything is conspiring to ruin my plan.

Anyway, we had lunch at Luk Foo. Bf is the one who did the ordering while he was waiting for me.

Asparagus soup to start the meal

Then Sauteed Mixed Vegetable

Special Cold Cuts Combination (bf loves this one!)

Then the Steamed Shrimp dumplings

Forgot to take a pic of the Yang Chow fried rice though... Again, i was so full! Even if im big, im not really a big eater. I was already overwhelmed by the amount of dishes that bf ordered & it made me feel full looking at them already!

Looking all full & satisfied! ^_~

Anyway, going on with the haul

Castile Soap which i bought at Healthy Options.

I have seen a couple of reviews about this & i wanted to try this. It's vegan & even if it won't work for me i can use it as a dishwashing soap..LOL!

 Nail Polish Remover by Sally Hansen

I would have preferred the The Face Shop Polish Remover, but since SM Manila doesn't have TFS (& i don't want Etude House's polish remover) I guess this might be a fine time to try other polish remover.

Maybelline loot

I was impressed with the Magnum Mascara so i decided to buy it, also the 2 colorsensational lipsticks. 

Here's the swatch..(just wiped once)

Sorry if the flash washed the color of the Pink Peach out. I'll try to take a better pic once i did a review.

I was impressed with the Beauty Treats lipsticks hence i bought 2 shades.

They're so cheap but really good! They only cost Php 205 per tube & they're really pigmented!

See this?! Just swatched once!

I love Hot Gossip! A true red lipstick!

These are supposed to be Matte finishes, but they are not so. I think i can compare the finish to like a crossover between Satin & Amplified Creme in MAC. I think that's better for it won't make your lips dry.. But then this is just a swatch. i haven't really used it yet. i'll tell you all the final verdict once i made a review,ok?

Last but not the least...

Some nail art stuff... a nail art magazine, dotting tool, a yellow 2 way pen & a pump bottle!

I was so determined to not let my whole week be ruined even if everything is going really bad. Shopping helped lift my spirits up! hahaha!

That's the end of my weekend haul. Reviews of the products soon to follow!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Jaa ne!

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VampiressDoll said...

I love your title!
Those Beauty Treats lipsticks look really pigmented. :)


You must swatch it on your lips :D I would love to see that! And your blog always seems to make me hungry haha

Nicole said...

Break ups suck! He's the one missing out though! Not you!

Looks like you picked up some great swag though! I love those lippies!!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hi thia!!hehe me too like ko din mag retails therapy kasi walang pangbayad haha,anyway ganda ng hot gossip!!tc

Anna said...

just a question, I'm planning to buy a new mascara and I was thinking of buying Magnum. Is it difficult to remove? Cause I only use papaya soap on my face to remove my make up. If it is, can you also recommend a good make up remover? ^__^ teehee

louise said...

good that youre feeling better :D...suddenly i felt so hungry after seeing chinese food looks delish! I've gotta try Luk Foo hehe is the price reasonable? :)

Abby said...

i love the pink peach of colorsensational. it's my MLBB. i've been wearing that color since summer up to this date. hehe. i also love retail therapy. don't know if it is effective, but it goves me a li'l escapade form the outside pressures and a time to look into myself on what i really want. =)

Askmewhats said...

awww I hope your week gets better!!!! *hug* Love everything your BF ordered at LUKFOO!!!! And I love your photos with BF :)

Blovet Beauty said...

pink peach looks so cute ! Ooohh I see Dr Bronner peppermint soap - my parents adore this for their early morning bath cause it's such a wake me up!!

Aralka said...

This food looks really tasty!
I had that mascara from Maybelline and I think that it's good!

ohhhhh <3 So you like dramas too? That's great ! :)

Yamato Nadeshiko with Kamenashi Kazuya, hehe? I haven't seen that, is it good? Because I love Kamenashi :D

Akanishi is going to USA, so he won't be in kat-tun anymore >.< it sucks.

Pop Champagne said...

yumm the food looks delicious. thats cool that he ordered before you came, I like it when they do that so you don't have to wait LOL!

Sarah said...

Aw shopping is def. the best way to feel better!! I LOVE online shopping for this- i can feel down in the dumps and shop in my pjs lol
those lippes look soooooo gorgeous- LOVE the red :) x

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